Discussion on Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder

Discussion on Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder

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Hi, I have added a custom url in redirect section. I just want that my custom url will open in a new tab.

That’s not possible at this moment.

Hi, does the plugin has the option to save the contact after first step when dealing with mult-part? For example: Step 1: Name e-mail phone, Step 2,3,4,5,etc.: other fields. Thanks

On next button trigger an action like sending an email or send the data to somewhere, or interact with another plugin, or open something, or track the user. It would be just “easier” and cleaner than use an ajax on page I guess

One thing that I have to always do is manually add a “loading” step, to make more professional, and personalized. Adding delays between steps and adding animations while getting info would be a great feature.

I understand what you mean, but if you want to do some type of action like sending an email upon clicking “next” you still have to do an ajax request to the server. I am still not sure what your end goal is. Don’t you just want a “Draft entry” feature. So when user types and goes to next field the entry is created if not existed, and updated afterwards until abandoned the form? Anyway this is more something to be discussed on github with code etc.

can the data be exported to software like SPSS?

Hi, you can export contact entries to CSV file if that’s what you are asking. You can read about that here:


When we use our custom post type for dropdown lists, radio buttons, checklists etc. all works fine. However when we use the custom post type in a text field with KEYWORD USER INPUT enabled, it does not show the give your the options. Any advice?

Fixed in v5.0.104

Hi How to remove all the months from showing in the calendar? I only want to show the month December. Excluding the months is disabling the days from selecting, but the months are still showing.

I don’t believe you can do that. You should be able to do it with some custom CSS though.

Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 now doesnt work, get a Google reCAPTCHA verification failed! message. Recaptcha working on the rest of the site fine. Renewed the keys. v3 recaptcha just says “loading” when you click the submit button

Hi, please submit a ticket, the recaptcha works fine on our end so it’s something related to your site / setup. Also you will have to buy support. and provide the license.

Save form progression is no longer working!!! I am getting so many calls where people say they have to go back and refill in all their data!! This is NOT ideal. I purchased my forms through Evanto Elements. How do I get support on this? I’ve disabled all caching plugins to make sure they were not the issue. I’m not happy…

Unless you are caching the page it should work fine, at least it’s working on our end: there is no support for elements users.

Presale question;

Is there a dashboard I can see entries instead of just emailing them across?


Yes, you can find all form submissions under “Super Forms > Contact Entries”

Best form builder

Thanks :) but this is just the comments section, reviews can be placed/left here:


diagana Purchased

I want that the user can upload only 1 file per upload element.

steps: 1. add file upload element 2. advanced tab – on “max characters/selections allowed” set to 1 3. saving form

on frontend I can upload more than 1 file. Why this? What I do wrong?

I checked this on your demo,too.. On your demo it isn’t working as well. Maybe I do something wrong…

What demo? Because not sure if our demo has a limit on it. Anyway you can find a working demo here, it works fine:

Make sure you don’t cached that page, and make sure you updated the file element before you save the form.

HI, i have to connect form to CRM service. How can i do in function.php?

Perhaps you first want to checkout the Zapier Add-on, most likely you can connect it directly to the CRM through that. If not then you can find example codes here:

Presale Question

Hi, I intend to create a purchase submission form. requiring : - repeatable fields with date, file upload, and price element - math logic field, which shows the total sum of all price elements in the repeatable field - submitters get a pdf file containing all the entries they have submitted, and it includes a unique code with a certain prefix.

Is it possible to do? Thank you in advance

Yes you can do this, you will require the PDF Generator Add-on to send the form submission as PDF. Please not that it will not include previously submitted forms though. The unique code can be done with a hidden field and generating a so called unique number. You can prefix it with something too. And you can also enable invoice numbers (incremental numbers) if needed. Calculations can be done with the Calculator Add-on.

Burt37 Purchased

Not sure if the problem is at my end, but I cannot update to version 5.0.126.

Current version is 5.0.119..

It tries to update but it just hangs in the update screen. Waited 5 minutes but it didn’t update..

I’ll try again later by downloading it from here instead of using WP update..

Hi, what error message do you get? We just released the update here on codecanyon, maybe you can try to manually update instead. Otherwise check if you still have some space left on your server.

Burt37 Purchased

Just updated to version 5.0.128 and it went as smooth as usual…

Thank you…

Glad to hear, thanks :)


cr0co Purchased

responsive display of radio buttons is very wierd. i got 27 radio buttons. there all among themselves. how to fix this on mobile ?

You can change the layout to grid or something else and it will work, you can also change orientation perhaps from horizontal / vertical, you will have to play around with it to see what fits you best.


cr0co Purchased

its grid already. i tryd vertical/horizontal but then it looks wierd on desktop

Ok, not sure, perhaps you can submit a support ticket, make sure to extend your support license though. Provide a test site with details/login and only super forms installed and the URL to the form with the issue.

using your front end posting addon can we create form with repeater group field to save information in meta data of a custom post type ? How we will explode the information get in the repeater field to display it repeating in output template of custom post type ?

You can probably use a core hook to update a created post after it was inserted, and then grab that post meta data, and then manipulate it so that you can store it as your desired format requested by your template/plugin. So you will want to do something like this, which is done with a build in hook in super forms when using the front-end posting Add-on. This example is for the “Toolset” plugin btw.

diagana Purchased

Hi, I have a form with many upload fields. But when I upload 10-15 files and i push the send Button, the popup appear, but is loading endless….


Your new phone number type (with flags and validation) is great, but it’s not working on mobile. Scripts loads on footer:



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