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please boontaran why i cant chosiing all countries from google ply please help

Explain in Video how to enable Admob Ads and change Package name. and reply to private msgs

Ini nanti yang didapat kode eclipse atau android studio ya?

android studio project, tapi bisa di-import ke eclipse (not recommended)

Maaaaan, provide a video how to modify Admob ads in app. Docs are very poor.

Error:(169, 19) error: cannot find symbol class AdmobAds

did you read the PDF?

it stated there : To enable one of them, open the java file : android/src/../AndroidLauncher.java

to get the device test id you can google it for example. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4524752/how-can-i-get-device-id-for-admob

or you can disable the test device by assigning any value or blank string. ads = new AdmobAds(this,”caxxxxxxxxx”,” “);


regarding the cannot find symbol, pls check if there is this import in AndroidLauncher.java:

import com.boontaran.android.ads.*;


only 5 levels ?

hi boontaran i just baught the game & i can’t find the java folder ? is it normal or did i miss something https://postimg.org/image/5yl5qk0d7/

yes, that’s the correct project structure.

so how do i find the java folder ?

there is no java folder, pls explore that folders, you’ll find the java files (not the folder)

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I don’t have it

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