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I am planning to customized the email via html but i dont know how to add the unique field names for the items filled in the “add more” sections of my forms. can you please help me with this?

I am interested in buying the pluging. I have the doubt of how we would integrate the form created in a DIVI page. We want to continue with the divi constructor and the budget creation forms and others, with Super Forms. Thank you.

Hi, you can simply add the [shortcode] in a text/html element inside your divi page. It will generate the form without a problem.

Hello, congratulation on this beautiful script. I have a presale question. I need to use the option where the user complete the form can select one place in map and then have latitude and longitude fields populated. is this possible????

Hi, good question but no this isn’t possible.


ddcom Purchased

Hi there,

I am trying to solve following issue: I am creating a contact form for a hair salon chain. They have over 10 salons and each place has a different email recipience. I would like to create a dropdown where someone can choose which salon it wants to contact, and based on the choice they will get the right contact form. (for better understanding I also made a simple scratch, see attachment). How can I implement this function or is it with this plugin not possible?

best regards, Serkan

Hi, this is possible, you can do this by using conditional logic and using {tags} please read about all of it here. After that you can add each email to the dropdown option value. And you can use {mydropdownfieldname} inside the TO: header on your form settings where the email should be send to.

https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/tags-system https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/conditional-logic

ddcom Purchased

Thanks, I haven’t read it yet but think this will help.

Though, I have another question: I need a email validation – like two email fields but the second one has to be identically the same as the first one. For example: In the first field one types in “john@abc.com” and into the second fields one types “johhn@abc.com”; then it should get a message like ‘Email seems not to be correct’ or so. How do I do this?

thanks in advance.

You can use this: https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/conditional-validation

Note that you can use {tags} so you could enter {email} to do the check :)

I have been testing the demo for several hours and I see that there is a great lack of documentation to manage the plugin. Is there any area with more documentation and training when purchasing the plugin? videos or docs ..? It has a lot of potential, but you have to know how to use it. We want to prepare some forms so that the client can prepare estimated estimates of services. Is it possible to send a PDF to the client with the result of what has been included in the form?

Hi, yes we know, and we have worked on a documentation but it’s not 100% completed yet. https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/

Regarding your PDF question, this is something that is being worked on, but it takes time to make this perfectly working because PDF libraries and HTML are not in sync so to speak. So you have to make compromises here and there, but it must still be easy to work with as a user so that you see is what you get. And this takes time. I can’t say when this will be released. You can always follow us via “Follow”, you should be notified about any updates.

Hi, when I try to create a form the screen is frozen and im getting this error: Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: input[name=”super_skip_tutorial” got the plugin from Envato elements

I saw it – it’s happening only in safari

Ok, thank you for your feedback, we will investigate this issue on safari.

I send you an other one on private for the PayPal extension :)

how can I add a field that will check if the age of a user is over 18?

You can find an example form via Super Forms > Marketplace. You can one click install it to use it and understand how it’s done.

It is called “Calculate Age (Add-on)”

However it requires the Caculator Add-on for super forms :) You can find it here: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-calculator/16045945

hi sir,

i want to ask before buy this script

this script can add point if user completing the survey?

and points that the user gets can be exchanged for prizes

Can it?

thank you before

Hi, well you could do this yes, you could use variable fields to accomplish this :) https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/variable-fields