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Redjek Purchased

Hello! how to align blocks with radio button at the center?

with regards.

Hi, you can only change horizontal/vertical alignment. I don’t know what you are trying, but I think only with custom CSS you can achieve this.


Is your plugin can be able to create this kind of radio buttons that has contents on the left side?

Check this: http://www.dmw-wien.at/musteranforderung.aspx

Please reply asap. Thanks!

Hi, yes and no. The thing is that you will have to use custom HTML to make it exactly like the example. And you might need to add 3 individual radio buttons, instead of 1 with 3 items. But at the end it’s possible yes.


We have a big problem.

Super Forms Drag & Drop Form Builder forms don´t load since yesterday!

Here is an example: http://airandmore.at/flugunfallversicherung-beruf-freizeit-und-flug/

It only shows the preloader icon, but the form itself does never appear.

Would you please tell me your thoughts on this urgent issue.

Best regards, Markus

WordPress 4.7.2

Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder Version 2.5.1 and Version 2.5.1 (i tested both)

What date format are you using on your form? I think this might be the problem.

question before buying, code on a form (search field).I can do dynamic search (the plug form) using this product. eg., field number memorized the number and looking & creates a new record.

the demo version has the option ? – if you can help me execute pattern cod for inspection? Im wants to be sure – You the fastest compare to other given to me an answer. This is very important and makes me happy.

Please send a support ticket, then you can get better explanation with example and how to do it.

im will send @ mail

Not sure if this is possible or not but here goes.

Can the form be redirected to different Thank You pages based on the radio button option chosen?

Example: Radio Button Options Employee Non-Employee

If Employee is chosen, form redirects to /thank-you-employee/ page on submit. If Non-Employee is chosen, form redirects to /thank-you-non-employee/ page on submit.

Hi, yes you can do this. You can add a variable field (hidden field) called custom_redirect

Then set conditional logic with the URL’s and use the tag {custom_redirect} in the Custom URL redirect setting of the form.

Got it! Thanks.

Another question: (I’m just full of them) I know you have the add-on to attach the submitted content as a CSV within the email but is it possible to do it as a PDF instead? That may be a long shot but my client was asking so I thought I would ask you if it can be done or not.

No, this can’t be done, maybe we add this in the future as a different add-on

Plugin works wonders, but ads about 3.0 seconds of load time to my page, is there any way to decrease?

To what page? Can you send a support ticket with more details? This shouldn’t be 3 sec, more like 0.3s

Hello, I seen live demo of this plugin i really like this forms plugin. I have a pre-buying question:

Q) could you please check this page https://www.infusionsoft.com/pricing i want similar kind of form how here it is functioning. here is my site page http://www.simonpayments.com/pricing/ we have just 2 packages so i have to make this as a radio button selection like in the infusionsoft site and then a form to fill out and submit. If you see here https://www.infusionsoft.com/pricing after selection of 2 steps they are dynamically showing the selection data and then sending that data along with the form..

I just want a radio button selection of the packages then form filling and once customer submit then on email it has to show what package customer opted for and his profile details…

let me know if we can make this kind of form using ur plugin..


ps. I like the pricing table example. I have noted it for a future add-on with the example provided, so it will be a lot easier for others in the future.

Thanks for the reply, profile details means name/email/phone/right time to call/etc.. not logged in user information. I just need my 2 pricing tables with radio button and dynamic values to show at the next step then fill out the form and submit. when submit i need this all info in the email like what package user selected and his personal information..

Can you help me with radio button and dynamic data to show based on selection of packages.? As you too want to add this feature for future add-on.


Ok that wouldn’t be a problem then.

You can find an example for conditional logic via Marketplace, this should get you started. But I can’t help you with the pricing tables, you will have to design them yourself.

Hi Is there a way I can change the font to being the same as y website please? Love your forms by the way. Best I’ve come across :)

Hi, you mean the same as our website? If yes, your theme might be overriding the input field class, in that case you might want to change that CSS, the font used by default is:

font-family: “Open Sans”,sans-serif;

Brilliant thank you for the quick response. I’ve also got the form forming in the centre now rather than left. It just won’t over ride which is strange. – Here’s the page. https://beautifullifeuk.com/contact-us/

You probably just want to use a 1/3 – 1/3 – 1/3 column grid. And put all the fields in the middle column


We’ve been looking for a forms plugin that will be able to execute a special task on our form and we’re wondering if your plugin can do this.

Initially, we have 5 checkboxes: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

We need to have all countries (checkboxes) from America show when the checkbox for America is ticked and have the countries from Europe show when its checkbox has been ticked and so on for the rest of the continents…BUT we must also have the checkboxes for the countries be added accordingly.

For example, if only the checkbox for Europe has been ticked, only the countries from Europe must show up but, if BOTH the checkboxes for America and Europe have been ticked, both the countries from America and Europe must show up. The same with the rest of the continents…

Can we achieve this with your plugin?


I do not want them on a dropdown. I want the countries in a checkbox.

Is it still possible?

By “checkbox”, I mean all countries in their corresponding, separate checkbox.



Yes, that is possible, but still manually entered.

Hi. PPQ: Only reason why I am looking for a contact plug-in is my problems getting the Contact Form 7 to work with Country-selection and Time-zone selection.

Also, if a user is logged in, I want to automatically fetch the already exisiting data, so the user wont have to type it in twice. Is that something you also support?



Hi Peter,

For logged in users only email address, user id, user display and some other tags can be used to auto populate fields with logged in user data.

You can find the tags under settings

Excellent! But what about choice of Timezone and country? Is that also straight forward with a nobrain?

No that’s not possible at this moment. I have noted this as a future improvement.


Notre Purchased

Hi! Great plugin but we have 2 problems -

1.) After form submission, we are not receiving email – I changed {option_admin_email) to my email example@example.com (the real one) but messages do not send to the specified email nor it does to the admin email with original options. Submissions are showing up in Contact Entries page though but no Emails. Other plugins do send the email after submission, for example Contact Form 7 works fine.

2.) There is some kind weird square showing up behind the title of dropdown. I don’t know whether I can use css to hide it and if it doesn’t screw up the forms conditional logic. How should I proceed to get rid of the square?

https://s24.postimg.org/8gdrvxnat/square.png Here’s how it looks.

Thank you in advance.


Notre Purchased

1.) I think we will be able to sort this one out, if not, I will let you know.

2.) The URL where you can see this – http://arhitekt.lv/publisks-kalkulatora-tests/

Hi Thanks for the URL, we have applied a hot fix that will fix your issue. The reason was that your theme was overriding the styles with !important tag. The new version can be download via your wordpress site under: Dashboard > Updates > Check Again

A notice should popup with v2.6.0

You can also manually download it here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/latest-version


Notre Purchased

Awesome, thanks for the fix!

Me again.

I am currently trying to insert 2 different sections into an email based on an option chosen. I was able to accomplish this with a hidden field without any issues and no formatting. The issue I am having is when I insert a value wrapped in see example below into the “When above conditions are met set following value:”.

The reason is because my client wants to change the color of specified text and wrap it in a colored box.

I thought maybe I could do it with the HTML element but I am not able to add a name to it to be able to call it via the hidden field.

Example: Radio Button Options for Staff Member Yes – If chosen, do not include {custom_email_section} No – If chosen, include {custom_email_section} formatted like the following:

<div style="background-color: #e6e7e8; color: #f44336; padding: 20px;"> Please note, registration is not final until a payment of <strong>{total} </strong>is received. You will receive an email when payment is processed. <br /> <br /> <strong>Methods of Payment</strong> <strong>Pay online:</strong> <a href="https://google.com" target="_blank">https://google.com </a> <br /> <strong>Pay by Check </strong>(payable to Google, Tax ID: 12-1234567) <br /> Mail check to: Google <br /> Attn: Google <br /> 123 Some Street, City, State 12345 </div>

Any suggestions?

You can just put the

< div>< /div>
inside of it. You will need 2 textarea fields with the same name I guess otherwise it won’t work.

So you will also have to manually edit the name of the field inside the json code at the bottom of the builder page.

The conditional logic will make sure to hide the empty textarea, and to show the one with the HTML. And skip the one not needed in email. I hope you understand.

I think I get it. I will give it a go and see what happens.

Let me know the results

Do you have a version that is not word press?

No sorry

Hello, I have pre-sale question. I tried to run trial on our site, but I need to localise date picker field to czech language. Is that possible please? Btw nice work.! Kind regards

Hi, yes it’s possible with translation file, you can use a translation plugin e.g Loco Translate to do it (it’s very easy)

Is there a reason why the JSON data shows when I try to edit my form but none of the forms fields that I had created shows up, nor does it show up on the front.

Hi, json code will always be visible (for all forms when editing). So yes it’s normal. It can become in handy to copy paste form elements between forms or even sites. However, that none form fields show up isn’t normal. You will have to contact support (send mail) with site details in order to help you.


star09 Purchased


This plugin has everything but i want one function which i feel is unique and needs to all.

Kindly show a demo to make Inquiry form for WooCommerce Products. all the Prodcut will have a button Make an Inquiry and on clicking that one Pop-up form will come. Allow us to make that form like Name Number Message etc

and on submitting this admin will get inquiry for that product with Product name and Product URL.

Really need this thing, kindly consider :)

Thanks a lot

Hi, there is no demo but it’s possible with Super Forms, although the only ting not possible is sending the product URL to the email. Product name can of course be send based on the user entered name.

ps. you will need popups add-on and front-end posting add-on.