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How do I add – amount + 20%

It’s ok I worked it out haha. For 20% = {total}+({total}*0.2)

Hello @feeling4design,

I have presale question. If I will buy plug-in: Super Forms and it’s addons: Super Forms for WooCommerce and Super Forms Calculator, will I be able to do following?:

I have jewelry shop, and I have a lot of products with some fixed price. Let’s say I have woocommerce product: Ring, which price is set to 300 Euros. I want customer to be able after clicking on woocommerce single product, add features for ring like size (extra cost – dropdown menu with different sizes), Input text empty field, so customer can input text there, and some check boxes with also extra price. So to the fixed price of woocommerce product it will add all extra prices (fees) at subtotal/total price at cart/checkout. Is this possible? If yes, can I do it by myself or will I need a extended license support for that?

Thanks, Best Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Yes this is possible, but you must understand that super forms is not intended to be used on the product page itself. It’s intent is to be used on a simple page with just the form where user can select a product and features, based on that calculate the price and then proceed to checkout. For dynamic price you also would need the Name Your Price official woocommerce add-on.

I am not sure if Super Forms is the right choice for you if I understood you correctly.


djsteven Purchased

Pre-purchase question! Hi there is a way to add like searchable dropdown items or similar? My client wants that the people can search specific items and when select it add to the total price like is now


djsteven Purchased

I don’t want Woocommerce I want to use just your calculator to request quotes. Do you give support to add searchable Dropdown menu? Also the idea is that the client can choose multiple dropdown items Like the “Dynamic User Fields (Add More +)” feature you have. And of course to sum the totals. If yes i’ll buy it!

Yes that’s possible, you can then enter the amount of the product as dropdown value (this is the easiest way). And then send the Option Label to the email or both instead of only the value, because otherwise you won’t know what product the customer ordered.


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Hey tehre! Pre-order question : Can this calculate days between two date picker? I’m trying to get my visitor to tell me how any days and from when to when they will be at my hostel.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried using the demo but couldn’t get the day calculation to work. I’m probably not setting it up properly. If I end up buying the plugin, is your support team able to help me with calculations?

This is what I would like to accomplish…

ND = Number of days selected between two datepickers

C26 = Cost for 2 to 6 days = (2×550)+[(ND-2) x 550] Condition if ND > 6, show

C729 = Cost for 7 to 29 days = C26-(C26×0.21) Condition if ND < 6, show

C3031 = Cost for 30 to 31 days = C26-(C26×0.4) Condition if ND < 29, show

Hi, yes that’s possible no problem.

PRESALE QUESTION: I would like to create a site where the user, by filling out a form, will receive a document (eg a personalized work contract directly by the user). So the document produced should have standard fields crated by me and variable fields set by the user inserting the data in the form. Does your plugin do this? Thanks and best regards.

Please see email.


web-net Purchased

hello, is it possible to be redirected to paypal on checkout?Thank you

As we speak, envato is reviewing our PayPal add-on, when it’s approved you can use it for paypal checkouts. You can find all information about the add-on here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/add-ons/


Aweba Purchased

I’m using the template “Calculate Days Between Dates (Add-on)”, but for some reason I’m not able to pick any date in the datepicker. Any insight? https://www.grandpolardeers.com/new/datepicker/

Please update to v3.6.0 via wordpress dashboard > updates > check again. If doesn’t help. just edit both datepickers and hit update button and save the form, should fix it.


Aweba Purchased

Thanks for the reply. OK. I’m able to pick dates. But the calculator seems to be inverting the dates. Thanks for the help!

Ok, is the same thing happening in back-end preview mode? This is very strange issue, and can not help you with this. Please contact support and provide site details and login for help.

Hello This is great app , I bought it But i have problem , If next time your puglin have new update and I lost or forgot this account . So , how to I can update or contact to you next time? can help me ? Thank

You can update automatically via wp dashboard, so no problem.

very nice , thank