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Can you post a new woocommerce product from the frontend?

Yes you can do that, however you will require knowledge about how WooCommerce stores products under the hood. Meaning you need to know the metadata keys etc. But it’s possible and others are using super forms to do exactly that already.

how to add featured image field on the form ? so user can upload the post featured image. I am already try using file upload, and save it on custom field, but the output is just number, idk what number is that, no image url/path

oh ok, i found the answer. Next question is, can i save image url to custom field ?

No the file (image) ID is saved only. Not the URL, because if you’d change your domain name it would become obsolete.

If the author id is the login ID then would it show in buddypress post if I am using a buddypress plugin ? If so would it show in activity stream too ?

This is not a question to ask us. You have to ask buddypress what they use as “Author ID”. But wordpress posts and other content use “post_author” as the key.

Hi, presales question: Can I use all types of ACF fields with this add on? I have checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers, taxonomies and maybe repeater fields. 

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Yes it is, but I am not to sure about the repeater fields.

Anyway you will just have to map the field names and meta keys. In the settings.

Hi, how can I avoid posts being duplicated when different users submit a post? It would be good to show that the post title already exists, can this be done please?

That’s not something Super Forms is responsible for. You have to hook into wordpress hooks or use another plugin that does this kind of check/thing.

is it possible to mark variable products? and would you have a tutorial or a snippet? where and how do I enter the frontend output? And is it possible to (combinations) fill out the WpBakery custom Blocks with the Plug-in Acf VC intregrate?

Under “Super Forms > Demos” you can find an example demo form called “Create WooCommerce Product (Add-on)”. There is a section called “Attributes”, which also has a checkbox “Used for variations” I believe that this is what you are looking for. Regarding ACF, it uses metadata, and you can save metadata with this Add-on.

Next Question: is it possible to Post the HTML code to a Page into a “code pre” to show the HTML syntax? I will fill out a form with information (checkboxes and input fields)... I have a html structure and Tags to bring the Information to the HTML… now I want show the syntax on a page… hope u understand …

Yes you can just use the “HTML” element, you can display values with {tags} system. Just understand that HTML element is not a field and will not be stored. It’s just for displaying in front-end.

before i purchasing this plugin. can this plugin to post portfolio from front end for user?

Hi, not sure what you mean with “Portfolio”? WordPress doesn’t have “Portfolio” unless you have custom post type defined. In that case yes you can. Just know that you can create any custom post type with this add-on, and save post meta data. But other than that I can’t answer your question.

The documentation looks light, otherwise great looking plugin – I see how the post content and post title could be posted to the front end – but there will be more fields so how would a form element called your_name be displayed – is it like this the_field(‘your_name”);

I am guessing you are talking about ACF? You can just save any value as custom meta data in the settings of your form under Form Settings > Front-end Posting

How to send a link to user after a form has been submitted and paid for with Woo commerce? No info in docs and doesnt send

Is this item still supported? No replys to support messages

Hi, this is just comments section, we reply within 24h-48h to tickets. But comments section doesn’t have our priority. Anyway to answer your question: You can send an email after payment is completed via settings “Form Settings > WooCommerce Checkout”. Then enable the option “Send email after order completed” and configure it :)

Is it possible to add more than one item – so 2 posts get published

No this isn’t possible.

Hello, Is ACF repeater fields of wysiwyg editor tiny editor integrated or not?

It is compatible with ACF yes, you can enable the WordPress editor for the textarea element, see other reply.

Hey folks, I know this has been asked a few times over the past few years, but i was wondering if there was any progress on an Edit Post add-on? This seems like a popular request since the release of Front End Posting add-on. Cheers!

Hi, yes there has been a lot of progress made on this Add-on, you can check the github dev branch regarding just that. But there is still a lot of things to work on for that specific Add-on. Can’t give any estimate unfortunately.

Excellent news! I’ll check it out on github.. and thanks for getting back to me so quickly too :)

Hello, Is ACF repeater fields integration with Front end posting possible?

Hi, yes it is :)

Ok, Is there any documentation for fronted posting plugin. I have checked there are no documentation. There is only one demo and one image of backend. As I got it from your image of backend that there is no possibility of ACF repeater fields integration with SuperForm frondend posting.

Please share documentation of Super form frontend posting especially for repearter fields.

Acutally I want to buy the plugin but I am note sure it is possible thats why?


Sorry there is no documentation for it, you will have to follow the “Settings descriptions/tooltips” where available. It should be self explanatory. If you have problems for your use case feel free to submit a ticket.

Hello. Pre-purchase question:

How does this plugin work with Buddypress? Does it place a form submission on user profile page?

I am looking to only allow author’s to publish posts from front end of website. Can this be done with your plugin? If so please show me a demo of how this is done.

Thank you.

You can do it, but you are the one who will place the form wherever you wish (with the [shortcode]). To only allow specific roles to submit the form you might be interested in this add-on:

Any demo’s can be found under “Super Forms > Demos” or on this page:

Create post (basic demo form):


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