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I just bought a License for this… works great so far!. I’m using it as a staff message board. Only logged in Users will be able to post. Is there a way that I can set the users profile picture up so that it is used as the featured image of the post (or some other way) so I can include it on the post list on the public side of the site?

Hi, the Front-end posting can upload and set featured images yes. But this is only possible with the file upload element. For that reason it’s not possible to do what you are trying. But everything is possible of course. If you really want/need this to work we can build a custom code that can run standalone. It will just hook into the code and set featured image based on the current logged in user_id. :)

Just contact support via support tab on this page and we can provide you with an estimate.

I sent a support request for an estimate. Thanks!

Hi there… Pre-sales question… My client requires something similar to https://www.carthrottle.com/submit-video/?utm_source=ct-nav where a user completes the name and email field, accept terms and conditions and then uploads the video… Is this possible with your plugin?

Hi, yes that’s possible :) An example with accepting terms can be found from Super Forms > Marketplace in admin menu.


antid33 Purchased

Hi, purcased yesterday. And already also use calculator add-on, awesome plugins! :-)

Just one question regarding this Front-end Add-on. Is it possible that the user can edit/delete his post? I’m gonna replace these Google Spreadsheets http://arsmal.suzukibilar.se/WyEQmkEV/ to Super Forms instead. And I would like that our dealers (in-logged) can change their numbers edit and then save. They update this once every month.

Thanks! / Andreas

Hello Andreas, no only creating is possible. Maybe in future we create frontend listing/edit add-on, but can’t say for sure.

Hi a few questions.

Can a user embed a hosted video i.e they upload the video and it will embed? Can a user upload an mp3 and it will embed? Can a user upload an image and it will show on the post?

Thanks for your time

I guess only logged in users can see it then. Is that a problem? I can give you a login to see for yourself,

All dedpends on this next question can users add there own tags ?

Yes you can use tags_input field to let user set tags for post


HDCms Purchased

HI, Suggestion since you can post on bbpress. Can you envisage a publication with buddypress on the wall of the member or all members ? The idea is to control the size of the publication (and better forbid some words !) Regards

Hi, can you give us information on how bbpress does this or makes this possible? I haven’t heared of this.


HDCms Purchased

Hi, I did not speak well because I speak bad English.

A) I was wondering if it was possible to make a form that publishes a note for buddypress activities?

B) Another request because I am interested in form plugins that map fields to other plugins (as you do for woocommerce). Is it possible with enventOne https://codecanyon.net/item/eventon-wordpress-event-calendar-plugin/1211017 ?

C) is there an api that would allow to publish to the loading (or validation) of a form (hook … )?


Hi, ok I think it’s more clear now.

A. The only thing this add-on can do is create Topic and Forum, I don’t know if that automatically comes under user activities. I think not. (maybe it’s a setting in bbpress?)

B. The add-on allows you to save custom meta data, I don’t know if the plugin you referring to is using custom meta data or their custom table, otherwise it’s possibly possible to do it yes. (if they follow wordpress standards).

C. Yes there are hooks available that will allow you to do anything you like with the form date submitted. (so basically everything theoretically is possible).

Can “Front-end Posting” be used with conditional logic, please?

Yes, but I don’t know in what way you mean?

I know that Super Forms supports conditional logic.
About this add-on, I already read your explanation on “Item details” and on your page http://f4d.nl/super-forms/add-ons/front-end-posting, as well as its 6 demo forms and its “available settings”. But I do not see “conditional logic” example on those and am not sure that this add-on allowing to use conditional logic while creating a front-end post?

Yes, but it’s in Super Forms, so it’s already in the builder, so the add-on will have it automatically also. I hope this is what you needed to know?

Hi, is there a way to exclude quantity formfields with no value selected only with default value=0) from sending in E-Mail? kind regards, ellapropella

This is not possible. However, if you really want this I can make a script specifically for the form you created that will make sure that if the quantity is 0 the field that belongs to this quantity won’t be send to the email. Depending on your form I can say how much this will cost you. Thanks.


KOCP Purchased


I recently purchased this plugin and I created a form that uses the FILE UPLOAD element. Is this the only way for users to upload a Featured Image? If so, how can i can the Featured Image to appear in the actual post (similar to the demo you have created)?

Thanks in advance for your timely response.

Hi, good.

Sorry what do you mean?


KOCP Purchased

What I mean is this:

- I have created a new form using the plugin - Within the form, I use the (STAR) RATING element often - I have also included a few TEXT FIELDS

Question: Once the user completes the form, how can I get the RATING and TEXT FIELD entries to appear in a Post?

Side note: I also purchased the Front-End Posting Add-On.

Ok I think I understand you now, so you let a user create a new Post, and it has a rating somewhere? If so this is not by default for wordpress posts, so you either have a theme or add-on that allows this. Mostly it means that it is done with custom post meta data. In that case you can use the Front-end Posting settings to save custom meta data. You can simply map the key of the custom post meta field with the field name of the rating. I hope this is what you needed to make this work.

HI, How to set the ” post_title” field ? Thanks

Unfortunately i couldn’t set the form correctly. I guess i messed up with the conditional variable logic thing. Will you help me to do it if you have an access to our website?

Yes of course, you can send login via Support :)

it’s done.


HDCms Purchased

HI, Is it possible now to create a
Event (eventOne)
Note (buddypress activity)

If not suggestion ;-)

Hi, if those are custom post types you should be able to do this yes. But I haven’t tested this. Let me know if it worked :)


ferelmm Purchased

hi! im install and activated the plugin, but i cant see the option in wp-admin… im need do some else?

Hi, this is an add-on, without the main plugin Super Forms it won’t work.


HDCms Purchased


a) Is it possible to update an article after publication by its author side front-end ?

b) is it possible to prevent the entry of a duplicate (eg url, title …) ?

c) Do you have templates that can be imported to start faster ?

d) Is it possible to hide fields according to wordpress roles



a. No, it’s only possible to create (but I like the suggestion, noted it for later version, if you really need it now you can hire us to build it)

b. No, (same thing here, I noted it for later version, if you really need it hire us)

c. Yes, you can go to Marketplace there you can find example forms

d. Yes this is possible, you can do this by adding a text field that contains the tag {user_role} as default value, which you can then use to do conditional logics

Hope this helped.

Interested in this addon Just want to ask – Does this plugin support all Post Meta Tags of Post types. For example does it support Post Type Builder meta tags too.

Please let me know Neeru

Hi, i don’t know what you mean with “Post Type Builder meta tags”. But what i can tell is that it can save any custom post meta data. Hope this answers your question.

Does it support front-end editing the form data (in addition to new submission)? For anonymous user / a user with custom role?

Hi, no, currently only for creating posts/pages


rmchale Purchased

I am interested in purchasing the front-end posting add-on. I have a question about how custom taxonomies are supported. Can a user select a term from a list and have their post be automatically assigned to that custom taxonomy term?

Yes you can :) There is example available one click install via marketplace


HDCms Purchased


This plugin is great. It’s the best to publish an article with this addon. I put here my suggestions to better follow them than by mails
In descending order of priority
4* self-complementation suggestions by wordpress tags in a field
4* hook for the value of a field of super-forms in another field of another WP plugin (mycred …)
3* prevent the storage of a duplicate in the case of a input of the url
3* ACF compatible image field
2* prevent the display of the input window of a new file as soon as one reaches the limit file number
* general setting for error message location (example: top left)
* put the name of the label in bold, red with a star next to a larger font size as soon as it indicates that it is a mandatory field
* prevent the entry of a new group of fields (repeater) if one has not been filled


HDCms Purchased

Yes, but your documentation is very light! I am not a real developer and I needed a documentation page explaining it step by step. I send you a documentation page of a competitor explaining

Thank you also for telling me, if each suggestion will be inserted in your plan for the future or never (it’s your right). If so about when: week, month, next year ??

Yes, but I am not a teacher (if you know what i mean). I only explain what and how is possible with the plugin itself. The hooks are for wordpress developers. You can google how to use hooks, it’s not for me to explain in all detail, and it’s just not something that is possible for me to learn others program. I can only explain basics of how to use the plugin. The rest is up to the user. Or you will have to hire a programmer. I hope you understand. Regarding time frame, I can’t give you any details, but I can guarantee that it will be implemented (step by step). I have noted all the feedback so it will be picked-up sooner than later. If i would have to give an estimate I would say that it could possibly take a couple of months to implement all of them. But this also depends on other development/work that needs to be done.


HDCms Purchased

cool, thank you