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I am looking for a form / calculator that can calculate kw needed to heat a room. It would have 3 entries of length, height and width… The calculation would multiply these 3 together and times the answer by 0.07 (and round the answer up to the nearest number). Can your plugin be set to do these things?

I know this is probably a weird question… but I am trying to find a solution for a current project.

Hi, yes you can do all of these things with the calculator add-on :) Note that you need Super Forms, without it, you can’t use it.

Are you able to force them to opt-in(email, social share,whatever) before they see the calculator result?

This is possible on different ways, depending on your situation. Can you explain your idea/situation? That way I can give you the best method in your case.

Say someone wants to get their recommend calories.. they fill out all the info and click a button that says “get results”

But before the results appear, there is either a popup requiring the optin or an optin appears. Then once they give their name and email, then the results appear.

You could use multipart for this (2 steps). And then redirect the user to a new page and parse parameter with the calorie result that was hidden calculated in the form like: domain.com/results?calories={fieldname}

Hello, your add-on plugin can handle “if, else” bash conditional expression?

Yes you can use conditional logic for this. Another thing you can use is variable fields (hidden field) for if/else value statements/updates

hello calculator seems to be good! i would like something like that : https://www.everinvest.fr/simulateur/simulateur-investissement-locatif/ Is it possible to have this calculator?

Hi, Yes that’s possible :)

Hello, is there an easy way to reset the calculator amount class when browser reload in firefox. $(’.super-calculator-amount’).html(‘0,00’); does not work. thx

Hi, the thing is that the Firefox browser remembers the value of the field. And the .super-calculator-amount will grab that value, so instead you would want to update the value of the actual hidden field that contains the value. Hopefully this helps, another thing that might work is to enable: Reset form after submitting

You can find this option under Form Settings

I found the hidden input fields, thx for your help and keep up the good work!

Hi – how can I disable the Submit button and also the the “press on Enter” ? Thanks! Gabriel

You can add your custom button and put it in a column and make it invisible, but you can not disable the press on enter sorry.

Is this also possible for PHP (without CMS)?

No sorry.

Pre-purchase question – Is there a way when someone adds a dynamic + field a cost is calculated? So basically the first set of fields shows and is a cost of 1 and if they add another set dynamically the price goes up to 2, 3, etc.

Yes, but since you have a dynamic price, you will need to use the “Name your price” add-on for woocommerce and create a product that covers this dynamic price. Otherwise you will have to do it different with quantity per product (it both will work though, it’s just what you want/need).

Actually I may have explained the dynamic price wrong. The price for the dynamic sections would be the same. It is basically a submission fee. The submission fee would be a set price for example $20, so one submission would be $20, 2 submissions would be $40, etc.. So would I still need to get the “Name your price” add-on for this functionality?

In that case no you don’t need to :)


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Hi there, long shot I realise but is it possible for external page items to take values from the calculated fields? I have some charts on my site site that I am trying to populate with a superform calculated value such as {term_years} but doesnt display? I tried te other way by adding the charts shortcode inside the form but no joy there either ;)

Hi, yes you can do this, You can redirect to an external URL and parse values in the URL as GET request like so: domain.com/?parameter={fieldname}&value2={term_years} etc. etc.

Then in PHP code you can retrieve these values :)

Hi, is it possible to use expressions like cos(x) sqrt(x) ... etc?

Hi, yes you can use tha js Math.cos() function and all others: https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_math.asp

Can I make form on pop-up which help our customers calculate order? For example: our business is repairing Apple equipment. The customer chooses what he wants to repair (Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iWatch), then selects the cause of failure (Glass, Water, etc.). Output the system generates the cost of the work and offers to send a repair request.

Hi, yes you can do this. If you want to add it into a popup you also need the Popups add-on.

So you need these together to do it:

- https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-drag-drop-form-builder/13979866

- https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-calculator/16045945

- https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-popups/19207307


I’m inserting a numeric value via jQuery into a superforms currency field and use this field to pass it to the calculator via {field1}.

The calculator however updates not immediately but only after I clicked on “forward” in my multistep form.

Any way to tell the calculator to update right after I inserted the value via jQuery in the currency field?

Yes, you should call this function:


Where $this is the input field. You could use this:

SUPER.after_field_change_blur_hook($('.super-form input[name="field_name"]'));

Hope this helps.

Awesome, thank you!

hello Hi!

1. does this addon do calculations on functions like cos, sin, log, if,tan, sqrt…. 2. and the conditional logic can recall the “dynamic calculation field” and make decision on that dynamic value?

(e.g if user is entering data on voltage using sliding ruller, and if the value calculated is below 20KV, then show button 1 and if value is btn 20KV – 100KV show button 2 and if value is above 100KV show button 3

and the value is generated dynamically as user sliding ruler)

thanks for your reply

and can we get DOCUMENTATION for this calculator especially complex math and logics llike https://cff.dwbooster.com/documentation#modules

and distance calculation and google place require which ADDON?

1 .yes you can use these functions Math.cos() reference: https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_obj_math.asp

you can conditionally show sections based on the calculation. Yes real time calculation when using slider (see demo).

Distance calculation example can also be found under: Super Forms > Marketplace, it doesn’t require any add-on


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I need to count ({value1}/{value2})= value4.

Characters ^ dosent work.

For example 333=27 are the same 33=27.

is there another way to calculate?

is there the possibility that the form is also attached as PDF to emails?

No sorry. Maybe in near future.

hello Feeling!

in the form i have 4 calculators elements whcih produce different results as calculations change

i want to put radio buttons with 4 buttons in which user can select his best suiting result

then the selected button will be used in the fifth calculator!

im stuck on how can i put the changing results of calculator inside buttons

calc 1 {high} calc 2 {low} calc 3 {plain} calc 4 {steep}

RadioButton has for buttons High -? Low -? Plain -? Steep -?

i have tried to put value as: {high} {low} {plain} {steep}

but it has not worked!

your help please how can i put the produced results as buttons value?

the same as how to put changing results inside a conditional logic as a value to be used


or in conditional logic, the value accepted is only number?

can i use {unique field name} of anther element as the value cause the value change dynamically

so if i will use {unique field name} as the value then no matter the value change then it can fetch the result

Thanks for the screenshot, I now see what you are trying to do here.

the value of the radio button can only be number or even {unique field name} of another element? {tags} can not be used in the value section of radio button option.

But there is a way to fix what you trying to do.

First change the radio button values to something like: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Now add a variable field (hidden field) and enable variable conditions for it. Then based on the radio button selected, you can do a conditional check. If radio_button 1 set value to: {cost_buying_plot} If radio_button 2 set value to: {cost_building_main_structure}

etc. etc.

I hope you understand what I mean. Then the hidden field name {hidden_field} can be used wherever you need/want it instead of the radio button itself.

Hi – I am trying to make a cost estimate form for my website. Is there a way to do a quantity discount? Like if a user selects multiple items a discount is automatically applied? Thanks.

Hi, yes you can add a hidden field and make it a variable field. Based on the quantity you can set the discount as it’s value, then use this hidden field in your calculation.

just to clarify – can I multiply the item by a different amount based on the quantity? For instance, if someone orders 10 of something, it multiplies by $40 to get the total, but if they order 15 it would multiply by $30? Thanks ! :)

Hi, yes this is possible, it’s up to you. You can use variable field (hidden field) to do this. And then use calculator element to display final result.

I would like to create something identical to the calculator found on www.tidycasa.com. Does anyone know if it’s possible with this plugin and if so, could anybody help me with setting it up? Thank you!

Yes, that is possible (with of course a little bit different design, but yes concept is possible). And yes if you need help it’s possible to get help for payment via Support