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It’s a pre-sell question.Can this plugin make coupon code for people who purchase ? And that coupon code have a role about the total price over maybe $70 .

I want to make a move for customer . after they made a purchase ,they will get a coupon . But that coupon can only make sense when their second purchase total price has to over $70 .

can this plugin make this ? thanks


Yes, you can award points for product purchase based on cart total and you can limit the usage of coupons with min/max cart total for coupon usage options that are available in the General tab which you can check in the screenshots.



thanks for your reply. Can this plugin working well on visitor buyer ? Can this plugin adding free product as a coupon reward ?


Sorry, it won’t work that way. Thanks.

Hi there, tossing up between using this plugin or your rewards points. Both have their benefits and am just wondering if coupon usage can be disabled for on sale items that are added in the cart with normal priced items? Thanks.

Yes, when the user signs up then the coupons will be added in their My Account page if the credit coupon mode is set up and will be emailed if the email mode is set up as soon as the signup process is completed.


Hi there, how did you go finding out about the coupon usage being prevented on sale items as mentioned above? I’d also like some further development done on this plugin so that when a coupon is used, the customer does not qualify for a coupon on next order even if they hit the threshold and qualify for one. Is this something I can pay you to do or do you know of a good developer who could do it?

The option to prevent coupons usage on sale items was done in v2.5 which is already release.

Please contact us through the profile page contact form with more details on the new requirement and we will go from there.


Dear team! Is it possible (with this plugin) to use a coupon more than ones? (As credit card) so that the value declin and several times could be used by same customer?

This kind of feature isn’t available. Thanks.


upmedio Purchased

Hi, It’s Pre-Sale question. We bought SUMO reward points already. Can this plugin uses with SUMO reward point to redeeming point to get the coupon?

Example - Use 1,000 point to get Product A for free - Use 1,000 point to get coupon for get Product A for free (or -100% discount)

If yes.. - How to show list of coupon on the front end?


There is no such feature. We will look into the feasibility in future updates. Thanks.


upmedio Purchased

Website crashed after activate SUMO Coupon plugin. Could you investigate cause of the problem? If possible we can give you the credential.

Please contact our support at and we will check it out.


Hi. I bought it. But how can I set the amount of the auto coupons on general page?! I want when the user completed an order from category A, he get $2 discount coupon.

If you would like to take a refund then you need to open a support ticket with envato. The details are here


Hi. I requested today after your answer. When you accept it?


We respond within a day. Please note we haven’t got any refund request from you so far. Please see if you have done it properly. As said we will respond within a day once we get the request.


hi i wan’t to make something like customer loyalty card, so if a customer purchase a product they will have stamp show in myaccount page and after 5 purchase system will autogenerate coupon for discount which user can use for next order.

can your plugin does it?


Sorry, these kind of features are not available. Thanks.

It seems this plugin conflicts with `Slider Revolution`. Could you please help me to figure it out?

Please contact our support at so that our support can check it out.


Are the coupon emails based on the woocommerce email templates? I’m using email customizer by CX themes just want to try and ensure they will work with that plugin. Thanks a lot.

Please do check with our support by email at with the other Plugin files for testing.


Hello, I have a presale question. Is it possible to manually approve a review before giving the coupon? thx.


The reviews can be approved by the site admin which is available in WordPress. The coupons are awarded once the reviews are approved.


Hi I noticed issues with Visual composer from some users. Is it still true? Or have you done something in new versions to handle this? This si presale question, thanks.

And another one – is it possible to share non-product page, e.g. event page from Event calendar plus etc.? And is it possible with auto-apply mode?

This means placing sharing buttons for social coupons with shortcode.


There is no open issues as of now. You can always contact our support if you find any.

There is no shortcode support the way you are expecting which we will look in future updates.


Really interested on this coupon . Just want to know can coupons be created in such a way that it is valid for particular day every week or even any particular time.? say for example i want to create a coupon that becomes valid only if it is used on monday ( every monday of a week) or say every monday between 3pm to 5pm. I want to attract customer at particular time of the day or particular day of the week and needs to be re-occuring.

is this possible?


These kind of options are not available. Please feel free to discuss with our support at by opening a ticket.


Hey again guys,

hope the development on your plugins is going well! Almost at the stage of building my site where I can implement this plugin, just 3 quick questions -

1. Could this plugin be used to issue store credits to customers and have that credit apply to shipping as well as the product costs (true credit)?

2. If so, I’m assuming the expiry for an individual coupon can be set as per standard Woocommerce coupon system?

3. I also need to offer a gift card system, so if you know of a plugin that has been tested with yours and is compatible please provide me the details.

Thanks heaps,



1. You can use this Plugin for store credits (which will be in the form of coupons) and this can be used for product purchase. Our Plugin works based on WooCommerce coupon so whatever is possible with WooCommerce coupon should be possible with our Plugin. 2. Yes. 3. Sorry, we haven’t tested and hence we don’t have a suggestion.


So can coupon discounts be applied to shipping costs or only to the product costs?

Hi, I have some pre-sale questions:

1) I want to insert a Facebook “share for discount code” button on any page of my choice by using shortcodes or HTML. Can your plugin do this?

2) It needs to generate a WoooCommerce one-time use code. But I do not want it applied to customers account or their shopping cart. I just want it to generate the random the code and display it on the page where the share button was shown. Is that possible?

Sorry, these are not possible. Thanks.

Hi, Is it possible to enable Credit Coupon Mode and also send email to first sign up customer ( Email mode)? which means two Store Credit Coupon Mode. Thanks.

As of now only one mode can be used at a time. We will look into adding another mode where both credit coupon and email coupon will work. Please check with our support at for more details and if you need any additional features.


Is there any option to apply coupons to shipping costs? I just have installed your plugin and haven´t found any option that refers somehow to shipping.

It works based on the WooCommerce coupons. Please reach our support at and our support will check it out.


Hi i bought your plugin but there is one function not working..when my order up to $ xx, will gain a coupon…pls try to fix it ! Thank u so much

Thanks for opening a support ticket. Our support will check and reply. Cheers…

Hi there,

you sort of answered my question previously, but I’d just like clarification. Can coupons in this plugin be applied to shipping costs?

It doesn’t support shipping cost. Thanks.

PRESALE QUESTION Hello, I want to send coupon for specific product and client will receive it when spend e.g 100$ in my shop.

Example: - Client is buying various products in my shop and spend 100$ to 200$ - I’m sending a coupon with 10$ discount for just one selected product. - Client spend 201$+ in my shop - I’m sending a coupon with 30$ discount for just one selected product.

Can I do it with your plugin?


You can set up spend $100 to $200 then give $10 coupon, spend $201+ then give $30 coupon. But applying these coupons on one selected product is a global setting and can’t be done for each coupon differently.


So I can send coupon to user but it will be valid for all products? Or I can set that all coupons will be valid for only one product?

You can set both ways either the coupon can be used on all products or the coupon can be restricted by included products, excluded products, all categories, included categories, excluded categories for coupons earned through product purchase.