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Hi, how can I manage to delete front end posts by the author? And one more thing, could you recommend a plugin for image inserts via wysiwig editor. I use your image upload option for the post image but also want to give the author the possibility, to insert more image in his text/post. Cheers, Rainer

That’s not possible, this is something the author can do in wordpress backend. Super Forms Front-end posting add-on only allows creating posts, nothing else.

Regarding image upload, i think the wysiwig editor allows this, but you just have to enable this option for the field. And of course the user must have permissions to actually use the upload button and upload files.

OK. Thanks for super fast response!

I was under the impression this would come with a template to auto populate a form similar to the live preview of this plugin. Is that not the case? Are they instructions for how to use this??

Yes you can find example forms under Super Forms > Marketplace


HDCms Purchased

Hello, Can an author of an article modify his front-end article with the same form? If yes, how? Regards

No, only create posts

1) – Will this notify other registered WP users by email when another user’s article is posted .

2) – Will this alert the author that their post has been approved by the Admin ?

3) – Is the Admin alerted when someone submits a post?

4) – Is there a “bad words” filter for the submitted posts?

5) – Can the author choose which category they want their article to post?

6) – Can the posts be made for “paid” users only ?

6a) – Can this also be used for NON – WP members ?

7) – Can this limit the amount of posts submitted by an author

8 ) – Can this restrict the type of file being uploaded ?

9) – Can this restrict the amount of files being uploaded ?

10) – Can this restrict the size of file being uploaded to like 2mb each ?

11) – Can we make certain fields “required” ?

12) – Can uploads be attached to the posts ?

13) – Can we create our own custom fields for “age, gender, etc.” ?

14) – Can we alter the WYSIWYG so that it is more robust ?

We typically use https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/

to replace the WYSIWYG. Will this work with your plugin ?


Look forward to your reply.

1) no, but this could be done by other plugin, they can hook into the code.

2) ” “

3) ” “

4) ” “

5) Yes, you can find example form in Marketplace

6) What do you mean with “Made for paid users only”, maybe you mean “Made by paid users only”? If so, you can do it if you have a role for these “Paid” users, then you can allow users to submit the form based on user role, with the following add-on for super forms: https://codecanyon.net/item/frontend-register-login/14403267

6a) see above asnwer

7) you can set a limitation based on the form and total times submitted by a users based on user id, but that’s about it, so there is not fixed limit based on posts previously created in total by a user.

8.) The file upload element has the option to set allows file types, so yes you can

9) Yes you can set a minimum and maximum amount required for file upload element

10) Yes you can set maximum file upload size

11) Yes you can set validation method to “Not empty”

12) Basically you would use the featured image option to upload featured images, if you want to attache other files you can save them as custom post meta. The rest however should be done on front-end to display the file correctly. The ID of the file is saved in the meta data. Super forms does not handly anything, only the saving part of the post itself.

13) Yes you are free to create any field you want

14) Super forms generates the core of wordpress editor, so if you install that plugin i think it should automatically affect the text editor within super forms.

Hai this plugin work with buddypress, custom membership, i have 3 type registration membership employe, worker, and businis, for employe and business user available to post but worker disable posting, and worker available sumbmit cv and resumes send to email employe or business ? If yes i will buy

I don’t know but this plugin simply creates a post when form is submitted, so nothing special other than this. You have to decide for your self it is for you or not. Hope this helps you to make a decision.