Suggest Box For Wordpress

Suggest Box For Wordpress

Suggest Box For Wordpress is a tool that allows your audience to easily suggest anything regarding your WordPress based website.

It is a full tool, including CSS, JavaScript and PHP scripts to cover the task of handling suggestions. This is so much more than typical contact form! You may implement it as a widget or using a shortcode. All suggestions go to database (easy browsing and searching in an interactive grid) or to your mail or easy to parse to logfile.


  • 12 skins included, easily create new skins
  • Support for many languages: english, german, spanish, french, polish
  • Antispam protection
  • Built on CSS3, graceful degradation on older browsers
  • PHP construction based on templates – easy to change!
  • Supports writing suggestions to a logfile or sending via e-mail
  • Supports various positions of call to action button – static mode, sticky mode, vertical mode etc – you may choose your best in just 2 words!
  • Wide configuration options – both PHP and JS
  • Easy to implement on your website – no need to understand internals to use it
  • Widget mode and shortcode mode supported


  • WordPress 3.0 and newer
  • jQuery 1.7
  • ColorBox
  • Google Web Fonts (optional)


  • 3 aug 2012
    • Added title/email switch: now you may ask user for his email address with just one switch in WP panel. Given e-mail will be validated!

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