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Hi, Can this plugin be used in combination with instantsearch+? I.e. if i would like to use the short code of this plugin to display the instantserach+ on in a row or column. Thanks, Jakob

Hi, form not working when i use the backspace!! pls help ?

Please contact us via our profile as we do not support though comments.

Hi, is it possible to show results above other elements? ( i mean not moving the whole page downstairs) is that possible?

Please contact us via our profile as we do not support though comments.

The plugin is not listing some of the custom post types I have on my site. I have emailed you 4 days ago requesting support, but never heard back. Please advise on what I need to do.

Pre sales question i have a magazine site they want a search form with extra fields like for example search form with field author another search field with date of published the magazine another field for tags and maybe 2 more fields is possible with this plugin?

Demo page no work, I dont see the search box (i see the shortcode text) http://wishweb.co.uk/vc-search-element/

Thanks for the heads up. Working again now.

Hi! I want to use this login strictly for WooCommerce product searches. Problem is, at the moment it’s not possible to search for a product’s SKU… Or am I missing something here?

Hi there,

Like some people noted in the previous comments, I also have a problem when using the backspace after a first keyword search to type another search: it simply stops working. I sent you an e-mail last week about this problem, but no answer… Could you please tell me what to do to solve this issue?

Thank you.

Bruno agence NEOH

Hello, is there anyone in here to help people solve their problems? I paid for this plugin and I need it to work properly. Please answer me asap.

Best Regards

Bruno agence NEOH

Apologies for the lack of response. We had to close business for personal reasons. We are going to be updating the plugin very soon. The issues seems to have come about sinse recent VC updates.

Can this addon search in post categories?

Cannot install? Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

For support, please drop us a message via our profiile page.

hi, where i can see a demo?

Presale question: Is it possible to search only woocommerce products?

Do you plan to release some updates for this plugin?

There are no updates planned unless any bugs are discovered. Did you have something specific in mind?


I have a custom type post where when you click on the title it will go to the url of the custom post type

but when i search for it in your addon it does not display the url of the website link


what it should do is like google to it redirect you to the website

i have a search template just like google search results but need it to be like your plugin

Hello , you can modify the search results page for a page built by visual plugin composer ?

The WP Search element included in the Visual Composer supplied to me do search blog posts and pages, but not portfolio items. Will the AJAX Search Element make inclusion of those possible?


Is this plugin compitble with version wp4.7.2?


Hey are you using Total for your screenshots? If so…cool ;)

I have a customer that wants to place your search function in the header, is there a way to output the search via a function or what is the shortcode name so I can suggest some code to them for hooking into the header and adding your searchfield (I don’t have access to their site to look into your plugin – localhost – otherwise I would do so)? Thanks!

~ AJ

Hello. Can i use this plugin on real estate website and customize under my needs?

Hi, is it possible to search for keywords only on the current page?