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nazmi69 Purchased

Hello, Even though I already put URL Restriction, user still can access the website. Can you give me the steps, afraid that I missed any steps.

[membership plan=”first_membership,second_membership”] Restricted Content !  Please register and subscribe membership to enter this page [/membership]

I also put this into the pages, it also doesn’t work ..

Last question, I use Profile Builder so user can register before become a member. And I want the user’s membership plan is displayed in the user profile, is there any shortcode for me to display the membership plan subscribed by the user?

Thank you, I love this plugin


nazmi69 Purchased

I have found the solution for the restricted content, it is in the documentation given.

I haven’t found the answer for this question:

I use Profile Builder so user can register before become a member. And I want the user’s membership plan is displayed in the user profile, is there any shortcode for me to display the membership plan subscribed by the user?


Please open a support ticket at so that our support can look into it. It will easy to follow up and communicate with your this way.



I want to use Post Affiliate Pro script. Can you confirm that the bridge with woocommerce will be functional, When members will register on SUMO Memberships (and Sumo subscriptions)?

That when a member will register, it will be copied into post affiliate pro?

Thank you
Or rather with this Wordpress integration plugin:


This Plugin works on top of WooCommerce and as long as the other Plugin works similarly with WooCommerce then it should work though it is hard to say without checking. If you want us to check then please email to our support at with the steps to check.


is it compatible with ? i use it for automatic subscription renewals which is compatible with my payment gateway provider

It is compatible only with SUMO Subscriptions and not with the other Plugin you are referring to.



3angle Purchased

Hi, Can this plugin change the user role after a product purchase ?

This Plugin doesn’t change the user role. Thanks.

Hello, Does your plugin support following scenario? Some client (agency or company) buys a membership of certain page for certain time. All the time that the membership is active, the page URL and content is available to ALL (even unregistered) users. When the membership is expired or stopped, the access is closed for all users. It can be suitable for company that buys an access for some page/post in our site for its employees or for agency that wants to run a campaign and buys an access to the landing page, opened for all users for a period of time limited by the membership. Of course auto-subscription integration with your subscriptions plugin support is required as well.


The existing option is as follows. One can buy a membership plan and get access to a page URL and content. Then this buyer can allow some other members (registered users on the site) access to the page URL and content. SUMO Memberships and SUMO Subscriptions are compatible with each other.

What you ask is different. Please contact our support at by opening a ticket and we will check it out.



Can your plugin be able to do this? 1. Membership levels for pricing and discounts - For example: Premium and Standard membership a. premium Food 1 = $60 (For non-membership) Food 1 = $50 (For standard membership) Food 1 = $40 (For Premium membership)

2. Quantity discount logic - For example: If I bought one chicken only. I will pay $50. But If I bought two chickens. I will pay $90 instead of $100. And If I bought four chickens. I will pay $160 instead of $200.

Please reply so that I can begin introducing your plugin to my client. Thanks!

I would appreciate it if you could find a way or provide recommendations for me to use your plugin if ever your plugin does not support one of these two. Thanks!


Both 1 & 2 can be achieved using SUMO Memberships and SUMO Discounts & Advanced Pricing Plugin.


Is it possible to restrict access to non-wordpress pages? Like if I make my own panel out of PHP/JS is there a bit of PHP I can add to any .php file so user has to be logged into WP and subscribed to visit it?

It is a WooCommerce based Plugin and it may not be possible to do what you are expecting. Thanks.

Hello, pre-sale question. Is it possible to set a membership expiration by an actual duration of time from when they register? I’m looking to allow 1 hour per registration and then they can extend after the hour. Is this possible or is the lowest value 1 day? thx!!


Support for hours is not available. Only day, week, month etc. We will check the feasibility in future.


Hi there,

I’ve a pre sale question:

You mentioned that I can restrict content with Shortcodes. Do you have a list, where I can see all of these Shortcodes?

when i try to add a new member on SUMO, “Member Since” section is automatically typed with incorrect time.. how can i fix it? Wordpress settings are all okay


Please contact our support at by opening a ticket so that our support can check it out.



actsone Purchased

Hello, Ms/Mr.

I want add some function for me. I was buy this plugin, but I’m not use it, it only have a too basic function. So, I will suggest to you for using in our website.

First. “Add member” page & function It have a only manual member search and add function, it was really fun. We have a 20,000 customers and we will expect 100,000 more customers. So, how to add it. you are only testing internal member (5 or 10, it’s can, but if 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000, it’s impossible) - so, please add function by conditional status, by list or by group

Second, “if I add member and membership, then what is the next action?” - if you really want good sales, combine with other plugin (membership discount or membership point), this time this plugin only have a membership setting, that’s all and it’s useless. (I recommend combine with your discount plugin, the plugin sales also not good.)

This time, your plugin is not “Fantastic”, so I will expect your plugin become to “Fantastic”

Thanks, Regards, Mr.Kim


This Plugin is meant to take care of Memberships related functionality and that is what we planned for it. If you feel this Plugin isn’t helpful to you then you can take a refund now and check back later when we come up with a kind of solution you are looking for. You can take a refund by opening a refund request with envato In the following link ( ) you can use the “Click here to request a refund” button to get a refund.

We are making note of your suggestions and we will see what best we can do about it. Thanks for your suggestions.


I just bought your plugin with SUMO subscription and after exploring all the options, i guess there is no way to assign membership to a user role. If so, I won’t be able to use your plugin because I use another plugin that need user role option for my customer. I thought all membership plugin add user role option but not yours. I tried to found informations on your site but nothing about that. Just let me know if I’m wrong.

Please email to with the other plugin which needs the user role and exactly what kind of option you need in our Plugin with respect to user role so that our support can check it out and reply to you. As of now this Plugin doesn’t change the user role but from what you say it should not be hard to bring such an option.


Hi a pre-purchase question. I want to sell products only if someone purchase membership.

1. Is your plugin work in a way that person purchase membership as guest and than have access to other products?

2. Is there a way of generating unique number for each member?

3. Is there a way for members to notify and allow them to renew membership?

Thank you.


1. Guest will be forced to create an account while purchasing membership plan.
2. We generate subscription number which is unique when SUMO Memberships and SUMO Subscriptions are used in case that helps.
3. We send 3 emails when SUMO Memberships is used and in this case there is no renewals involved
a. Membership access email
b. Membership going to expire reminder
c. Membership expired information
When SUMO Memberships + SUMO Subscriptions are used together then only the renewal memberships applies and in this case the email notification for membership renewal is sent.


Pre-sale question ! I don’t see any mention about drip feed content, is this something available now or in a near future ?

There is delayed access feature and drip feed is not available. We will look into the feasibility in future though hard to give any time frame.


Thanks !

Thanks. Cheers…

Hi, would like to know if this plug-in allows us to add our own notes to accounts individually at the backend? or if we are able to let them write an extra comment/save a note in their dashboard.

It is not possible in SUMO Memberships as of now. It is only available in SUMO Subscriptions which can be used with SUMO Memberships for running recurring memberships. We will check this in future.



I’m looking for a plugin for my customer ( a lawyer ) Their new clients can make an account. The lawyer can write the progression about their case in their account. The client can login and see this progression.

Is this possible?

Thank you much.



It is not possible as of now. Thanks.

Hi, pre-purchase question.

I need a very specific type of membership plugin. Here’s my requirements:

We are building a membership for residential complex. This membership is a mandatory, meaning all residents (per house) must have a membership plan. They will pay obligatory fee such as maintenance & security fee on monthly basis. There will also be additional but optional membership fee such as swimming pool & gym membership, upon which residents can sign up within membership site.

Based on this, we need:

1. Users CANNOT cancel their membership. This defeats the purpose of almost all type of common wordpress membership plugins I found out there (we hope yours would be different). Since users are residents, the only time their membership is cancelled is when they move out of the residential complex (and that is a very rare occasion), upon which even they cannot cancel themselves, it has to be estate management admin who’ll help with the cancellation.

2. Since users cannot cancel their membersip, they also must pay for the membership fee, which is ultimately the obligatory residential maintenance fee. But we understand that sometimes residents are too busy or can forget that their fees are overdue. So we need a system where if a user forgot to pay for first month, unpaid fees will roll over to second month, and so on. Of course on the back end, we will keep notifying that user to remember to pay asap, but we can’t escape the nature of people. My boss has shown me the statistics of one of the residential complex: out of 300 houses, around 50 houses would always forget to pay between 1-3 months overdue.

3. The ability to provide different maintenance fee packages (kind of like different membership levels), because certain house types have different monthly fees compared to the other. But ultimately what we want is for the user to ONLY be able to subscribe to their respective fees. I assume this can be achieved because we have installed “BuddyPress” and “User Role Editor” plugins. What’s left is now the membership plugin.

Let me know if these are possible. Thank you in advance! Cheers…


Please contact our support at by opening a ticket so that our support can reply after checking and also check the feasibility of any feature that is currently not available in the Plugin.


Hi there, can i set a membership plan which is free?

Not sure if we understand exactly, but it should be doable. Please contact our support at by opening a ticket for help.



My support for this plugin expired some time back and I cannot buy a support extension right now, but I was wonder if you could take one question that I have placed on your support site:

After I changed my theme to Xstore, the plugin is not reading any products, i.e., under the “Purchasing the following Product(s) will provide access to this plan : (Search for products)” section of the Membership Plan settings, it says “No Matches Found”, even though there are two products in woocommerce.

I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks.


FPAddons Author Team


Thanks for opening a support ticket. Our support will check it out.


Hi there, I am creating an online course. I am looking at both your subscription and membership plugins. I need to provide drip content. Is this doable? Also, are the user accounts setup for access within WordPress and woocommerce or separate database?

Also, can I purchase and try the product to make sure it does what I need it to do? I have been through a lot of plugins and it seems yours will deliver what I need.


Please send us an email to with more details so that our support can check and get back to you.


it has been sent this morning… sent one last night too lol can you please respond