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How do I add – amount + 20%

It’s ok I worked it out haha. For 20% = {total}+({total}*0.2)

Hello @feeling4design,

I have presale question. If I will buy plug-in: Super Forms and it’s addons: Super Forms for WooCommerce and Super Forms Calculator, will I be able to do following?:

I have jewelry shop, and I have a lot of products with some fixed price. Let’s say I have woocommerce product: Ring, which price is set to 300 Euros. I want customer to be able after clicking on woocommerce single product, add features for ring like size (extra cost – dropdown menu with different sizes), Input text empty field, so customer can input text there, and some check boxes with also extra price. So to the fixed price of woocommerce product it will add all extra prices (fees) at subtotal/total price at cart/checkout. Is this possible? If yes, can I do it by myself or will I need a extended license support for that?

Thanks, Best Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

Yes this is possible, but you must understand that super forms is not intended to be used on the product page itself. It’s intent is to be used on a simple page with just the form where user can select a product and features, based on that calculate the price and then proceed to checkout. For dynamic price you also would need the Name Your Price official woocommerce add-on.

I am not sure if Super Forms is the right choice for you if I understood you correctly.

Pre-purchase question! Hi there is a way to add like searchable dropdown items or similar? My client wants that the people can search specific items and when select it add to the total price like is now

I don’t want Woocommerce I want to use just your calculator to request quotes. Do you give support to add searchable Dropdown menu? Also the idea is that the client can choose multiple dropdown items Like the “Dynamic User Fields (Add More +)” feature you have. And of course to sum the totals. If yes i’ll buy it!

Yes that’s possible, you can then enter the amount of the product as dropdown value (this is the easiest way). And then send the Option Label to the email or both instead of only the value, because otherwise you won’t know what product the customer ordered.


Hey tehre! Pre-order question : Can this calculate days between two date picker? I’m trying to get my visitor to tell me how any days and from when to when they will be at my hostel.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried using the demo but couldn’t get the day calculation to work. I’m probably not setting it up properly. If I end up buying the plugin, is your support team able to help me with calculations?

This is what I would like to accomplish…

ND = Number of days selected between two datepickers

C26 = Cost for 2 to 6 days = (2×550)+[(ND-2) x 550] Condition if ND > 6, show

C729 = Cost for 7 to 29 days = C26-(C26×0.21) Condition if ND < 6, show

C3031 = Cost for 30 to 31 days = C26-(C26×0.4) Condition if ND < 29, show

Hi, yes that’s possible no problem.

PRESALE QUESTION: I would like to create a site where the user, by filling out a form, will receive a document (eg a personalized work contract directly by the user). So the document produced should have standard fields crated by me and variable fields set by the user inserting the data in the form. Does your plugin do this? Thanks and best regards.

Please see email.


web-net Purchased

hello, is it possible to be redirected to paypal on checkout?Thank you

As we speak, envato is reviewing our PayPal add-on, when it’s approved you can use it for paypal checkouts. You can find all information about the add-on here: http://f4d.nl/super-forms/add-ons/


Aweba Purchased

I’m using the template “Calculate Days Between Dates (Add-on)”, but for some reason I’m not able to pick any date in the datepicker. Any insight? https://www.grandpolardeers.com/new/datepicker/

Please update to v3.6.0 via wordpress dashboard > updates > check again. If doesn’t help. just edit both datepickers and hit update button and save the form, should fix it.


Aweba Purchased

Thanks for the reply. OK. I’m able to pick dates. But the calculator seems to be inverting the dates. Thanks for the help!

Ok, is the same thing happening in back-end preview mode? This is very strange issue, and can not help you with this. Please contact support and provide site details and login for help.

Hello This is great app , I bought it But i have problem , If next time your puglin have new update and I lost or forgot this account . So , how to I can update or contact to you next time? can help me ? Thank

Yes I can help, what is the issue? Have you installed Super Forms? Then you can create a form via Super Forms > Create Form. And you can add calculator element.

not yet , i just install this plugin and don;t see anything what should i do ? thank you

Like i said previously: You must have Super Forms installed, this plugin is an add-on for super forms. (you can also read this in the description) I quote:

“With this Add-on for Super Forms you can create advanced calculation forms based on the user input. Make awesome booking and order forms or create complex estimation forms. It is as easy as doing normal mathematics.”

Hi Super Forms, love your addon. Yesterday I created simple calculation table for car import, where price is calculated based on user input (http://automotoclassic-com.grapastudio.eu/nase_sluzby/).

It works perfectly, although client asked us if it would be possible to calculate in real time, means as soon as any number is typed into table all the other calculated numbers would change imediatelly. Is it possible? Now it calculates as soon as user presses Enter or click cursor away.

Please let me know.

I don’t know if possible, but with slider field it will be changed in real time. You could maybe replace the text field with the slider?

Hello.. This form looks great for what I need! I’m curious though.. is it possible to to get the “File Upload” to work with Dropbox?

Hi, the form will upload it to the media library, maybe there is a plugin that can connect media library to dropbox, if that’s the case then you could use that to do the trick maybe.

May I please get a refund? I purchased this add-on thinking it was the actual form builder and I actually found something else that better suits my needs!

You can see I have never downloaded it or anything.

Also just as a suggestion because I just got done trying out the demo.. It was a little frustrating that I could not make certain elements inline elements. Such as the “Checkbox” or “Radial” elements. For example I wanted to add images for the selection and I couldn’t put them inline so it looks weird when you have two fairly large images (220px by 220px) stacked on top of each other and not side by side which would look nicer.

Anyhow, I would greatly appreciate a refund as I purchased this addon by accident.

Hi, you can do inline (we call it horizontal aligned) You can change this when editing checkbox/radio element under Advanced TAB.

Regarding refund you can request refund here for any of your purchases on Envato: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Hope this helps.


I’m trying to find out if Super Form with this addon would be able to achive this:

The calculator I’m trying to create is exactly like this one.

Basically, The result should be a date that depends on two factors, the registration date of the vechicle (inserted by the user) and the kind of vehicle it is (selected by the user).

For example, if the vehicle is a brand new car with its registration date from today, the result date should be 30/01/2022 (for years from the inserted date), if the car has exactly 1year, the result should be 30/01/2021, for a car with 2years, the result should be 30/01/2020, 3 years, 30/01/2019, 4years 30/01/2018. But if the car is older than 4 years, then the date is always a year from the date inserted by the user.

Do you think it’d be possible with your plugin?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! That would be amazing!

I’m trying to create a form in your demo, I’ve inserted a date dropdown, a dropdown with some options, one button and a calculator element, but I don’t understand how to create the conditions I need.

Here’s a list of items I need for this to work:
  • If the date inserted equals todays date and the selected option is the first one, the result should be different than if the inserted date is from 5 years ago, even if the same option is selected. And this conditions vary with each selected option. How can I create those conditions and how can I get values such as todays date, for example?
  • The result should be a date and not a just a numeric value;
  • The result should show once the user clicks the submit button;

I’m really eager to buy your plugins, but I need to be sure they’ll fulfill the purpose I need.

Thanks again!

Ok i understand it might be a bit difficult, let me see if I can make an example form for you and get back to you.

Hi, it’s not completely perfect, but this should help you get started, and figure out how it’s done, and make some adjustments maybe where needed. Just copy the form code below, and add it to your demo site, then paste it in the code area at builder page and save the form.

[{"tag":"multipart","group":"layout_elements","inner":[{"tag":"date","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"make","email":"Date","placeholder":"Select a birth date","range":"-100:+0","current_date":"true","maxlength":"0","icon":"calendar"}},{"tag":"column","group":"layout_elements","inner":[{"tag":"date","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"today","email":"Date","placeholder":"Select a birth date","range":"-100:+0","current_date":"true","icon":"calendar"}},{"tag":"calculator","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"timestamp_today","math":"{today}","decimals":"0","exclude":"2","exclude_entry":"true"}},{"tag":"calculator","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"timestamp_make","math":"{make}","decimals":"0","exclude":"2","exclude_entry":"true"}},{"tag":"calculator","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"car_age","math":"{make}","label":"Car Age","decimals":"0","date_calculations":"true","exclude":"2","exclude_entry":"true"}},{"tag":"hidden","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"years","exclude":"2","exclude_entry":"true","conditional_variable_action":"enabled","conditional_items":[{"field":"car_age","logic":"equal","value":"0","and_method":"","field_and":"today","logic_and":"","value_and":"","new_value":"4"},{"field":"car_age","logic":"equal","value":"1","and_method":"","field_and":"today","logic_and":"","value_and":"","new_value":"3"},{"field":"car_age","logic":"equal","value":"2","and_method":"","field_and":"today","logic_and":"","value_and":"","new_value":"2"},{"field":"car_age","logic":"equal","value":"3","and_method":"","field_and":"today","logic_and":"","value_and":"","new_value":"1"},{"field":"car_age","logic":"greater_than_or_equal","value":"4","and_method":"","field_and":"today","logic_and":"","value_and":"","new_value":"0"}]}}],"data":{"invisible":"true","minimized":"yes"}}],"data":{"next_text":"Show Result"}},{"tag":"multipart","group":"layout_elements","inner":[{"tag":"calculator","group":"form_elements","data":{"name":"next_checkup_date","math":"{timestamp_make}+(({car_age}+{years})*31556952000)","label":"Timestamp to Date","decimals":"0","convert_timestamp":"true","exclude":"2","exclude_entry":"true"}}],"data":{"step_name":"Step 1","step_description":"Description for this step","icon":"user"}}]
Let me know if this worked for you, here is live example on our test server: http://f4d.nl/dev/car-repair-checkup/

Hello, before I buy your products (which seem to be awesome!) I have a question. I used a powerful, but totally buggy form calculator plugin before. Is it possible with your plugin to calculate forms like this = log(weight x 1.75) + height^2 ? What I have to do is create some “fitness” calculations and I need to use logarithms.

Is it possible to calculate forms and when the result is 10: then a text will appear which only appears when the result is 10? and when the result is different, then another text with the different result will appear? Or that I can say, if the result is between 0.1 and 0.8, then a different result text will appear than the result is between 0.9 and 1.2?

I didn´t find these specific infos in your documentation :D thank you

Yes you can do this, you can use Math.log() function and other Math functions: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Math

You can use conditional logic to show/hide specific texts based on a value: https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/conditional-logic

Thank you for the reply! I really like your approach. Very powerful plugin!

pre-purchase question, I’ve been testing superforms in the demo they have but I see that I do not do the calculation that I need since one of the values for which I must multiply is this 0.00000000918788 and when I try the calculation it returns 0, if You can solve this problem I buy it now because it is the best plugin I’ve seen of all. Also, give some suggestion that in calculations can implement conditions, for example if the value of the field of the form is to make a calculation but if it is and make another calculation, otherwise it is very good.


Ok, i understand, you need higher decimal number than 7. You can now change this to any number via Advanced tab. Go check it out.

Regarding conditions you can use conditional logic: https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/conditional-logic

And maybe in combination with variable fields: https://renstillmann.github.io/super-forms/#/variable-fields

I have a virus problem when downloading the plugin. You told me to contact the support of envato but I still have no answer and I have to install the plugin quickly. Otherwise could we proceed to a refund?

what is the virus exactly? what scanner did you use?

and what message you get?

I am very interested in your plugin but I want to know if I can create something with the following foundation and characteristics: I want to make an estimated value of properties with characteristics of number of rooms, type of housing, number of bathrooms, number of floors, location by address,the result the numerical value, etc . I have an example of another company that does the same then I leave the link: https://www.deplace.es/valoracion/

all this would be connected to my database of excel (there is a way to connect your plugin with my database so that the results can be seen correctly with the value ????)

if you have an example it would be great, I hope as soon as possible an answer and also send my mail to use the demo but I never get to my email.


You can always hire us to do the job, or a other developer you know.

how much does it cost?

Depends on what it is that you want to do :) Does database exist etc. Contact support and explain in detail what you wish.