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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks @Lakose :)

Thanks @AZDpixels :)

Is there a way to disable the black background and the move feature ?

yes of course. as follows, overlay=false draggable=false

I have a YES and NO button on my Dialog Window. I want the NO button to close the Dialog Window. I want the YES button to redirect the user to another page.

How do I do this? Please be specific, and please include code samples.

Hi @mauriceford. Please change button parameter value. and please watch the video

var $popup=$(this).DialogModal({
label:"Yes", class:"button_class", action:function(){ window.location.href = "" }
label:"No", class:"button_class", action:function(){ $popup.exit(); }

Thank you. That was the fastest response ever on Envato!

I am SO new to this – once code is generated how what do I do with it?

Never mind – found your video :P

Dear tgundogdu, on 21.01.2015 I purchased your tool and tested it. Now there is one question left: Is it possible that the popup only loads at the first time of a session? I like to use it for a storefront with newsletter subscription and voucher. Kinds regards Ronald

Demo crush , pls go fix it

Do this have cache mechanism ? say if i want to show the pop up once a day to user?

Can you load a page as a modal window? I have a login.php page that is just a form, can I use this modal script to open login.php into a pop up modal? Or do I have to embed the login form on the page?