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Hi; I want to buy this app but, I have a few questions. 1- I don’t see “weather conditions label”. is that true? I want to see weather conditions as text. 2- Is there also degrees Fahrenheit? 3- I want to see another city weather forecast. I will not see? Thanks

In this version without any other customization you have your own location weather.

Ok. Thank you.

you are welcome

is it much work, to get the name of the city to the label “Current Location” ?

Hi, you need some programming skills to change it and it is impossible to explain with comments or email. But you can easily change this text and instead of current location maybe something other in app. Thanks

I would buy the extended license, because i want to provide an in app purchase for remove the ads. Is the in app purchases already setted?
Thank you for your reply!

Hi, iAP is not setted but with some programming it is easily possible. If you will add further iAP you need extended License. Thanks

this app says it’s ready to upload but i’m getting errors all over the place. please give me some help on this. thanks

Hi, yellow sign is not error , it is only notes for developer and xcode writes it. This notes can be disabled in xcode. When you test the app on device or in simulator it works right? thanks

Is it 64-bit support?

Hi, to change celsius to fahrenheit you need small programming knowledge. It is hard to expalin with comments here. Check “Day.m” file in xcode project. Thanks

Okay, I can change celsius to fahrenheit now. Thanks:)

very nice :) for any other questions just contact us via email. thanks

Can we use this app and input totally different content unrelated to weather?

Which content for example?

Does this show real feel as well?

Yes, App requires a Forecast API key which can be obtained for FREE from the https://developer.forecast.io/ Thanks

Thanks. Do you have a video preview or live app preview for this? Just want to see how it would look like before buying. Thanks

currently video preview is not available but you can check all screenshots. App is working fine and is reviewed by envato. Thanks

Hi is this iOS 10, swift 3 and xcode 8 compatible?

Hi, this app is in Obj-c and compatible for latest Xcode 8. Thanks

Does you still provide support for this code?

Hi, please write us your question. Thanks