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Hello, is it possible to combine this plugin with a woocomerce booking plugin? Example: customer choose a date range to book an item for 3 days ( if available at this time ) and then choose some Option from ur Super Forms plugin. Now he can checkout to pay with the selected date and selections to woocomerce and the booking date is reserved to him?

Hi, no sorry this is not possible, but could you tell me what booking plugin you planning to use? Maybe we can investigate this option for future version of super forms.

Awesome work! Any chance a non-word press version will be created anytime soon? Thanks

Hi, no there will not be a non wordpress for super forms, sorry.


Montien Purchased

1. can edit existing submit form afterward? 2. is it possible to send request (get / post) to another system, and return more data and fill in opening form automatically? example: call getuser.php?id=001 and return name,surname,phone automatically fill in opening form.

1. Yes you can edit contact entry after a form submission 2. Yes, you can do both GET (redirect) and POST methods (your choice). Although not sure what you mean with getuser.php?id=001

Hi, I cannot see where to change the color of the Prev/Next boxes or the SUBMIT button. Everything else I can change the color of but those two items are showing green on my form and I need to change.

You can change it under Form Settings > Submit button

Yes thanks. I was looking under the colors tab and didn’t realize there was a separate tab for Submit. Thank you!

Hi. Conditional logic set to hide a field on certain conditions but it’s not actually skipping the field…it’s stopping on it but hiding it. How do I get conditional logic to completely skip that field?

Yes. Exactly that.

I believe this is a flaw in the code design. Will have to change some things in order to make this possible and work correctly. Please keep an eye out on new updates to be notified about it.

Hi, I believe this issue is resolved in v3.3.0 please confirm this thanks.


endemol Purchased

Deze site is niet bereikbaar

Het duurt te lang voordat f4d.nl reageert. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

Created demo but after 2 minutes all went down. and after 10 minutes i gave up.

Hi, please try again. We have no issues on our end. Let us know if you keep having connection issues. Thanks.


seshoo Purchased

Hello :) one question!

I found out with the help of the comments sections how I can pre choose a field from e.g. a dropdown – with a url like http://domain.name/?field=name

this is in a multistep form and it should go to the next step with a url action how can I “press” the next button via url? So it goes to the next step?

tried http://domain.name/?field=name&data-action="submit" but this crashes everything :(

hope you can help and that its possible to do… thank you!

Hi, there is no way to do this via a URL parameter sorry. You can only do this with Javascript which requires programming skills.

Validation issue using Google Auto Address Complete: even when set to disallow an empty field, it seems to be allowing an empty field.

Special Validation: Not Empty. Allow Field To Be Empty: No, validate even if field is empty.

It’s working perfectly on the other fields so I suspect it’s down to using the Google Auto Address feature. Any help?

Hi, could you please send support details / login of your site and what form this is happening to, then maybe we can apply a fix for your problem. Could be something small or a bug. Thanks.

Ok. Thanks


sayyam Purchased

since i purchased it i downloaded it first time, i tried to put my activiaiton code in lisence and it is not workng kindly need response asap

Hi, what message did you get while trying to activate? If you are sure you haven’t used the license on any other domain name before, then please contact support and provide license and domain information so we can confirm this.

can i use this form builder in PHP with out wordpress?

No sorry.


Will this plugin allow the end-user to add multiple ‘Columns’ (on-the-fly); as needed.

Example: https://www.all-statecredit.com/add_columns.jpg

Also, is is possible to do ‘Inline’ text-boxes.

Example: https://www.all-statecredit.com/inline_entries.jpg

What about page breaks with a percentage gauge of form completion.

Example: https://www.all-statecredit.com/page_breaks.jpg

Obviously, this site ( https://www.all-statecredit.com/apply-now-2/ ) was done with Gravity Forms; but I need your Super Forms – Signature Add-on, and most importantly the ability to Add multiple ‘Columns’ (on-the-fly)...

The other two Examples ‘Inline text-boxes’ and ‘Page breaks with a percentage gauge of form completion’ I could probably still make it work.

Looking forward to you reply, ~ragtech

Will this plugin allow the end-user to add multiple ‘Columns’ (on-the-fly); as needed. Yes

Also, is is possible to do ‘Inline’ text-boxes. Good question, but no :( I will ad it to todo list

What about page breaks with a percentage gauge of form completion. Yes multi-part columns can be used for this in super forms

but I need your Super Forms – Signature Add-on, and most importantly the ability to Add multiple ‘Columns’ (on-the-fly)...Yes that’s possible

You can make columns dynamic to make this possible and add the signature inside.

Awesome… Oh, and thanks for the fastest response ever!

Hi there, Just bought your plugin but I have a problem. When I put two columns and in the left one I put a heading and right a radiobox and I do this 5 times the radiobuttons are not aligned with my heading: http://eversadviesburo.nl/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermafbeelding-2017-10-06-om-15.50.45.png When I edit the .super_field all the columns are resizing so I’ve tried this option in css.

Also is it possible to put the description of the element before the element instead of above? Thanks, Bertus.

Also when I change the text on the submit button it does not change the text..

Did you do 1/2 – 1/2 columns and then 4 times? or only 2 1/2 columns total? Make sure you do 4 rows with each 2 1/2 columns to fix this (that’s my best guess).

Also is it possible to put the description of the element before the element instead of above? No sorry.

Also when I change the text on the submit button it does not change the text.. You probably adjusting settings on global level while you should do it on form level (read red text).


lifrance Purchased

URGENT: Form deleted by the use of the undo button. Only wanted to go back one step but the entire form disappeared. Tried to restore version and while many versions are shown, the form will not restore. Please advise.

Hi, please send the form code to support (of the version that does not restore), it should show form code at bottom of the form builder page after restoring. Thanks.


lifrance Purchased

Thank you so much for responding. I sent you what I think you are looking for in the support/contact author section.

hi, this version includes some addon?

Hello, Is here any way to display entries in wpdatatable plugin tables or any other table..?

Hi, contact entries are saved under wp_posts table. It’s a custom post type that is saved to the database. The form data is saved as meta data for the post. I don’t know the wpdatatable plugin, so I can’t really answer the question, maybe this info helps you to answer your question.

Is there any option to write in one table all entries? When customer will submit form this entries should be in table too…

I want something like Gravity Forms add-on https://gravityview.co/

Sorry Super Forms does not have this option. I will note it as future improvement(s)

Hello, I just sent an email regarding my activation license. I was testing the form on a beta site and the form died once I changed the domain name to the live version. Please reply to neowizkid@gmail.com

Hi, please see email thanks (reply on email)


neissil Purchased

Hello, there’s a possibility to hide form once the user clicks on submit button? Thanks

Do you mean you create a form for each user?

Well, the register & login is only needed if you want to register or login users with the super forms form you created, but I think you don’t need this right? However to password protect the form you can use the Password Protect add-on instead. But since you already lock the page with password protect, this is also not needed I guess.

The only thing is to try and prevent a user from submitting the form again. Please note: If you create a new form for each user, then it is possible to do I believe. But best method would be the one i described in previous reply


neissil Purchased

Okay to me you method seams better can you pls help me to achieve it, my coding skills it’s a bit limited so any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Sure, just submit support email with the site info/login. And page/form ID and other info required to help. Thanks

Hi, Is it possible to build a form with conditional logic, and after filling the form – depending on the answers – the page redirects to a special landing?

Hello, yes this is possible, you can use Custom Redirect option. And you can use variable field (hidden field) to generate the correct URL based on user selection(s). And then use the field tag {redirect_url} if the hidden field is named “redirect_url} and put it inside the Form Settings > Form Settings > Custom URL redirect.