Discussion on Super Counter - Laravel Page and Article Hit Counter

Discussion on Super Counter - Laravel Page and Article Hit Counter

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demo is not working

Demo is working now. Please check.


Qmarjan Purchased


How can I install the script?

All the best,

There is a documentation with the project, you can follow this. If you need further help installing this project you can contact me.


aloyoon Purchased

Any Plans to update this ?

Thank you for being interested in my product.

If you have any idea, please suggest me.

Hi, Can you connect Software with smm panel

I don’t get it. What do you mean by “smm panel”?

Hi, will it work in HTML pages? Can i hide the counter in website and can see the result on admin panel, like google analytics?

Of course, you can.

The design is just some HTML. Here is a function file named SuperCounter.php. There are all the necessary methods. These methods can be used anywhere.

As an example:

  • online() – members currently online.
  • guest() – total amount of guest currently online.
  • hits() – Total hits of a certain page or the whole website (not unique).
  • uniqueHits() – Unique hits of a certain page or the whole website.
  • topOS($quantity = 5) – Display top 5 OS visited this site.
    • And many more….

      Contact me anytime if you have more question.

hello, demo is not working

Thank you for noticing it. I’ve fix it, please check now.

I want to generate more than 1million traffic per day to my website, how can we do that? Do you have softwares that can do that? What about human activities? How many traffic can this generate in a day?

This script has nothing to do with traffic. You must have a good server to control that amount of traffic. This script doesn’t generate traffic, it’s stores the information of visitors and count traffic.

Hello my friend, Do you have a support email outside of codecanyon? I don’t want to post login details etc on an open comments board.


I just wanted the website address for now. However, you can contract me at

hi, I still cannot get this to work on my laravel site, someone offered to help but just didnt say anything and really didnt help me much.

is there any way you can help? this script isn’t much good if i cant get it to work


I didn’t get the username for the cPanel. Please, check your last email.

Hello my friend, I ended up buying your counter. I got it working in various ways…..... |

I am having trouble getting stuff to work on the primary domain.

I was hoping I could do a cut n paste like I would a javascript but that doesn’‘t seem to want to play nice.

I might need your help and am willing to pay to get things moving

and ideas or suggestions would be great…..........I am not a developer and know enough just to get me in trouble


Thank you for being interested in SuperCounter. Please, give me your primary domain address. May be I could diagnose if any javascript/ajax error.

Hello my friend Nice app, I have a few questions…..

I have a website running laravel (membership type) I want to display a counter (today, this week, this month) on each members page, can I do that with this app? also want to create a graph in the profile admin that display a graph of the stats.

If this can do that, you have a new customer

thank you

You can do both. If you want to display counter only for that selected member, add a `member_id` column in table. You can use stat in graph too, the code will depend on which graph you are using.

Where’s a description of the script? How to embed a counter in a page? How do I delete an article? I am logged in as admin and have no settings where I can do this? See no sense of logging in as an admin

did you check the documentation?

As it’s a visitor counter site there is no delete button for articles. These articles are for showing visitor status on article. You have to make your own Article crud if you are making blog/article site.

Please see it We wanted a project like this. Your project is totally different. Can you make such a site?

My project has those feature like the link you have provided and more. This demo url is not working on this project super counter.

please give another live demo url of super counter project.

This link is working now. Please check.

Hello sir, I have bought your script and will tell you about how to install it. Its documentation file is two please.

The documentation should be with the the project.

Purchase Codes: 1387e111-dc83-48a7-9992-45bc9fec0ed6

How is the script installed? There is no manual here! I have entered my database data in .env and the URL to the script. I manually recorded the SQL file in my database. But no matter what I call, I get a white page or the Error 403 page.

Please, read the description carefully. At the first paragraph of the description I mentioned that, This product is build with Laravel and it will work in Laravel 5+

This is done on my server also several scripts (they also run under Laravel !!) It is not in your description that the SuperCounter can not record “other pages”.

Did you tried to install SuperCounter in your existing Laravel projects?

Yandex.Browser Icon is missing

It’ll available in next update.

hey buddy a question it just a page hit counter or does it have a banner hit counter. say to create banners and insert it it a certain position in a website. ad also says it has Territory but all the pictures or stats are only showing country, does it record regions of a country too? I will like to buy it but i should know if you are also available for any feelance hire just incase i need to make some adjustments to suit my website. please let me know and i wish you the best in your sales. i

Hi there,

This is not a banner script. You saw some hit counter in demo, they are for demonstrating what you can do with super counter. Beyond this there are a lot of feature in this product.

All of the countries and territories are showing based on IP Address distribution. All of them are not countries like “Northern Mariana Islands” or “Saint Pierre and Miquelon” etc.

I’m afraid, I’m not available for long term freelancing. I can help with integrating Super Counter in your website but can’t work with other features your website have.

Thank You

thanks buddy. check you email please…

Hi. I do not know how to post on my site visitors … how should I do? what code do I have to put on my site? thank you

Looks like your error reporting disable. Enable it from php.ini, may be we get some useful error message.

can it by .htaccess? I do not have access to php.ini

There are many ways to modify php.ini without having access to the original one. Google it for all the options. Please, run this project in local machine first. Let see if you have any error.

This appears to be a great looking script. I do have a couple of questions, before purchasing though.

1. Are the various counts (visitors, articles, etc.) visible to your visitors or just you, the administrator?

2. Is there a code, that the script provides, that you place on each HTML page or just once, in, say, a PHP header?


Hello Ron,

Thank you for being interested in Super Counter. Here are the answers of your questions:

1. All counts are open for visitors in this script. You can add authorization system as you need.

2. Some codes are in Controller and all global functions are in a helper function file called helpers.php. I called necessary functions and variables in HTML pages.

I hope you get answer. If you have any more query, please ask my anytime.

Really Nice work Good luck with sale

Thank You :)


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