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for Customer Support

Awesome ticket support.
Quick and precisely.

for Feature Availability

I wholeheartedly recommend Fantastic Plugins and their software- they're amazing! They offer a robust, comprehensive solution for pretty much everything you could need for your Woocommerce subscription store, including a great membership points and discounts programme, and a refer a friend scheme.

We initially purchased all the Woocommerce branded plugins (subscriptions, memberships, reward points), directly from the Woocommerce store page. Right out of the box I wasn't very impressed with the range of features, and while tech support was prompt, it often wasn't very insightful.

It was after some searching around that we found Fantastic Plugins and their SUMO range. What a difference! Not only is their entire set of plugins much cheaper than the official Woocommerce store ones, they offer a vastly more comprehensive feature set in each plugin.

The support by Fantastic Plugins is also brilliant. We had a few issues configuring the reward points software, so their team actually went into our website and sorted it for us.
They also went above and beyond this. For the synchronisation of the subscriptions, we needed them to be tied to a day of the month (and not a specific month), a feature that didn't exist in SUMO Subscriptions. We asked this question, and Fantastic Plugins told us it didn't exist but they would look into it for us. A week later they sent us a development version that has implemented that feature! Wow! I was amazed they would actually code a whole new feature just for one customer, but they did. And they're currently investigating a second feature we need.

In summary, all the SUMO plugins were excellent and much better than their WooCommerce rivals. Changing systems over to SUMO completely was the best decision we could have made. They have more features, more flexibility and fantastic levels of support.

I'm incredibly happy we found them and recommend them to anyone who wants to offer subscriptions, reward points, or discounts.

for Bugs

This plugin should not be sold. A lot of mistakes. One thing is a mistake and another is that we have to be testing the functionalities for hours, because they do not work correctly. Even calendars do not work properly. I wonder if these plugins are actually tested by someone or are released for sale in any way.


Author response

You contacted our support once few months back for which we replied and after which you never contacted our support. Not sure what problem you are facing. Our Plugins are tested thoroughly. We are not sure if you misunderstood the functionality of the Plugin. If you are not going to use this Plugin then you can take a refund by opening a refund request with envato In the following link ( https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- ) you can use the "Click here to request a refund" button to get a refund.

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