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Hi, I have a huge problem! I just bought it but its not working! I cannot drag and drop, the whole UI is moved up. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/iennoy

Hi, thanks for contacting, please check mail thanks :)


Cri-85 Purchased

Hello! Thanks for your plugin and all the addon.

I send you an email with some questions, but I think it is also important to discuss here about LOCAL SETTINGS and GLOBAL SETTINGS.

It’s hard to work in the customization (color, etc.) of this plugin because if I change something in global settings, I don’t see any change in my forms, even if I don’t have modified any local settings.

And, if I modify local settings, I can’t apply all the customization in all my forms.

Hi, global settings will not affect previously created forms. This is on purpose. If you want to change colors for a specific form you have to edit this form and do the changes via Form Settings > Theme & Colors and other customizations also under Form Settings section on builder page. Choose from dropdown the section you need.


rarevfx Purchased


I want to send all information filled in the form to the customer as a email after he filled the form. How can i do this? I placed “{loop_value}” in the Body content but i’m not sure if the receives all the information.


You can test it by changing the To: header to your own email, and test if the email is setup correctly or not. The {loop_fields} you want to use, and the {loop_label} and {loop_value} are used to retrieve the fields lables/values.

You normally do not have to change these settings, it should work with the default settings.

Noticed issue that {TAGS} are working odd in updated version. {tags} are giving value of the field but not the label. Also you might check your example here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/doc/example-forms/ (HTML with {tags}). For eg name is not working there.

{tag} always return the value and not label. Use {tag;label} instead in HTML elements.