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Super Forms - Drag & Drop Form Builder

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- PHP version 5.4 or higher


Super Forms is the one and only plugin that you will ever need for your contact forms. This WordPress Plugin is very user friendly when it comes to building forms. With unlimited options you will be able to create any kind of forms. With conditional logic, Multipart elements and tons of customizable options and settings to adjust any color of any element to fit your needs. No matter what theme you have installed Super Forms will fit with it’s color scheme functionality.

Send confirmation emails, save contact entries with it’s data, and much more functions to be explored!

Features added since initial release:

  • Validation option to conditionally check on an other fields value with field tag e.g {password}, this way you can for instance add a password confirm check (usefull for registration forms)
  • Year range for datepicker field
  • Option to allow field to be empty and to only validate the field when field is not empty
  • Max/Min number (integer) for text field
  • Default value option for datepicker field
  • Functionality to dynamically add and execute javascript functions with new provided filter hooks
  • Option to redirect to a custom URL and add paramaters with the use of tags e.g: ?username={field_username}
  • Possibility to not display message after redirect if Thanks title and description are both empty
  • New predefined element (Email address)
  • Possibility to translate the date picker month and day names
  • Files are now attached as an file in emails
  • Option to retrieve tags inside the thank you title and description after a successful submitted form
  • New notifications function for better and more flexible way to display messages to users
  • Option to retrieve Post title (post_title) and Post ID (post_ID) as default value
  • Conditional Validation for fields (== equal, ? contains, > greater than etc.)
  • Dropdown CSV upload possibility
  • Dropdown retrieve WP categories (by taxonomy name e.g category, product_cat etc.)
  • Option to export and import form settings per form and the default form settings
  • For Add-on purposes, a function to return error and success messages
  • Possibility to use multiple forms on one page with each a different style
  • New date format dd-mm-yy for date field
  • Possibility to set a custom date format for date fields
  • Option to exclude any field data from both emails instead of only the confirmation email
  • Possibility to have multiple forms on one page with each their own fileupload element
  • New action hook – super_before_email_success_msg_action
  • New action hook – super_before_printing_message
  • New action hook – super_before_printing_redirect_js_action
  • New filter hook – super_common_js_dynamic_functions_filter
  • New filter hook – super_before_email_loop_data_filter
  • New filter hook – super_form_styles_filter

Settings & Options:

Conditional logic

Every element can have one or more conditional logics. This way you can create advanced and complex forms if you need to do so. The following options can be set for your element when it comes to conditions:

  • Show or Hide (Disabled/Show/Hide)
  • When to Trigger (When all conditions matched/When one condition matched)

Possible conditions you could use are:
?? Contains
== Equal
!= Not Equal
> Greater than
< Less than
>= Great than or equal to
<= Less than or equal to

Live preview mobile/tablet/desktop

To quickly check what your form looks like on the front-end you can easily click the preview button. There you can also choose to preview the mobile or tablet preview.

Settings & Options:

Email Headers

  • Send mail to (To:)
  • Send mail from (From:)
  • Email subject (custom subject for admin email)
  • Email content type (HTML/Plain text)
  • CC email to (Cc:)
  • BCC email to (Bcc:)
  • Additional Headers

Email Settings

  • Send Admin Email (Yes/No)
  • Email Body Open (custom message)
  • Email Body (custom message)
  • Email Body Close (custom message)
  • Email Loop (the way fields/submitted data is looped)
  • Confirmation Email (Yes/No)
  • Confirmation To (an email address) you can also use tags e.g. {field_email}
  • Confirmation From (an email address) you can also use tags e.g. {option_admin_email}
  • Confirmation Subject (custom subject for confirmation emails)
  • Confirm Body Open (custom message for confirmation email)
  • Confirm Body (custom message for confirmation email)
  • Confirm Body Close (custom message for confirmation email)

Email Template

  • Select email template (extra email templates can be created and hooked into the plugin, we will be developing email template also)

Form Settings

  • Save data (Yes/No) contact entry will be saved to the database
  • Form action (custom actions can be added by developers through hooks)
  • Error FadeIn Duration (duration in milliseconds for errors to fade)
  • Thanks Title (a custom title message to the user after succesfully submitting a form)
  • Thanks Description (a custom description message to the user after succesfully submitting a form)
  • Preloader (Yes/No) use a fancy preloader while the form is being loaded/generated
  • Form redirect option (Custom URL/Existing Page) redirects the user after submitting the form
  • reCAPTCHA key (google spam protection)
  • reCAPTCHA secret (google spam protection)

Theme & Colors

  • Theme style (Default Squared/Default Rounded/Fully Rounded/Minimal)
  • Form Maximum Width (You can set a maximum width for a form, 0 means no maximum)
  • Label & Description colors
  • Field Colors
  • Icon Colors
  • Rating Colors (used for the Star Ratings field element)
  • Progress Bar Colors (used for multipart forms / step by step form)
  • Progress Step Colors (used for multipart forms / step by step form)
  • Progress Step Colors Active (used for multipart forms / step by step form)
  • Error Colors (font color for errors)

Submit Button

  • Button name
  • Button Colors
  • Button radius (Square/Rounded/Full Rounded)
  • Button type (3D/2D/Flat/Outline/Diagonal)
  • Button size (Mini / Tiny / Small / Medium / Large / Big / Huge / Massive)
  • Button position (Align left/Align center/Align right)
  • Button width (Auto/Fullwidth)
  • Button icon position (No icon/Left icon/Right icon)
  • Button icon visibility (Always visible/Visible on mouseover)
  • Button icon animation (Horizontal/Vertical)
  • Button icon (choose any FontAwesome icon you want)


Mar 12, 2017 - Version 2.8.0
- Added: Option to generate invoice numbers with leading zero's for hidden fields when "generate random number" is enabled
- Added: custom reply to headers independent for admin and confirmation emails
- Added: Option to send independent additional headers for admin and confirmation emails
- Added: Option to also add CC and BCC for confirmation emails
- Added: new filter hook - super_countries_list_filter
- Added: unique id attribute on form, might become in handy for any plugin/script that only accepts selection by id attribute
- Improved: User friendly and logical navigation for the email settings and headers
- Improved: Quantity field can now have decimal steps e.g 0.5 or custom increment below 1
- Improved: Ability to use line breaks as default value on textarea element
- Improved: user friendly settings more logically displayed/sorted
- Improved: Save generated code(s) into options table instaed of postmeta table per contact entry
- Improved: Use transient to cache generated codes instead of saving it to database on each page load
- Fix: Reply-To: header setting for admin and confirmation email not replacing {tags} with values
- Fix: issue with generating random codes typo: upercase > uppercase
- Fix: issue with dynamic columns and variable fields not updating {tags} correctly on data attribute and {tags} inside new_value attribute
- Fix: SMPT throws PHP error when additional headers are not empty
- Fix: not triggering to update field values based on fields that where conditionally hidden and after visible again
- Removed: placeholder setting for currency fields

Feb 26, 2017 - Version 2.7.0
- Improved: When replacing {tags} with correct value, replace logged in user data after all other tags have been replaced
- Improved: When choosing CSV file for a field to retrieve data, make sure only CSV files can be selected from media library
- Improved: When using dynamic columns clear/reset the field values inside the newly added set of fields
- Fix: Prefix and Suffix not being added for unique code generation setting (hidden field)
- Fix: Uppercase must be empty by default when generating unique code generation
- Fix: When a file upload field was used, it would be replaced with previous loop field value in confirmation emails only
- Fix: Some issues with icons in other themes
- Fix: When file upload was empty, show the field in contact entry and tell user that no files where uploaded

Feb 22, 2017 - Version 2.6.0
- Added: IBAN validation for text fields
- Improved: When not using preloader, and using multi-parts make sure the first multi-part is active within php code so we don't have to wait for js script to be loaded and handle this
- Fix: Themes overriding styles on the conditional logic textarea and variable conditions textarea
- Fix: make sure to exclude forms from the default wordpress search
- Fix: Datepicker issue when connecting 2 dates with eachother and the other having both weekends and work days disabled (beforeShowDay function must always return array)
- Fix: Issue with updating contact entry data if search field is used
- Fix: If any theme would ever remove the href tag completely from the button do a typeof undefined check
- Fix: Currency field when populating data initialize the field with the correct format on page load
- Fix: Conflict with conditional logic when using multiple forms on single page that contain the same field names (on submit button click)
- Fix: Issue replacing tags when using a custom redirect after form submission
- Fix: Filtering contact entries from back-end when custom db prefix is used
- Fix: When deleting dynamic column make sure we do not skip the fields that need to be triggered based on deleted fields
- Fix: Make sure that if a radio element has 2 or more items with the same value to only set 1 to be active by default (maybe in future we should add a check for duplicate values before saving the element in back-end)
- Fix: IE issue with function variable parsed as object (IE didn't like this)
- Fix: Custom submit button Redirect to link or URL not retrieving correct permalink by ID for pages and posts
- Fix: When redirecting form to custom page that doesn't contain the form styles, make sure the success message still uses the theme styles based on it's form settings

Feb 06, 2017 - Version 2.5.0
- Improved: Speed, skipping fields that have been triggered previously by the same changed field when calling JS hook: after_field_change_blur_hook()
- Fix: Some third party plugins sometimes conflict with file upload element
- Fix: RTL for success message
- Fix: Back-end preview mode conflict with conditional logic (finding 2 fields with same name because of builder page containing the same field)
- Fix: Issue with datepicker format returning a javascript error with Date.parseExact()

Jan 25, 2017 - Version 2.4.0
- Added: Loading icon for search field for contact entry/auto populate field with entry data
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.after_duplicating_column_hook()
- Changed: CSS selector for messages from: error to: super-error, success to: super-success, info to: super-info
- Improved: Overal code/speed optimization
- Improved: Dropdown item responsiveness (don't cut words)
- Fix: When auto populating contact entry data make sure to update conditions / variable fields
- Fix: issue with variable fields containing tags that have the same name inside it as the tag name itself e.g: option_{option}
- Fix: when updating conditional logic and the column is updated to become either hidden or visible, make sure to call the blur hook to the fields inside the column
- Fix: issue with removing dynamic column and updating conditions/math/variable fields
- Fix: Drag & Drop issue with multiple file upload elements (adding image to all the file uploads instead of only one)
- Fix: undefined variable $class on currency element
- Fix: File upload issue: cannot call methods on fileupload prior to initialization
- Fix: Even when max / min file upload was set to 0 it would still display an error message
- Fix: checking with !session_id() instead of session_status()==PHP_SESSION_NONE for PHP 5.4+

Jan 18, 2017 - Version 2.3.0
- Improved: speed for conditional logic
- Improved: speed for variable fields
- Improved: overal code optimizations
- Fix: Issue with variable fields containing {tags} and not being updated if the {tag} field was updated
- Fix: image not being visible when printing contact entry
- Fix: compatibility with conditional logic for currency fields
- Fix: Image max width problem (responsiveness)
- Updated: PHPMailer to v5.2.22 due to remote code execution vulnerability

Jan 05, 2017 - Version 2.2.0
- Added: Option to let hidden fields generate a random unique number (options: length, prefix, suffix, upercase, lowercase, characters, symbols, numbers)
- Added: Convert text field to search field to search contact entries by title, and auto populate form fields with entry data (search methods: equals / contains)
- Added: Option to enable updating contact entry data if one was found based on a search field
- Added: Option to do a custom POST method to a custom URL with all form fields posted
- Fix: First dropdown fields automatically focussed when going to next / prev multi-part step
- Fix: JS Composer using global styles conflicting with super forms duplicate column + button making it invisible when it should be visible

Dec 18, 2016 - Version 2.1.0
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.before_scrolling_to_message_hook()
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.before_scrolling_to_error_hook()
- Added: Option to use {tags} in variable field conditional logic e.g: [Field 1] >= {field2}
- Fix: Make sure grid system column counter is reset after form has been generated to prevent issues with multiple forms on a single page
- Included: Document with all actions and filter hooks

Dec 12, 2016 - Version 2.0.0
- Added: Currency field
- Added: Button option to reset / clear the form fields
- Added: Option to reset / clear the form after submitting
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.after_form_cleared_hook()
- Added: Option to enter the submit button loading state text e.g: Loading...
- Added: Option to change button loading state name via settings
- Added: Option to hide / show the form after form being submitted
- Added: Option to set margin for success message (thank you message)
- Added: validate multi-part before going to next step
- Added: new filter hook - super_before_sending_email_attachments_filter
- Added: new filter hook - super_before_sending_email_confirm_attachments_filter
- Fix: datepicker not showing because of timepicker undefined bug
- Fix: bug with max / min selection for dropdown and checkboxes
- Fix: multi-part validation trying to submit the form if no errors where found in the mulit-part
- Fix: Slider field thousand seperator
- Improved: A better mobile user friendly datepicker
- Improved: A better overall mobile user friendly experience
- Changed: When checkbox has set a maximum don't show an error to users after selecting to many items, instead disable selecting items

Nov 17, 2016 - Version 1.9
- Added: Own custom Import & Export functionality for Forms (no longer need to install the default WP import/export plugin that uses XML format)
- Added: Option to hide column on mobile devices based on form width
- Added: Option to hide column on mobile devices based on screen width
- Added: Option to disable resizing to 100% on mobile devices based on form width
- Added: Option to disable resizing to 100% on mobile devices based on screen width
- Added: Option to force 100% on mobile devices even if one of the other responsive settings are enabled
- Added: Position option for columns: static, absolute, relative, fixed
- Added: Positioning option for columns in pixels (top, left, right, bottom)
- Added: Custom field class option for all elements 
- Added: Custom (wrapper) class option for all elements 
- Added: Background image option for columns
- Added: Option to set background opacity on columns
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.after_preview_loaded_hook()
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.before_submit_button_click_hook()
- Fix: File upload field not displaying errors inside multi-part column
- Fix: HTML element {tags} must only reflect on the form elements inside it's current form and not an other form (when more than 1 is used on a single page)
- Fix: Issue with masked input not converting the mask to a string
- Fix: applied stripslashes on HTML element for title, description and html to avoid backslashes when qoutes are used
- Fix: replaced field type 'varchar' with 'var' due to some servers do not like varchar being parsed in an object or string via wordpress ajax calls
- Fix: Image alignment
- Fix: .popup class replaced with .super-popup to avoid conflicts on builder page
- Fix: Browse images in back-end initialized multiple times
- Fix: When using multiple forms the second form submit button wouldn't appear
- Fix: When multiple custom submit buttons are used always the last button was being removed thinking it was the default submit button
- Improved: Code optimization, massive speed improvement for large forms on mobile devices
- Improved: When icon border color is empty do not add the border

Nov 7, 2016 - Version 1.8
- Fix: Conditional logic / Variable logic issue with incorrect float convertion
- Fix: Issue with form autocomplete
- Fix: file upload element exclude from email setting not only working on body content but not for the email attachment
- Fix: conditional logic not being updated on columns that are inside a dynamic column
- Fix: Using custom submit button with preloader disabled shows the default button for a split second
- Fix: $forms_custom_css undefined
- Fix: Search issue contact entries
- Improved: Updated plugin activation timeout from 5 seconds to 60 seconds for slow servers
- Added: new filter hook - super_before_sending_email_data_filter

Oct 25, 2016 - Version 1.7
- Added: Option to update contact entry data via back-end
- Added: Option to export individual Contact entries and select the fields to export + rename the column names
- Added: Option to filter contact entries based on a specific form
- Added: Radio buttons now can return custom taxonomy, post type and CSV items
- Added: Option to count words on textarea fields that can be used with the calculator add-on (usefull for translation estimations)
- Improved: Contact entry search query
- Improved: Conditional logic speed
- Improved: Variable conditions speed
- Improved: Code optimization
- Improved: When adding dynamic fields update conditional logic and variable logic field names only if they exists otherwise skip them
- Improved: Variable fields can now contain multiple {tags}
- Improved: File Upload system (no refreshing required when one file didn't make it or when any other error is returned)
- Fix: Conditional logic not working on dropdown
- Fix: Issue with submit button name being stripped/validated on builder page
- Fix: Dynamic fields not updating calculations after deleting a row
- Fix: Not able to download contact entry CSV export
- Fix: Incorrect offset on builder page when other plugin messages are being shown
- Fix: Minimal theme radio buttons without icon to much padding left
- Fix: Avada making the datepicker month next/prev buttons font color white
- Fix: undefined $data, issue with dynamic columns and updating the conditional logic dynamically
- Fix: When using reCAPTCHA and only sending dropdown label the value is duplicated in email
- Removed: filter function do_shortcode on the_content, causes issues in some ocasions (let the theme handle this filter instead)

Oct 15, 2016 - Version 1.6
- Fixed Vulnrebility: Unrestricted File Upload
- Fix: Small bug with incorrect calculation order in combination with conditional logic

Oct 12, 2016 - Version 1.5
- Fix: Javascript compatibility issue with Safari browser
- Fix: Last field duplicated in confirmation email (send to submitted)
- Improved: When typing a unique field name unwanted characters are stripped, only numbers, letters, - and _ are allowed.
- Added: Option to only allow users to select weekends or work days for datepickers

Oct 8, 2016 - Version 1.4
- Fix: Issue with file uploading when filename contains comma's
- Fix: Issue with variable fields and calculations incorrect order resulting in wrong calculations
- Added: Option to retrieve Contact Entry ID with tag: {contact_entry_id}  (can be used in success message and emails)

Oct 5, 2016 - Version 1.3
- Fix: Dropdown no longer being largen when focussed
- Fix: Duplicate column fields no longer hiding dropdown content (overflow:hidden removed)
- Fix: saving directory home_url() changed to site_url() (in case core files are located different location on server)
- Fix: Checkbox images retrieving thumbnail version, now returning original image
- Fix: Issue with font-awesome stylesheet not having a unique name, changed it to super-font-awesome
- Fix: {tag} in HTML element not displaying negative calculator value correctly
- Fix: Insecure content loaded skypeassets back-end and front-end
- Added: Option to update conditional logic dynamically when using dynamic fields (add more +)
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.after_responsive_form_hook()
- Added: JS action hook: SUPER.after_duplicate_column_fields_hook()
- Added: JS filter hook: SUPER.after_form_data_collected_hook()
- Added: option to add padding to columns
- Added: option to add background color to columns
- Added: Option to return current date (server time) for datepicker field
- Added: Option to return current time (server time) for timepicker field
- Added: Option to add input mask (usefull for phone numbers and other validations)
- Changed: Removed bottom padding of form, you can now change the padding with settings
- Improved: several CSS styles

Sep 20, 2016 - Version 1.2.9
- Fix: Greek characters issue with CSV file
- Fix: Datepicker field not initialized within dynamic columns
- Fix: Datepicker max/min range affecting the validation max/min characters
- Fix: Icon color settings not showing when selected "No (show)" 
- Fix: Class align-left conflict with Heading elements in Visual Composer
- Fix: HTML value not updated correctly with {tag} for calculator element
- Added: Option to save only the value or both value and label for contact entry data for elements dropdown/checkbox/radio
- Added: new action hook - super_after_saving_contact_entry_action
- Added: new filter hook - super_after_contact_entry_data_filter
- Added: Option to make disable fields (disallow user from editing input value)
- Added: Option to use {tags} within the variable field update value setting
- Added: Option to add the Form name to columns on the the contact entries listing

Sep 5, 2016 - Version 1.2.8
- Fix: Avada giving styles to anything with popup class, conflicting Super Forms tooltips
- Fix: Firefox issue with editing labels in form builder
- Added: Super Forms Marketplace (share / sell your own forms)
- Added: RTL support (text from right to left)
- Added: Option to add custom CSS per form
- Added: Option to allow user input filter the dropdown options/values
- Added: Option to add custom class on button element
- Added: new filter hook - super_form_settings_filter
- Improved: Grid system
- Improved: In backend font-awesome only loaded on the Super Forms pages that uses fontawesom icons

Aug 5, 2016 - Version 1.2.7
- Added: 5 new demo forms!
- Fix: Small bug when changing column size (in some cases not being saved/remembered)
- Fix: Uncaught TypeError when datepicker default value is empty
- Fix: Only apply meta_query custom search for super forms contact entries
- Fix: When WP network site is enabled, wrong directory is called for media uploads
- Added: Option to calculate difference between 2 timepickers (calculator add-on required!)
- Added: Option to calculate age based on birth date for datepickers (calculator add-on required!)
- Added: Date range option when exporting contact entries to CSV
- Added: Labeling for Columns and Multi-parts on form builder page (easier to keep track of sections)
- Added: Option to make hidden field a variable (change value dynamically with conditional logic)
- Added: Ability to use {tags} in HTML elements (tags will be updated on the fly!)
- Added: Option to use {tags} inside Additional headers setting
- Added: Setting to chose what value should be send to emails for dropdowns, checkbox and radio buttons
- Added: {field_label_****} tag to use in emails and subjects etc.
- Added: Option to do math between datepickers with calculator add-on
- Added: new filter hook - super_common_attributes_filter
- Improved: Contact entry export to CSV now includes: entry_id, entry_title, entry_date, entry_author, entry_status and entry_ip

July 26, 2016 - Version 1.2.6
- Fix: Missing options for Slider field
- Added: Option to save custom contact entry titles including the option to use {field_tags}
- Added: Ability to automatically update the plugin without the need to delete it first
- Added: Option to import Contact Entries from CSV file
- Improved: Contact entry filter / search function
- Improved: __DIR__ replaced with dirname( __FILE__ ) due to PHP version < 5.4

July 14, 2016 - Version 1.2.5
- Fix: min/max number for quantity field
- Fix: File upload on multi-part sites are not working
- Fix: Issue with drag and drop in some cases the page scrolls down to the bottom automatically
- Fix: Issue with Internet Explorer and WP text editor
- Fix: Removed limitation of 5 for dropdowns when custom post type is selected
- Added: Option to add custom regex for field validation
- Added: Float regex as a ready to use option to for field validation
- Added: Option to add/deduct days between connected datepickers (this will change the max/min date between connected dates)
- Added: Option to choose to return slug, ID or title for autosuggest for both post and taxonomy
- Added: Option to choose to return slug, ID or title for dropdowns for both post and taxonomy
- Added: Option to set delimiter and enclosure for dropdowns and autosuggest when using CSV file
- Added: Option to translate/rename multi-part Prev and Next buttons independently
- Added: 5 demo forms for Add-on Front-end posting
- Added: new filter hook - super_form_before_do_shortcode_filter
- Improved: General CSS improvements
- Improved: Dropdown items now have overflow hidden to avoid problems with long options
- Improved: TAB functionality for both multi-part and without multi-part columns
- Improved: When checkbox/radio images are being used, and the image no longer exists, a placeholder image will show up

June 27, 2016 - Version 1.2.4
- Fix: Safari input field line-height
- Fix: Multi-part prev button not correctly aligned on front-end
- Fix: When button setting is set to full width multi-part buttons are also affected
- Fix: Image browser not intialized when adding new checkbox element dynamically in backend
- Fix: Conditional logic display block/none issue in safari and IE
- Fix: Attachment meta data not being saved correctly
- Fix: Conditional logic for file upload field
- Added: Option to transform textarea field into a text editor (TinyMCE)
- Added: Autosuggest/Autocomplete option for text field
- Added: Quantity field (with -/+ buttons)
- Added: Option to set a transparent background for fields
- Added: Option to retrieve specific post types for dropdown and autosuggest
- Updated: Fontawesome icons

May 26, 2016 - Version 1.2.3
- Fix: PHP Zend error when APC is enabled (only appeared on specific PHP versions)
- Fix: Radio button dot alignment with horizontal alignment
- Fix: Issue with "contains" conditional logic in combination on dropdown/checkbox/radio
- Fix: Finger touch for slider element on mobile devices
- Fix: When slider is put inside multi-part it's not set to default positioning due to multi-part having display:none; before form is rendered
- Fix: Issue with prev/next buttons being removed when adding custom button to multi-part
- Fix: When predefined elements are being dropped, make sure to check if we are dropping multiple items and then do the check to rename existing field names
- Improved: Tooltips for mobile devices
- Improved: Responsiveness backend (multi-items dropdown/radio/checkbox)
- Improved: Conditional logic filter priority set to 50 so it will be fired at later point
- Added: Option to automatically go to next step for multi-parts
- Added: Dummy content (40+ example forms)
- Added: Option to add image to checkbox/radio items (image selection)
- Removed: Placeholer option on slider element (not needed)

May 15, 2016 - Version 1.2.2
- Fix: wp_enqueue_media(); not called on settings page
- Fix: Conditional logic in combination with preloader
- Fix: File upload error message fading out after 1 sec.
- Fix: Default radio/checkbox/dropdown selection now automatically apply/filter conditional logics
- Fix: Enqueue datepicker / timepicker if Ajax calls are enabled
- Improved: Now using wp_remote_post instead of file_get_contents because of the 15 sec. open connection on some hosts
- Improved: Allowed extensions for file uploads
- Improved: Overall conditional logic
- Improved: Overall drag & drop sensitity
- Improved: When using SMTP settings it will now check wether or not the settings are correct and if we could establish a connection
- Improved: default "Field is required" string now translation ready (instead of manually adding error messages for each field)
- Added: Option to set text and textarea fields to be disabled
- Added: Option to make columns invisible although they can still be used for calculations and saved or send by mail
- Added: Option to minimize elements and columns/multiparts in backend (even more user friendly form building!)
- Added: Currency, Decimals, Thousand separator, Decimal separator options for Slider field
- Added: parameter entry_id on action hook "super_before_email_success_msg_action" 
- Added: Option to do a single condition with 2 seperate validations with (AND / OR)

May 3, 2016 - Version 1.2.1
- Fix: When multi-part is being used with multiple custom buttons skip the button clone function
- Fix: Color settings for custom button not being retrieved correctly when editing button
- Fix: z-index on Save/Clear/Edit/Preview actions lowered due to overlapping the WP admin bar
- Fix: Dropdown with Icon inside field and right aligned arrow is hidden below the Icon
- Fix: Skype rerendering in backend after adding other elements
- Improved: Bug fixed combination columns inside multipart
- Improved: Conditional logic (contains ??) in combination with checkbox/dropdown with multi select
- Improved: When reCAPTCHA key or secret is not filled out, show a notice to the user
- Added: Option to remove margin on field
- Added: Option to set a fixed width on the field wrapper
- Added: Option to append class to the HTML element
- Added: New element: Slider (dragger)
- Added: More flexibility with HTML element
- Changed: Checkbox/Radio buttons will now have their custom UI instead of default browser UI with custom colors
- Changed: Don't show reCAPTCHA key/secret under settings on create form page

April 29, 2016 - Version 1.2
- Fix: If a theme is using an ajax call get_the_title cannot be used for {post_title} to retrieve the Post Title, now it will check if post_id is set by the ajax call, if this is the case it will try to use it to retrieve the title, otherwise the field value will stay empty
- Fix: Conditional logic broken on column after changing .column class to .super-column for js_composer conflict with styles
- Fix: If multiple forms are used on a single page the form will scroll to the first error on the page instead of checking on the current form itself
- Fix: For the element button the target attribute (open in new browser) was not being affected
- Fix: If contact entries are exported to CSV the /uploads/files folder must exist
- Improved: Column system
- Added: Option to enable Ajax mode if theme uses Ajax to load content dynamically
- Added: Option to align the reCAPTCHA element (left, center, right) default is right alignment
- Changed: Default positioning for errors are now bottom right

April 24, 2016 - Version 1.1.9
- Fix: wp_mail() additional headers not parsed since v1.1.7
- Added: Option to export Contact entries to CSV file (including attachments via URLs)
- Added: Progress bar on file upload element
- Improved: When alement is added, it will automatically be renamed if same field name exists
- Improved: Better script for processing attachments to email for both wp_mail & smtp
- Improved: Form builder page is now more user friendly (backend)
- Improved: Responsiveness of form builder page (backend)

April 22, 2016 - Version 1.1.8
- Fix: translation issue name conversion
- Added: Option to override button color and icon and other settings for the button element or just select to use the default settings
- Added: All fields can now auto populate values if an URL parameter with the field name has been set
- Added: Datepicker can now connect with another datepicker (usefull to set a max/min range for both pickers
- Changed: Upload files to Media Library instead of plugin folder (prevents missing files after deleting plugin)
- Changed: Submit button cannot be clicked twice, and will display a loading icon

April 17, 2016 - Version 1.1.7
- Fix: style class ".column" changed to ".super-column" because of JS Composer conflicting on .column class
- Fix: added line-height to fields to make sure theme styles don't override it
- Added: "Add more +"" option for columns to let users duplicate all the fields inside the column dynamically

April 15, 2016 - Version 1.1.6
- Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert object to primitive value
- Fix: reCAPTCHA conditional-validation-value undefined
- Fix: When minimum files are not set for file upload it will not proceed to submit the form
- Fix: textarea cannot add line breaks, form is trying to submit after pressing enter when textarea is focussed
- Fix: Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array, when first time creating Form
- Added: Submit Button element, allows you to add conditional logic on submit button if placed inside colum
- Added: Tags to retrieve values of logged in user {user_login}, {user_email}, {user_firstname}, {user_lastname}, {user_display}, {user_id}

April 12, 2016 - Version 1.1.5
- Fix: When a Form is duplicated in some case the fields are not being rendered
- Fix: Dropdown with Minimal theme not closing correctly
- Improved: Calendar translation strings
- Added: Option to allow field to be empty and to only validate the field when field is not empty
- Added: Deactivate button added to Settings page

March 16, 2016 - Version 1.1.4
- Fix: Some small issues with TABBING through fields in combination with hidden fields and conditional logics inside double columns
- Fix: Datepicker minimum date negative number not being applied (date range min/max)
- Fix: When countries.txt now being loaded through Curl to avoid problems on servers with scraping security
- Fix: When conditional logic is used and the field is inside 2 columns it is still being validated
- Fix: Special conditional field validation not working with numbers
- Fix: Divider width percentage not working, only pixels are working
- Added: Option to allow field to be empty and to only validate the field when field is not empty
- Added: Max/Min number for text field
- Added: default value option for datepicker field
- Added: Year range for datepicker field
- Added: validation option to conditionally check on an other fields value with field tag e.g {password}, this way you can for instance add a password confirm check (usefull for registration forms)
- Changed: function to return dynamic functions as an array, this way it could easily be implemented into the preview in the backend while creating forms

March 4, 2016 - Version 1.1.3
- Fix: using stripslashes() for email data to remove possible quotes
- Fix: version not included in some styles/scripts (problems with cache not updated after new version is uploaded)
- Fix: issue with dropdown and file upload maximum items setting not triggered to set field to multiple items allowed
- Fix: $ conflicting, use jQuery instead
- Fix: when TABBING through fields inside multipart it will switch to next multipart automatically
- Fix: when keyboard arrows are being used to select dropdown arrows the conditional logic was not being triggered
- Fix: if next field is a checkbox or radio button the TAB did not focus this field
- Improved: line height for dropdown items adjusted for more user friendly expierience
- Added: functionality to dynamically add and execute javascript functions with new provided filter hooks
- Added: new filter hook - super_common_js_dynamic_functions_filter

February 28, 2016 - Version 1.1.2
- Fixed: When pressed enter on selected dropdown item conditional logic was not triggered
- Fixed: When submit is clicked and multi-part does not contain errors the error clas is not being removed
- Improved: responsiveness for dropdowns on mobile
- Improved: Removed the check icon on dropdown selected items, only highlighted from now on
- Added: Option to redirect to a custom URL and add paramaters with the use of tags e.g: ?username={field_username}

February 25, 2016 - Version 1.1.1
- Fix: Not able to use arrow up/down and Enter key when dropdown element is focussed
- Improved: When TABBING through fields, the submit button will also be focused and enter can trigger to submit the form
- Improved: For a better user experience field validation is now only triggered on change and blur (unfocus)
- Improved: When Multi-part contains errors it will scroll to this section and will make it visible

February 24, 2016 - Version 1.1.0
- Fix: Multi-part buttons (prev/next/submit) not correctly aligned and improved Responsiveness for mobile devices
- Improved: For some themes no alert icon was shown for the multi-part section if fields where not correctly filled out inside it
- Improved: When using TAB to go through the form, the dropdown element was being skipped (since custom UI)
- Improved: Changed color to a lighter color of the placeholder for settings like CC/BCC
- Improved: When TAB is used the very next field will not be validated instantly, but only after a change was made 
- Improved: When Multi-part next/prev button is being clicked scroll to top of the next multi-part section (usefull for long sections)
- Changed: countries.txt is now no longer automatically sorted with asort()
- Changed: countries.txt can now be customized (e.g add new countries or add most used countries to the top of the file)

February 19, 2016 - Version 1.0.9
- Fix: Result 'status' in filter super_before_email_loop_data_filter not being set caused uncaught error
- Fix: When in preview mode conditional logic not triggered after changing dropdown selection
- Fix: reCAPTCHA initialized twice instead of once, which results in error 'placeholder must be empty'
- Fix: reCAPTCHA now also loaded in preview mode
- Changed: When deleting plugin and uploading newer version do not reset default settings
- Added: Purchase code API activation
- Added: Possibility to not display message after redirect if Thanks title and description are both empty

February 11, 2016 - Version
- Fix: after previous update all fields could have duplicate field name
- Added: New filter hook - super_before_email_loop_data_filter

February 9, 2016 - Version 1.0.8
- Fix: Multiple file upload fields not seen as unique field names when actually containing unique names
- Fix: When conditional logic used on an element inside a column that is placed inside a multipart it fails to display the multipart
- Fix: Submit button sometimes not correctly aligned
- Added: New filter hook - super_form_styles_filter
- Added: New predefined element (Email address)

January 14, 2016 - Version 1.0.7
- Fix: Datepacker in some cases not visible when theme is overiding styles
- Fix: Element to browse images only initialized when editing element and not on Create form page load
- Fix: SUPER_Settings class php error when in preview mode
- Added: Possibility to translate the date picker month and day names

January 9, 2016 - Version 1.0.6
- Fix: For Add-on purposes, and future updates: Forms that have been saved after new settings have been added, it will use their default values
- Fix: Nested conditional logic not working (elements inside columns)
- FIx: Tooltips not being displayed when mouseover
- Improved: SMTP emailer with more options to adjust - keepalive, ssl, tls, timeout, smtp debug mode
- Improved: Element panel scrolls down with user (usefull for long forms)
- Improved: Overal improvements for dropdown field
- Improved: Overal improvements for conditional logics
- Improved: Tags functions, add-ons can now hook into tags and add their own if needed
- Added: Files are now attached as an file in emails
- Added: Option to retrieve tags inside the thank you title and description after a successful submitted form
- Added: New notifications function for better and more flexible way to display messages to users
- Added: Option to retrieve Post title (post_title) and Post ID (post_ID) as default value
- Added: Conditional Validation for fields (== equal, ? contains, > greater than etc.)
- Added: Dropdown CSV upload possibility
- Added: Dropdown retrieve WP categories (by taxonomy name e.g category, product_cat etc.)
- Added: Option to export and import form settings per form and the default form settings
- Added: For Add-on purposes, a function to return error and success messages
- Added: New action hook - super_before_email_success_msg_action
- Added: New action hook - super_before_printing_message
- Changed: Action hook from super_before_printing_redirect_js_action to super_before_email_success_msg_action

December 18, 2015 - Version 1.0.5
- Added: Possibility to use multiple forms on one page with each a different style
- Added: New date format dd-mm-yy for date field
- Added: Possibility to set a custom date format for date fields
- Fix: When HTML is applied on checkbox/radio labels, it was not correctly escaping it's attributes on the builder page (backend)

December 17, 2015 - Version 1.0.4
- Added: Option to exclude any field data from both emails instead of only the confirmation email
- Added: When reCAPTCHA key is not filled out, a notice will popup on the front-end
- Added: Add-ons can now insert hidden fields inside an element, this was not possible before
- Fix: Color pickers on form builder page initialized when already initialized
- Fix: Hidden fields where skipped from email in some cases
- Fix: Icon positioning on some elements not always correctly aligned when selected Outside the field
- Fix: Textarea at form builder within the load/insert form should not be visible
- Fix: Diagonal button background hover color not correctly changing color after mouseleave
- Fix: For Add-on purposes, we check if the field label is set or not before replacing it by the Tag system, otherwise PHP might throw an error in case the Add-on has not set a field with the name label (same goes for field value)
- Fix: For Add-on purposes, if an Add-on element has been created and the Add-on is being deactivated make sure the element is skipped
- Fix: Made sure themes do not override border-radius for input fields

December 12, 2015 - Version 1.0.3
- Added: Possibility to have multiple forms on one page with each their own fileupload element
- Fix: Not able to drop existing elements inside the multipart element on the builder page
- Fix: Setting Exclude from email for fileupload element not working
- Fix: If fileupload element is used, and large file uploads are taking place, the form will no longer be submitted to soon

December 11, 2015 - Version 1.0.2
- Added: Action Hook (super_before_printing_redirect_js_action) to do something before displaying or redirecting after completed submitted form.
- Fix: On editing column previously generated fields are not correctly retrieved.
- Fix: For columns the conditional logic wasn't looping through multiple conditions only through the first condition.  

December 10, 2015 - Version 1.0.1
- Fix: Dropable snap not allowed when not a column or multipart
- Fix: Conditional trigger, wasn't fired on dropdown change
- Fix: Some PHP errors removed during debug mode
- Fix: Some other smaller bug fixes

December 9, 2015 – Version 1.0.0
- Initial release!