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I see as advice, features like: statistics, ready-made templates. are highly recommended for bossing your sales range.

Hello sanayar,

Thanks for the feedback, consider it noted at our end. Much appreciated!

Hello, great looking plugin. Does the email entries save in the backend?

Hello, thanks, yes it does :)



I wanted to know if it’s possible to add the “Step Name” of a multi part form in the mail. i have 4 steps and it’s kindly difficult to understand the mail without the step name..

Thanks a lot,


Hello Simon,

You can only do this by adding a hidden field at the beginning of each multipart. This way you can set for instance the value to be empty. But the email label to the step name.

When you make changes to form settings – do they not show on already created forms?

I have to make a new form every time to display the form changes that I have made?

Surely this can’t be?

Hello, under Super Forms > Settings the default form settings are stored. When you create a new form it will retrieve these settings. When you save a form and change the settings on the builder page for that specific form and later on you change these default settings, it will not affect the form. I hope you understand what I mean. If you having problems with anything, you can also export settings for a specific form to another. This can be done on the builder page under Form Settings > Export & Import :)

When I click import/export – it takes me to the wordpress tools section….

No not over there on builder page (Super Forms > Create Form)

Is there a way to enforce the file upload?

As with the other options?

Yes, you can set a minimum uploaded files under (Advanced) TAB when you edit the fileupload element.

Thanks for all your help so far – great support.

One final question – can we set the font to a google font? The default font is completely different from the rest of the website.

If you point me in the right direction of the CSS – I’ll do it my end.

I think I answered this by email am I right? Sorry don’t know why all these messages are unread by my codecanyon account.

Also, I can change all the text and font colours from the settings except the check box text – which is set to gray?

How can I change this text colour?

If I am right you can do this with the label text color (not totally sure though), but send us an email we will help you anyways with previous question.

So sorry – I’m on the wrong plugin – it’s the super forms plugin I have not the email templates.

I’ll send an email now

Also – I have set these file extensions for the upload:


But it is still allowing me to attach mp4 files, exe files etc?

Hello tal1481, If I am right this should be fixed by now. (sorry I didn’t get notified of your message).

Hi, I am using wordpress post sample page to allow guest user to publish their post on my website. but i am not sure how to link your post page with my word press post ? please help.

Hi, what is “Wordpress post sample page”? And what do you mean with “Link your post page with my wordpress post”? I am confused what you are asking here sorry. Could you please try to explain this in more detail? Thank you!

Hello, bg image are allowed?

Hi, no you will have to use custom CSS to do this.

Ok, last question, where i change de aling of body text to the left? or where i chage the fonts ? ty a lot great plug in

Hi, if you want to align to right, you can enable RTL. But other alignments you will have tou use custom CSS. Fonts also via custom CSS. Maybe in future we add option to change the font.

Hi there,

Love Super Forms but now i have bought the Mail Templates and have some issues when i get the mails sometimes there are in my mail and spaces between the words… maybe i can send you an email how my template looks like ?

Thank you so much!

Hi, thank you, it’s best to send a support ticket, and give all the info you have and if possible a temp admin login.

Okay thank you and i will send an support ticket!


Can you tell me please how to setup email template background color ?


Sorry you can’t change this. only header body and footer bg colors can be changed.

Hi, I want to be able to encrypt outgoing emails generated by certain forms that contain personal and bank details. What encryption methods would you recommend?

Hi, sorry this is not something I can help you with, encryption is always on server side, maybe you can aks your provider about methods they know of.