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Presales question.

Is it possible to configure the plugin so that a buyer does not receive loyalty points for orders that were made using Woocommerce Discount coupons?

Yes, it is possible to prevent earning of Reward Points when coupon is used in the order.


Hi there. I am wanting to buy this plugin, but just have a couple of questions. I am wanting to generate redeemable points for customers from the following user actions:

- Liking and sharing our business posts on facebook

- Checking in at venues

- Uploading images to our instagram and facebook

- Google Reviews

- Trip advisor reviews

- Comments on our blog

- Online Purchases

Are you able to tell me which of these are possible, which MAY be possible with some customisation and which are not.

I apologise if some of these are already listed, by I just want to be clear for the client.


The following are supported in SUMO Reward Points

-   Liking and sharing our business posts on facebook
-   Comments on our blog
-   Online Purchases

Others are not supported.


This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Can emails be sent w Sendgrid instead of Mandrill?

Yes, this is possible. Thanks.

How is it possible?

You will have to use a SMTP Plugin such as and configure with Sendgrid account details to send the emails through Sendgrid.


Hello! How can I send data about Reward Points of USERS and Orders to Third-party software component?

If you are referring to REST APIs then it is not supported yet. Please contact our support at by opening a support ticket for more help.



rehudnall Purchased

On the My Account page I would like to remove the Referral and Redeem sections, I want just the reward part at the bottom showing. How would I do that?


Please check the My Account tab where you can find options to hide the sections you don’t want and shortcodes for displaying it in your desired positions. Please contact our support at by opening a support ticket for more help.


Hi there,

When you refer a friend from the page that has been setup, does the referred person get an email or? Just wondering how you customize that email.


The referred person will get the email. The email template is same as the WooCommerce email template and its settings will be reflected in this email.



Swylye Purchased

Hi, the latest version 16.2 seems to be causing problems for my site (products do not show up in catalog page). Where can I download the older version 16.0 of the plugin? Thank you!

The older version can’t be downloaded here. Please email to our support at for v16.0.


Hello, does your plugin support some WP multi vendor / shop plugin? Thanks

Sorry, this option isn’t available. Thanks.

Is there a real chance that your team developes this feature and includes it in the near future into this plugin or into a separate plugin addon? Thanks

As of now we are held up with lots of work. Hence we are unable to assure.


Are we able to send out e-mail reminders on rebate expiry to users? If not, could you please advice us on how to do this? Any alternative.

The option to send emails when points are about to expire is not yet available. We already have noted this feature request and we will bring it in future updates.



wynn84365 Purchased

Latest version 16.2 is causing issues with wp admin panel, even in a minimal installation. Please look into it. Do treat this as a bug report, no need to reply to me. Thanks.

We already fixed this issue and will be available in v16.3 which we will release in a day or two. Please email to our support at in case you need this version urgently.


Hello can i send points to another user in the system?

You need to use the [rssendpoints] shortcode to display the form and enable this option for the member after which the member can request to send their points to other members and the request will be sent to admin for approval.


Hi I am looking at purchasing this plugin for a client and I have a couple of questions to make sure that its the right fit for their needs:

- The client wishes to be able to issue automatic rewards / coupons to customers at set points thresholds, so for every £100 spent, or 100 points earned, a £5 voucher is issued to the customer.

- The Client wants to be able to increase the value of reward when a customer has spent a certain amount in any given calendar year. So once a customer has spent over £1000 in the current year they then earn £10 for every additional £100 they spend that year.

- The client will need the coupons to be redeemable online as well as having a mechanism for staff to mark the coupon as used in store via web access

- The client needs the ability to put people in to a VIP or members group which dictates that they earn more or less points, or they get more or less discounts at the set thresholds

- They need to be able to exclude certain items or categories from earning points

- they need the ability to offer first order points promotions or new customer promotions to earn extra points

if you can let me know by replying or email – many thanks in advance

I’ve submitted a ticket yesterday regarding viewing on a mobile device and also – when your plugin is activated – My Media Library seems to load (by showing the loading animation) but nothing actually happens and the only way I can access the media library is by deactivating your plugin.

Our support will check and reply. Thanks.

I can confirm this has been fixed in the latest update and for anyone who is looking to purchase this plugin – I can also confirm the support is very good.

Hello. Please let me know how do not give away points when you purchase a product and pay him in the cart with rewards points. How and where to set that up? thank you

Is this a presale question? Thanks.

No. I am using a sumo version purchased by a colleague of mine! we are working together on the same project, and we would like to know how to set zero points when you buy in the cart with reward points solution. thank you