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A quick presale question.

I have a representative who is taking care of our customers.

I want to set a provision rate for every purchase made by his customers. Is there a way to assign a Customer account to his Affiliate account?

For example. 1. The customer of my representative is making a purchase via his WooCommerce account, 2. The provision for the purchase is going directly to my representative affiliate account.

Thanks in advance, Radek

Hi, I’ve jst bought your plugin and the Manual Linking is working fine. The plugin overall is easy to handle.

But I’ve occured one issue and I have a question.

Is there a way to apply a percentage commision based on order total and not on only one product?

For example I’ve added 100x products for 1 USD each and the commision applied only for 1 product, not 100.

Thanks in advance.

Okay i fixed that, you can add another option to the “Enable Affiliates Commissions for”.

New option: Order total.

And use ”$product_total = $line_item[‘line_subtotal’];”

instead of

$product_total = $line_item[‘line_subtotal’] / max(1, $line_item[‘qty’]) );

That’s it.

Thanks for the info. Please do contact our support at to see whether what changes you did is sufficient or not. We will bring this option in future updates.


Hi.. my company site have bitcoin directory.. so, we so interesting on your plugin.. but does this plugin will support for bitcoin payment like bitpay or just add bitcoin payment?...

Because we do not using paypal,paypal to much talking.. :)

Sorry, this Plugin doesn’t have inbuilt bitcoin payment gateway. Thanks.

Pre-sales question. Does your plugin support subscription payments for a product? I would like to use woocommerce for my services which are billed monthly (probably using but my sales force is entirely affiliates so I am looking for a solution that would accommodate this. thanks.

Please check with our support by email at with the other Plugin files and exactly what to check.


I haven’t actually purchased the plugin yet as I am still doing my research but do you provide facility for affiliate subscription commissions in any way?

If life time referral is enabled then for all purchases including renewals the affiliates will work. But please do contact our support to check for more details before you decide.


I just updated the plugin and now my order-received page is broken. It goes into a continual loop, never showing order confirmation. Once I disable your plugin, it works again. Do you have a solution for me?

Have you purchased? Please post from the account you purchased. Thanks.

Hello, please advise me on your products. I need the following functionality for the mlm site: 1) We are going to sell goods to customers registered on the site. So there is needed the opportunity to order goods for users. 2) They buy it and sell them. After selling they note on the website that they have sold the goods. 3) Then we pay everyone who sold a product % of product cost (everyday). Preferably automatically at the same time. 4) In the admin panel can be seen when, who, and how many were granted money and the final balance of the user. Is it possible to do with your product? Thank you for answer, Pavel.


This Plugin works based on referral links with cookies. You can also link the affiliates with their users manually. Please check the live preview, screenshots etc to see if this will suit your needs.