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I am interested in your “Super Forms – Drag & Drop Form Builder” plugin, have just sent you a private message. Please kindly reply.

Please see email.

Thank you. Just sent you another question via email.

Hello, pre purchase question. Do you know if Super Forms is compatible with the plugin WP Deferred JavaScripts ?

Thanks in advance, Robert

Hi Robert, yes our plugin is coded by the wordpress standards


izorg Purchased

Hi, where I can download the Minimal Theme?

Hi, you can select it under Form Settings > Theme & colors


omklim Purchased

Is it possible using this plugin to create a form like on this page http://scriptures.ru/ayurveda/know_qs.htm ? In this form the result is counted separately for each of the three columns. Is it possible to see the result for each column in percent? Thank you.

Hi, I don’t know what you mean with “how many times he pressed every value”. But I think you mean a summary of what he selected. If so, you can use {tags}. Make sure the unique field name is between the brackets. For instance your radio button is named: radiobutton1

Then add this: {radiobutton1} I think {field_radiobutton1} might work also (not sure).


omklim Purchased


Sorry for my English, I’ll try to explain again.

At this site http://scriptures.ru/ayurveda/know_qs.htm user can choose the answer from three columns – 1, 2 and 3. I want to count how many times user chose a answer from the first column, how many answers user chose from the second column and how many answers user chose from the third column.

Is it possible using Super Forms? Is it possible using Super Forms + calculator? Is it possible to show the result for each column below the table?

For example


Answers from the first column: 10

Answers from the second column: 35

Answers from the third column: 5

Ok I understand it now. Yes it’s possible, but a bit more work to make it work.

In this case you will also need the Calculator add-on.

What you can do is: you can add for each radio button a variable field. This variable field will check if the radio button field is not empty, and if it’s not empty update the variable field to be: 1

Important to note is to call the variable fields all the same but with a number at the end like: {question_answered_1} {question_answered_2} {question_answered_3}

Then at the end of the form you can simply do this math: {question_answered_*}

The * means it will count all the variable fields at once, so you don’t have to type all of them.

Hi I just installed the plugin but not show admin option in admin bar, please assist

Hi, sorry I don’t see you purchase this plugin?


star09 Purchased

Hi Can we make Login and Sign up forms and replace WooCommerce Login and Register Pages ?


Hi, it is possible, but only if you change the woocommerce template files, there is no other way.

What would be the reason that I am not able to type in the fields in Internet Explorer 11. This is the main browser for my client and they alerted me to this issue (I told them to use a better, non-crap browser).

This might be due your theme css overriding something, which could result in some line-height issue maybe. In order to help could you send the URL of the page via Support?

Sent the URL


Stellaway Purchased

Hi, what solution/s would you recommend for form submission email encryption?

Hi, sorry our plugin doesn’t have an encryption option. Maybe you could do these things server side, but I wouldn’t know any solutions to recommend.


tourjoin2 Purchased

Hi I need change this one Please let me know!

Currency symbol Position $0 -> 0$


tourjoin2 Purchased

Now default setting before symbol after number. (ex: $100)
My say means. I need before number after symbol. (ex:100$)


tourjoin2 Purchased

thanks a lot


seshoo Purchased

How to center the checkbox with images in Horizontal Mode? Would glad if you could help me out with a short css. Got everything centered but the checkbox with images – Thank you!


seshoo Purchased

No public URL available. :| // div class: super-shortcode super-field super-checkbox ungrouped display-horizontal

label class: super-has-image

.super-checkbox.display-horizontal .super-field-wrapper {
    text-align: center;
.super-checkbox.display-horizontal .super-field-wrapper label {
    float: initial;

seshoo Purchased

ahhhhh forgot about the float. played with positions, margin 0 etc. etc. oh :)) thank you very much for your time & help!

When I setup a form with a same domain email address it won’t send the email or it won’t be received in the inbox (email checked and working). If I set up a different domain email address everything will work just fine. Why is this happening?

Can’t set up SMTP with a G-Suit address, authentication fails.

Hi, this is because of your mailserver, you should contact your hosting company about this. They will know why it isn’t working with same domain email address.

Regarding SMTP, if authentication fails either the settings aren’t correct, or the SMTP requires to authenticate your site domain address (mostly called: App).

Gmail also requires this. So it’s not possible to use gmail smtp, unless you can authorize it.


How I can use the plugin for send the forms to the listings authors emails.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi, what do you mean? You mean you have form on a post, and you want that the form is emailed to the authors email address of that post?

That’s right! I have a service request form in the post and I like the email can be send to the post author instead of admin email.

This is not possible right now, but thanks for your suggestion I have noted it.

I am interested in your plugin and its add-ons.
Like other vendors on Envato, do you give for some periods/days some discounts, don’t you? If so, what would be the next discount day, please?

Hi, maybe with xmass :) other than that I normally don’t do discounts.

Hi, Is there any integration with SMS portals like Clickatell

Hi, yes you can do this with the Zapier add-on: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-zapier/19483649

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Hallo, just another short question Topic: E-Mail-Forms:


user clicks checkbox 1 – a specific html field is going to visible who explains his seölection – clicks send – e mail just puts in the value from the checkbox.

I want to have the html box (its content) also in the mails but didn’t find an option for that.



Hi, yes it’s possible, you will have to add a textarea field and make it conditionally visible, but then you will also put it inside another column which is set to be: invisible.

Other way would be to use variable field, based on conditions you can set a text. It’s up to you which one to choose, and which one suits your situation best.