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SUMO Memberships - WooCommerce Membership System

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SUMO Memberships is a Complete WooCommerce Membership System. It is the most comprehensive WooCommerce Membership Plugin using which you can Sell Memberships from your existing WooCommerce Shop and give access to members (who have purchased specific Membership Plans) to view pages, view posts, content blocks, buy certain products etc.


  • Simple Memberships/ Subscription Memberships(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Provide Access for All Users, Members with Particular Plan, Members without Particular Plan, All Members, All Non Members
  • Provide Access to Pages, Posts, Products, Custom Post Types, URL
  • Content Restriction Types – Complete Restriction, Limited Restriction(excerpt), Redirection
  • Product Restriction Types – Not Purchasable, Apply Content Restriction
  • Content Restriction by shortcodes
  • Content Restriction in RSS Feed
  • Membership Plans can be Transferred
  • Default Membership Plan during Account Signup
  • Immediate Access/Delayed Access after purchasing Membership Plan
  • Multiple Membership Plans can be linked to a Single Membership Plan
  • Immediate Access/Delayed Access for linked Membership Plans
  • Members can have multiple Membership Plans
  • Members can Pause/Cancel their Subscription Membership Plan(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • All Membership Plans purchased by a Member is listed in My Account page
  • Subscription Membership Plans can be Automatically/Manually renewed(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Site Admin can manually Add Membership Plans to any User
  • Site Admin can Enable/Disable any Membership Plan
  • Site Admin can Pause/Cancel any Subscription Membership Plan(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Site Admin can add Notes to any Member’s Membership Plan
  • Site Admin can view the list of Members and their Membership Plans
  • Log history for each Member’s Membership Plan
  • Subscription Membership Renewal reminder emails(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Master Log to record all the Membership Transactions in your site
  • Free Trial/Paid Trial can be provided for Membership Plan(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Number of Membership Trials for any User can be set(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Number of Active Memberships for each Member can be set(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • User can switch their Renewal Payment method between Automatic Renewal to Manual Renewal(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Reward Points Earning Percentage can be set for each Membership Plan (requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)
  • WPML Compatible
  • Highly Customizable
  • Translation Ready
  • And More

Compatible With

SUMO Memberships is Compatible with

1. SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Points and Rewards System

2. SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription System

3. SUMO Discounts & Advanced Pricing – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Discount System

4. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

How to Install SUMO Memberships?

1. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO Memberships from Codecanyon.
2. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
3. Install the latest version of SUMO Memberships i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
4. Activate the Plugin.

How to Upgrade to a newer version of SUMO Memberships?

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of SUMO Memberships then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of SUMO Memberships in your site.
2. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO Memberships from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
4. Install the latest version of SUMO Memberships i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 7.0.0 on 05 September 2023
Tweak: Improvement made in Default Membership Plan settings 
Tweak: Improvement made in Hide Restricted Products in Shop Page and Category Page option 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.3.1 and WooCommerce v8.0.3 
Fix: Membership Restriction not working for Variable Product(Conflict with Astra Theme)

Version 6.9.0 on 26 July 2023
Tweak: Compatible with High-Performance Order Storage[HPOS]
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress 6.2.2 and WooCommerce 7.9.0

Version 6.8 on 04 May 2023
New: Added option to customize Email Footer Content 
Tweak: Tested up to WordPress 6.2.0 and WooCommerce 7.6.1

Version 6.7 on 05 April 2023
Tweak: Improvement made in Membership plan expiry 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v6.2.0 and WooCommerce v7.5.1 
Fix: Menus in Appearance(backend) not clickable(conflict with WPML plugin)

Version 6.6 on 13 July 2022
New: Added customization message for Membership plan in single product page
Tweak: Tested upto WordPress v6.0 and WooCommerce v6.6.1
Fix: Error thrown in backend

Version 6.5 on 10 February 2022
Tweak: Tested upto WordPress v5.9 and WooCommerce v6.1.1 
Fix: Membership plan expiry issue

Version 6.4  on 14 December 2021
Tweak: Added Alternate content restriction option for post 
Tweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8.1 and WooCommerce v5.9.0 
Fix: Non numeric error occur on frontend pages

Version 6.3 on 14 November 2021
Fix: Shortcode [membership_product(s)] not work properly

Version 6.2 on 15 October 2021
Tweak: Code improvement made in Membership plan expiry status 
Tweak: Tested with WooCommerce v5.7.1

Version 6.1 on 15 September 2021
Fix: Add new membership plan is not displayed(Conflict with SG Security plugin)
Fix: Member Since & Expiry date displayed incorrectly in Members Table when the plan expiry date is updated manually

Version 6.0 on 04 June 2021
Tweak: Added Shortcodes [subscription_end_date], [subscription_renewal_date] to display subscriptions end date and  subscription renewal date in Membership Expiration Reminder Email.

Version 5.9 on 05 May 2021
New: Added POT File 
Tweak: Code improvement in [expiry_date] shortcode for Membership Expiration Reminder Email Settings

Version 5.8 on 24 March 2021
New: Added Custom CSS option in Advanced Tab 
Tweak: Code improvement made in URL Restriction by Redirection tab 
Tweak: Improvements made to display time as UTC/Local in Member since date column on the Member post table 
Tweak: Code Improvement made on My Memberships menu

Version 5.7 on 02 February 2021
Tweak: Improvement made in membership details when product is duplicated 
Fix: URL Restriction not work properly 
Fix: Subscription product compatibility not work properly 
Fix: Member post table filters not work properly

Version 5.6 on 01 January 2021
Tweak: Added First name, Last name & Shipping Address information in Export CSV file for Members 
Fix: Slowness issue occurs on frontend pages 
Fix: Fatal Error throws on frontend page when content restriction option is selected

Version 5.5 on 06 November 2020
Fix: Search filter not works properly in Members and Master log post table

Version 5.4 on 16 September 2020
Tweak: Improvements made in displaying membership plan expiry date based on WordPress Date/time format 
Fix: URL Redirection does not work properly when selected users without particular plans 
Fix: Search doest does not work properly in members and master log post table 
Fix: Fatal error throws in My Membership menu page on My account

Version 5.3 on 18 June 2020
Fix: Error when the membership plan is assigned to the user

Version 5.2 on 06 June 2020
New: Added option to restrict multiple plans
Tweak: Script Improvements

Version 5.1 on 09 April 2020
New: Added shortcode to display members with their details(plan(s) and status of the plan(s))
Fix: Membership plan email does not work when adding a new membership plan to a user manually
Fix: Backend of the page breaks(conflict with King Composer plugin)

Version 5.0 on 17 January 2020
Tweak: Added Membership menu in frontend (My Account page)

Version 4.9 on 11 November 2019
Fix: Add Rule button not working in the Edit page when membership plan name is given as a single quote 
Fix: Content restriction shortcode not working properly[shortcode inside another shortcode]

Version 4.8 on 18 October 2019
New: Added options to customize My Membership table in My account page 
Fix: Shortcode[membership_product(s)] problem 
Fix: Membership plan for previous order not works properly with Expired Subscription Status(Compatibility with SUMO Subscriptions)

Version 4.7 on 12 September 2019
Fix: Incorrectly Membership Plan accessible based on the order status

Version 4.6 on 08 August 2019
New: Added experimental option to restrict the home page 
Tweak: Coding Improvement(API) made for Adding a new plan to the user and updating the new product to the plan 
Tweak: Improvements made for the linked plan option 
Fix: Add rule button in the edit product page and Add Restriction button in URL restriction by redirection tab not works properly 
Fix: Check previous order for membership plan option did not work properly 
Fix: Admin not able to access all the pages in the site based on membership plan restrictions 
Fix: Reward points earning percentage not works properly based on the membership plan(Compatibility with SUMO Reward Points)

Version 4.5 on 20 April 2019
Tweak: Shortcode Improvements

Version 4.4 on 01 April 2019
Tweak: Added capabilities access to manually added membership plan users

Version 4.3 on 20 February 2019
New: Compatible with SUMO Affiliates Pro

Version 4.2 on 08 February 2019
Tweak: Upgrade and Downgrade Membership plan(compatibility with SUMO Subscription)

Version 4.1 on 29 January 2019
New: Given compatibility with SUMO Subscriptions switching feature 
Tweak: Changed "nonmembers" and "allmembers" as bold text in content restriction by shortcodes 
Fix: Fatal error(Non-object) displays for the guest user in My Account page

Version 4.0 on 27 December 2018
New: Added shortcodes to display membership users 
Tweak: Admin access Improvements for Restricted Content 
Tweak: Help Tab doesn't sort in order of the settings 
Fix: URL Restriction and redirection table jQuery Issue

Version 3.9 on 18 August 2018
Tweak: Added Hooks for Providing Default Memberships while Register through Social Actions(Compatible with SUMO WooCommerce Custom Registration Fields) 
Fix: Restriction by Redirection Validation after entered the Valid URL for Redirection 
Fix: Restriction by Redirection not working properly 
Fix: JS File En-queue Improvements in Unwanted Pages

Version 3.8 on 27 July 2018
New: Award Membership plan(s) if plan associated product has been purchased before linking to the plan 
New: Give/Revoke access for Previously purchased members when a Plan is Linked/Unlinked with Another Plan 
Fix: URL Format enhancement for Redirection URL

Version 3.7 on 11 July 2018
New: Enhanced restriction by short code functionality added("allmembers" & "nonmembers" as plan slug to access for All Members & All Non Members) 
New: Order Status selection for Granting the Membership access 
Fix: Content Restriction doesn't work when Link the Membership plan with other plans 
Fix: All Members Content displayed for the users who cancelled their Subscription which is associated with Membership plan

Version 3.6 on 29 May 2018
New: GDPR compliance WordPress compatibility for Data Access, Data Erasure and Privacy Policy update

Version 3.5 on 10 May 2018
New: Enhancements in Member(s) details Export option

Version 3.4 on 11 March 2018
New: SUMO WooCommerce Bookings Compatibility
Tweak: Improvements with select2

Version 3.3 on 27 December 2017
New: Bulk Update option enhancement for Posts/Pages

Version 3.2 on 21 November 2017
New: Added option to export the email address of the members
Fix: Translation for plan status displayed on my account page

Version 3.1 on 29 September 2017
New: Hook added to change the user role based on the Membership plan
Fix: Hook not triggered when updating the plan's status using SUMO Subscriptions

Version 3.0 on 25 August 2017
Fix: Price not displayed for restricted products
Fix: Wrong Restriction message displayed when the access type is "all-members & users-without-particular-plans" 
Fix: Process not complete on bulk update when "include product" selected
Fix: Error message displays in membership plans & members post page(backend)

Version 2.9 on 11 August 2017
New: Bulk Update is added to update restrictions for Products
New: Compatibility with WP Job Manager plugin
Fix: Restricted Products displayed in Product Category page when "Hide Restricted Products in Shop Page and Category Page" is enabled

Version 2.8 on 04 July 2017
New: Added option to display the guest login message for [sumo_member_details] shortcode
Fix: Problem $wpdb->prefix

Version 2.7 on 11 April 2017
New: WooCommerce 3.0.x compatibility
Fix: Product Restriction problem

Version 2.6 on 20 March 2017
Fix: Plugin Meta keys display problem
Fix: Plugin settings Tabs disappeared with PHP 7.1
Fix: Non-numeric value issue
Fix: Subscription Post Id displayed instead of Subscription Number in Admin Dashboard

Version 2.5 on 02 March 2017
New: Alternate Content for Restricted Pages

Version 2.4 on 14 February 2017
New: Added Shortcode to display Membership related info in My Account Page

Version 2.3 on 17 January 2017
New: Link Additional Plans based on User Purchase History
New: Option to Disable Transfer Membership Plan option and Link Users option for Default Membership Plans added

Version 2.2 on 07 November 2016
- New: Link Membership Plans with other users

Version 2.1 on 18 October 2016
Fix: WooCommerce Activated check improvement

Version 2.0 on 29 August 2016
New: Default Membership Plans during Account Signup
New: Transfer of Membership Plans
New: Compatible with SUMO Discounts Plugin
New: Content Restriction in RSS Feed
Tweak: Updated Translation po files
Fix: Purchasable Options are hidden in Single Product Page of a Product if the Related Products of that Product
     are restricted by a Membership Plan

Version 1.3 on 01 August 2016
New: Added option to Allow Members to Pause their Membership Plan
Tweak: Updated po files for Dutch language for language translation
Fix: When Admin manually adds a Plan to the Member, the Plan is displayed as Expired
Fix: Cron is unscheduled when Admin manually updated the Plan Expiry
Fix: Date doesn't displayed along with Time when Admin updated a Plan in Members tab
Fix: Membership Plan updated even though if Admin doesn't change any values and click the Update button
Fix: Problem occurred when Admin manually update a Membership Plan to an User
Fix: Membership Notes CSS display problem
Fix: Admin was able to set same Membership Plan multiple times for an User
Fix: Expiry Date of a Membership Plan for an User changes to Never Expires when Admin manually update the status of the Membership Plan from Pause to Active for the respective User

Version 1.2 on 24 July 2016
New: Added Advanced Tab to choose Custom Post Type Restriction
Fix: Problem in Force Guest Account Creation

Version 1.1 on 24 June 2016
- New: Force Signup in Checkout Page when Guest adds a Membership Product to Cart

Version 1.0 on 15 June 2016
- Initial Release

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