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Hello, really enjoy using superforms. As for calculator, I have one question, can I make the slider with several custom data-steps, for example, 15, 30, 60, 80 value only?

Sorry then I misunderstood. This is not possible. I have noted it for future improvements.

Thanks a lot for your response. Could you kindly give some dates (several weeks or several months), because I have to choose – wait for this or do it with html+js without using plugin.

Sorry I can’t give you a date. But an indication would be within 2 months from now. If you want you can ask for an estimate and it can be build in within 1 week.

is a non-WP version available?

No sorry

This plugin is perfect! But please, we need a way to edit the entries.

As an ADMIN, when we look at the entries in the backend, is it possible to edit a submited entry? ex.: Change the value of a field? tx.

Yes you can do this, you can test for free by installing the plugin for free and test: f4d.nl/super-forms/latest-version :)

Great, TX!

Hi, Pre buy question.

Im looking for a booking calculator of price for my rental business. I would need a calendar, where I can set price per day stored in DB or other + additional prices for extra people + additional costs To come to a calculated total.

Your product is farout the best looking in the market, but can you help me. I do have IT skills to tweek the result if needed.


Hi, I will reply in English just so other can understand and benefit from the info also.

Currently this is not possible because you would need to make hardcoded changes to the javascript files where the datepicker is initialized. You would also need a custom database table containing all the occupied dates. And based on this info you could fetch the dates that you want/need to exclude from the datepicker.

I hope this helps.

Still trying. Im looking now if I can make woocommerce as source for the date and pass it as variable to the form? Or pass the price for the stay to the form and make additional extras possible. Any experience with that?

Not sure what you a trying here with WooCommerce. but these things are possible with super forms: You can redirect users to a custom url like: yourdomain.com/page?field={field_name}

It will parse GET and replaces the tag with the field value

But if you want to put values in the form fields instead you can do the exact same. like: yourdomain.com/page-with-form?field_name=Anythinghere


seena Purchased

is there anyway to calculate exponents ?


seena Purchased

for example: ({field}+{field_2})^200

Hi, a pre sales questions please

1, is it possible to have the form email the website owner and the client? 2, can it be a PDF downloadable file 3, Can it click to print 4, Can it be somehow either invoiced or sent to Paypal 5, What are the variables? im looking at using this to work out a price for customer box sizes. Similar to having foam cut to size, so its very variable.

Many thanks Hay


1, is it possible to have the form email the website owner and the client?

2, can it be a PDF downloadable file
Via backend you can both print and download contact entries as PDF

3, Can it click to print
Yes you can print contact entries via Print button in back-end

4, Can it be somehow either invoiced or sent to Paypal
If you mean you want to redirect users to checkout page with woocommerce and let them pay a specific amount via paypal then yes you can do this with the woocommerce add-on for super forms. Other than that: no.

5, What are the variables? im looking at using this to work out a price for customer box sizes. Similar to having foam cut to size, so its very variable.
Variable fields are basically Hidden fields, but they can be converted to variable fields. They can have conditional logic and based on that their value can be updated dynamically.

Hey Guys, I guess your zip file is broken, can’t use your plugin, there is no menue link in the backend and it seems that there are missing some files in the zip file?

Please see email thanks.

PreSales Question: maybe I missunderstood but the calculator plug-in is not included thus it only assist during form creation but no calculation is possible? Am I right?

Yes that’s correct, calculator add-on is not included in the form builder main plugin. Add-on means it’s a feature that needs to be purchase seperately. It will extend the main plugin with calculation / math field.

Hi, first of all: awesome addon!

I would like to introduce a value for “quantify field” that starts with 5 unit (for free) and then it add 5€ for each unit. How can I do that with calculation. By default its {domains}*1’8 but I have 5 domains so…

Can you help me?

Hi you can find demo here (i guess this is what you looking for): http://f4d.nl/dev/27472-2/

You can copy paste the following code and create a new form:


Hi. How do I use free trial? I downloaded it to test the plugin if it serves my needs but trial asks me to activate the plugin.. How do I make it work for testing it out?

Hi, you can preview / test the form in back-end via “Preview” mode. To use it on your front-end you have to purchase a license and activate the plugin via Super Forms > Settings > Activation

Hi! Does the plugin support RTL?

Hi, can this one work alone or have to work as part of Super Form? Thanks

It needs Super Forms in order for it to work. Without it can’t do anything at all.

How would I calculate the price based on a text being empty or not.


Text Field: User 1 Text Field: User 2 Text Field: User 3 (cost 100.00)

Subtotal: $100.00 (only if the Text Field: User 3 is not empty)

Hi, you can use hidden field for this. Make it a variable field, and set it to 100 if user 3 is not empty. Example can be found in marketplace

Got it, Thanks

Looking to recreate this 5 step calculator with this plugin without having to code will this suffice?



Hi, yes this is possible, why not try it out with the free trial versions? You can simply test / develop as long as you want with the preview mode in back-end. And decide if the plugin and add-on is for you.

Hi, what do you mean with “wrong input”?

Hi guys, we need form calculator for move business. (The relocation from one city to the other) and we need also form inputs with autocomplete and verify adress fields (about google data). Its possible create and combine with your form? Would you like create especially combined form demo for input address (from / to) and moving costs calculation for us (sure extra money). Thousand Thanks for response me quickly if possible

Hi, sorry no google data addresses / kilometer distance calculation is possible at this moment.

hello, presale, how many forms can i make with the plugin? i have 7 differentz products, can i make 7 forms for each product?

Yes, or you could create 1 form that allows to select 7 products. Please note that this is an add-on for Super Forms.

Hi! I have a small issue with the calculator plugin.

An example: Let’s take 2 form elements, a calculator element and a radio button element with 3 options,
  • Radio 1 ($5)
  • Radio 2 ($10)
  • Radio 3 ($15)
Radio 1 is pre selected by default and the calculator is showing correctly $5.

Now, if I check Radio 2 the calculator shows $10. And when I reload the page with the browser reload button (not via clicking a link) the radio element is switching to it’s default value (Radio 1 $5) but the calculator is still showing the last value before the reload ($10).

I want to use the forms for business proposals, and in some rare cases this could cause misunderstandings. Do you have a fix for this?

Thanks in advance, Robert

Hi Robert, I am not sure what browser you are using? Firefox maybe? Could you send the URL to the page with the form so we can check this behaviour?

Hi! Yes, it’s Firefox. I did some browser testing and this behavior only occurs with firefox when logged in. Other browsers are fine.

I’ve sent you the URL and login details as well via the contact form on your profile page.

I send email.

Great work :-) GL

Thank you :)


Greetings, I would need some suppport on check-box calculator.

e.g I have 6 accounts like Facebook, Tr, G+ ect

so I want to show in one box if user check marks on 3 accounts it should show you selected 3

Please guide me on this how to do it?


Hi, yes it’s possible, please send support ticket with question and site login/info: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-forms-calculator/16045945/support

For small amount we can help creating the form.