Discussion on Sunset - Status page platform

Discussion on Sunset - Status page platform

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what happens for last few days the product is not showing in codecanyon ?

I believe it may be “nd_mysqli”. However, the required extensions are usually supported by all hosting providers, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Our items should work with PHP 7.3.

what about update the script auto update or manually (one click update) ?

You’ll need to upload the new files manually, but you shouldn’t lose any content as you won’t need to modify the database. We’re currently working on a better way to do this, but it’s currently very straight-forward.

hello its not working for me can you help me? Can you add me on Skype? Tim.heere2

Is everything resolved now?

yup, but how did you fix it :0

I mentioned it in the email. “nd_mysqli” needs to be enabled instead of “mysqli”. With that changed, it works. :)

Is this multi tenancy/ multi domain with source code available for additional modification / customization?

How similar is this to PagerDuty ?

Hello. What do you mean by multi-domain? You can customize the software if you know PHP, but you won’t be able to make changes and then resell the software. I’m not familiar with PagerDuty, but Sunset is very similar to products like and Cachet.

pls make a script for roadmap

Hello. We’re currently in the process of doing this. :)

Hey! The live preview doesn’t work

Hi. I’m going to release a new update soon and update the demo. :)

The live preview link is borken, can you fix it please so i can test the item.

Hi. I’ll work on getting this fixed. :)

Interested in this plugin but website appears to not be working…?!

Purchased, installed as per instructions. Getting a 500 error and “PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function _() in”.

Tried php5.6 and php7.2 same error. Any ideas please?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please email your web host login details to and I’ll take a look for you. Thanks!

OK – sent you details

Would like to buy but want to see demo first, current links showing 404

Please shoot me an email to I’ll send you over the demo. :)

hi, can this script be made for Saas?

I could possibly do some custom work to make it into a Saas product. If you’re interested, please send an email to with your requirements. :)

Under Demo: When setting a new Incident: Under Time I did not see a place to set AM or PM it defaulted to AM. When I made a second Incident and chose “Planned Maintenance” I see it listed it on the live site as “Incidents” and not “Maintenance” like the one before it.

I’m open to discuss pricing on the below items.

Update request: 1. When viewing the Incidents in admin I see you cannot edit them only create a new ones. So say I created a Incident for a Component I have, say its a server Component and I create a “Planned Maintenance” Incident for updating the PHP on the server, then later I found out I have to also update the PHP on another server “Component”. It would be nice to just edit the Incident I already created and tick the other Components that will be affected by the update.

2. Under Settings, would be nice to include a header image like you see here.

3. A way for customers/users to subscribe to the page and chose which “Component” they would like to recive updates from. And offer the updates by Email or SMS Text Message using Twilio.

Thank you for your findings and suggestions. I’ll work to fix and add some of these in the next updates. :)


it’s a good idea your application

Can you modify it to have the same functionality as and

- improvement of the design of the status page (logo customization and page color)

- Saas services

- improved display of incident history

- subscription and payment

- public page / private page

Hi there. I’m planning to release a new version of Sunset in the next few coming months that has a bunch of new features. I’ll make sure to include some of these. :)

Team Hexagonal – when is your ETA on the next release? Your last comment here was 4 months ago.

Hi there. Development is currently delayed for the meantime, but I have a new major update for Sunset that has been started. It’s a total rebuild of the current product, but I’m hoping to get it out soon. I’ll keep you posted.

I haven’t had to reinstall since I first bought it but, I followed the install but says im missing files and such?

also i cant delete components from the backend

Hi there. It looks like the issue may be related to some PHP extensions not being enabled or installed. Could you please send a screenshot of your enabled/disabled PHP extensions to Thanks.


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We tried contacting you some days ago through the form here and on email to regarding bugs on your plugin. Right now its not usable in any form. Can you get back to us swiftly here?

Replies have been sent :)

Can you provide demo admin login? Thanks!

Hi there. The demo login details should already be filled in when you visit the login page:

Email: Password: password


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Any updates coming soon?