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Good Morning

Pre-purchase questions.

So you need to make a form that calculates the value of the plan based on three variables:

Plan chosen, each plan will have an initial fixed value based on age.

Age of the holder, for each age range an increase will be made in the initial value of the plan

Dependents – price of 1.50 for each dependent

Payment of the value calculated by paypal or credit card.


The client will choose the desired plan, will put his age and will add or not dependent, done that will appear the amount to be paid, if he accepts will open other fields to get the names of the holder and or dependents and there is. It’s quite simple.

With your plugin I can do this?

Customer example currently


I await an answer


Yes correct. We have plans for standalone paypal add-on. But for now you can only do it that way.

Receiving by woocommerce after calculating the values and name is perfect, no problem. But I have doubts in the calculation that will be based on dynamic fields.

For example: Plan 1 costs 20, by default, but over 50 years, cost 25 or a conditional with Set Value in the field based on age. Was I clear?

In that case I think variable fields (hidden field) might become in handy for your form.

You can set: IF plan==1 AND age>50 THEN 25

Hope this helps.

Can I use it multiple site?

You can use one license per domain (this excludes subdomains). So you can use domain.com + sub.domain.com etc. You can read this when you click the license arrow.


antid33 Purchased

Hi, nice last update with the populate last entire.

Three small qustions:
1. Is it only the text field that can be populated? I tried the quanity field but that doesn’t work.
2. I tried to populate some fields from more than one form, comma separated form ID like 174,214 but it doesn’t work?
3. Do you have any plans to add “edit” function to your add-on Front End Posting?

Cheers / Andreas


The field name must be the same (are you sure)

No only 1 form ID is possible I believe.

Probably yes, have to find/figure out a smart way that allows this still.

This plugin is really good and i love it a lot. I have quastions, Can you please explain more about those ( Special Validation, Conditional Validation, Allow field to be empty) im not sure what they can help me with and how or when i can use them. Thank you!

When you have special validation it will filter the value that the user has entered and checks if it is correctly filled out. For instance if you say: numeric it means the user may only enter numbers e.g: 123

You can enable “Allow field to be empty” > “Yes, validate only if field is not empty” if you wish that the field must only be validated if the user filled it out. So if the user skipped the field, it won’t be validated and may be empty.

For instance if you have IBAN field, and you do not wish to make it required field, but wish to validate if the IBAN is correct, than you could use this :)

Thats awesome. Thanks a lot. im still a littl bit confused about that “You can enable “Allow field to be empty” > “Yes, validate only if field is not empty” if you wish that the field must only be validated if the user filled it out. So if the user skipped the field, it won’t be validated and may be empty.”

Hi Feeling4Design,
I Plan to Purchase 3 of Your Plugins ( The Parent Super Forms Plugin, Front-End Posting Add-On and WooCommerce Checkout Add-On ). However, I’ve got a Few Questions for You :

1. Make Front-End Posting Multi-Step : In the Demo Here : http://f4d.nl/super-forms/documentation/multipart-multi-step/ You’ve demonstrated how a Multi-Step Form Works. However, I want to use the Front-End Posting Addon in the Multi-Step Way. Possible ?

2. Make a Listing Featured : I Use a Popular Listing Directory Theme which uses its Own CPT. To Feature a Listing, the theme has a “Meta Field Key” called “_featured”. If I set “_featured” to 1, then the Post becomes Featured. So Basically, Here I want to Create a Multi-Step Front-End Posting Form where the Last Step asks the Customer if He/She wants to Feature the Listing. If Yes, then I want him to Pay using Your WooComerce Checkout Add-On and after He has Paid, I want to redirect Him to His Listings Page, where He can View All of His Listings. Possible ?

Kindly Revert,


1. yes that’s possible, it don’t matter multi-step only breaks the form up in section all functionalities will stay the same, no matter what add-on.

2. Yes you can do this with custom post meta option, you can type:

Where field_name is for instance featured and _featured of course the meta key

Hello Feeling4Design

When i submit after i fill up the form, this message come to from all browsers. “Failed to process data, please try again” what does this mean and how I can solve it. Also after I submit it takes me to the same page with out any messages like thanks messages. How I can make it like in your website after submit give message in the same page.

Thank you!

Please see email.


seshoo Purchased

after updating to the latest version, the checkbox with pictures isn’t working anymore. pic size is 100%, they are vertical instead of horizontal (which I selected) and it looks weird… a bit.

what did you change with this “module”? Bug?

I switched back to the version before. Maybe you can take a look on this, if this is a “normal bug”


I see you switches back, so that probably won’t work. Well the images are the size that the image has, with a maximum of 100%. You can edit the inage size in wordpress itself to any size you prefer. I will consider to add a max width setting for inage checkbox / radio so this issue won’t happen. And if needed you can increase the width after.

ps. You have v2.9.1 right?


seshoo Purchased

in the version before 2.9 it was horizontal same size pics more columns. automatic. latest version they grow up to 100% and so they are one column instead of 4-5 columns and all the same size :(

Yes, the image size will be the size, it meens you have large images, you should make a smaller version, what you also could do is send a support ticket with a temp admin login, i can upload v2.9.3 which contains a fix for this issue.


First of all… great looking plugin!

I have a customer having a small conflict between the page animations function in my Total theme not allowing the form to submit. Any chance we could get a temp copy for testing to fix any compatibility issues? Thanks!

- AJ

Hi, thanks :)

I believe you could try the live demo, and upload your theme to test? Otherwise please contact via support so we might be able to provide you with a temporary test that works for you. Thanks

ps. also provide the url of your test site if possible (so I can look at it for you, maybe I know what’s going on here).

Hello, could you explain me how do display the label and the input inline please ? thank you

Hello, I am not totally sure what you mean. Are you talking about the front-end of the form itself? If yes, you can set a “Field label” when you edit for instance a text field. To display a placeholder (I think that’s what you mean with input inline). You can enter it inside the “Placeholder” option when editing the field.

Let me know if this helped thanks!

Hello there! Pre-Purchase question…

I need a calculation with conditional logic. For example: I have OPTION 1 and OPTION 2 Also a RANGE 1-100

If you chose OPTION 1 the calculation should be 1 x RANGE = If you chose OPTION 2 the calculation should be 3 x RANGE =

This is just an easy example, but I think you know what I mean. I need a formula which will change by the OPTION you chose. Is this possible with your plugin?

Yes, but you will need the calculator add-on to to this

hi, pre sales question. I really like the plugin but would need to customize one or two features.

I would like the form to look like this https://www.planforlater.co.uk/form.php

this would need me to be able to customize the progress bar into circles and also add a tick to eack field as it is filled in.

Also, is it possible to diable the previous button?

I am ready to buy and look forward to your respose

thank you in advance

What do you mean “tick each field”? Anyway I can help you for small fee with these changes.

basically, if you look at the link i sent, when each field is filled in a small check/tick appears on the right of each field to indicate that the field has been filled in.

can you please quote me on this asap please, my email is digital@goodwillfuneralplans.co.uk – ideally, i need the form to look exactly as it does on the one in the link above (obviously minus the logo)

thank you in advance

send mail

Hi Feeling4Design,
My Directory Website has Hundreds of Listings. I want My Users to be able to “Claim Listings”, and to do so, I Plan to implement a Multi-Step Form Utilising Super Forms. Kindly Help Me Achieve the Following :

Step 1 : Select Category : Here the User should Select the Category that His Business Falls into ( From a Dropdown ). Once He does that, He is taken to Step 2 which contains all the Unclaimed Listings which Fall in that Category.

Step 2 : Select His Listing : Here, He is shown a List of Un-Claimed Businesses from My C.P.T and He Selects His Business Listing that He wants to Claim.

Step 3 : Enter N.A.P : Here I want the User to Enter His Name, Address and Phone Number. Once He does that, He’ll be taken to Step 4.

Step 4 : Pay using WooCommerce : Here, I plan to Use One of Your Addons which enables the User to Pay Using WooCommerce Gateways. The Customer will Finally Pay the Amount, and the Listing will be Claimed Pending Verification.

What I Understand here is that in Step 1, We’ll be Displaying Different Categories from a Custom Taxonomy. Similarly, in Step 2, We’ll be Retrieving all the Posts in that particular Taxonomy. However, I can’t figure out How to Implement Step 1 and Step 2.

Kindly Revert,

The problem here is that you can only retrieve Posts based on parent ID and not on connected taxonomy ID(s). So I believe this will be an issue in your situation. It would require modifications in super forms to allow to retrieve posts bases on the categorie(s) it belongs. But even then you will have to create a custom dropdown for each category because you can’t display this dynamically upon selecting the category (the dropdown must exists), I hope you understand this.

The rest is possible.

I Contacted You Via the Profile Contact Form.

Kindly Revert,