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Hi there!

Is it possible to add a field for an email address?

Thanks, Igor.


If that’s OK for you to remove “title” field and put “email” instead – it’s trivial to do and we may show you how to do it. If we got more requests for such feature, we will prepare an update to this item so that directly from wordpress admin could set which field to display.

If you don’t want to remove “title” field and add new “email” field – this would require a bit more coding, but we may prepare customization for you free of charge for one skin :)

Understood. Thanks for your offer.

I’m considering to integrate a plugin in my new project.

Regards, Igor

Sure, just let us know when you need us :)

Best regards, createIT team


great plugin, but i have a question:

if i embed it by shortcode to all my articles, does this plugin add a link in backend so that it’s easier to assign any suggestions to any of my articles?

regards Michael


Yes, you will see the link.

Suggest Box harvests the URL of website (article) the suggestion came from and displays it in the backend (as seen on this screen – there is sortable, clickable “Url” column). It doesn’t make difference if you embed it using shortcode or as a widget.

Thanks! createIT team

The button is not visible to me. Have made ??it so like in the manual!

Hi, please send the code you’re using or link to test website to – we’ll help you.

Hi Friends!! we are looking something like this for use like a contact form. its possible to get an email instead of Title? Can we use it in the footer of our wordpress theme? thanks

Hi, we are working on an update which will allow to use title or email field (with validation). Suggest box can be positioned anywhere you want – just use shortcode inside your template.

I’ve installed and it’s working fine, but how do I disable access for Authors in Dashboard?

Hi, thanks for buying Suggest Box. By default, only subscribers cannot read suggestions. To change it, simply edit plugin file in createit-suggest-box/admin/admin.php. In line: 15 change ‘edit_posts’ to ‘edit_pages’. Edit_pages permission is allowed only for Super Admins, Administrators and Editors so Authors will not be able to view it.

File can be edited via FTP or directly in wordpress. Just log into wp-admin and paste this link after your domain address: /wp-admin/plugin-editor.php?file=createit-suggest-box/admin/admin.php Change required permissions and hit Update file. That’s it.

More info about roles and permissions (check Capability vs. Role Table):

Hi, Do you have plans to clear this for wp 3.5? Happy trails, Mike

Hi cowboymikef, Thanks. We’ve just tested it and everything works like a charm in wp 3.5!


Hi I just bought this plugin but not working for me on the latest wp 3.6, I am trying to use it in a post as short code. When I am putting the shot code in the post, it displays as is on the page. Please help, I want to use this as a small form on the front page of my site to get suggestions. any help will be appreciated.

Wow, I didn’t even know 3.6 is already out :) The last version we tested against was 3.5 :)

Anyway, could you please send us URL + admin credentials to your website? We will help you :)

Hi All,

I bought the suggestion box plugin the other day and it not only works great… The people at Createit are great and give excellent customer support. I had an issue installing the plugin b/c of my wordpress theme and they help me fix it right away.

If you are looking for a suggestion box, look no further.

Hi guys,

very nice plugin! Just asking myself: is it also possible to add some checkboxes? User should report content, whether its not working or abusing.

Thank you!

This plug-in is exactly what I was looking for. It had a conflict with my main theme and the author came and personally customized the code so it would work properly. Very appreciated and highly recommended!


Hey, Thinking about buying it but would like to know if there is a easy way to print all of the suggestions. Can it be downloaded to a excel file or some other method ?


You may set up our script in such a way, that suggestions are mailed directly to your mailbox, so you could print them from there. There is no direct excel or csv export feature.

cheers! createIT


Can you have this work as a shortcode in a widget, which just displays the feedback field and a submit button? Rather than a button you press to then pop-up the feedback form.

Hi there!

This would be possible only after additional customization. This functionality is more characteristic for the typical contact form plugin.

Thanks, createIT