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hey Pippin! Great job with EDD :) Just wondering if you’re planning to update the code for this / add features?


At this time I do not have any updates planned for this, sorry.

The plugin demo doesn’t work properly on Google Chrome.

Could you elaborate? In what way is it not working?

Hi your plugin doesn’t work on product pages of woocommerce, it crashes the page a bit and says this message

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_rating_count() on a non-object in /home/exampledomain/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product-reviews.php on line 20

I would really like to get this to work but not really sure if you can help me.

Could you show me a live URL?

Yeah give me an email to send it to, i don’y like back-linking my website on codecanyon.

You can send it in a support ticket via

Are going to beable to help me Mordauk?

Yep! You just need to be a little patient and allow me at least 24 hours to respond :)

Hello! This is a nice plugin, but i have a problem. When my users clic to close a question, the toggle box does not close completely.

Is this a common bug? how could i fix this?

Thank you!!!

It’s usually caused by a minor CSS conflict with your theme. As a quick test, does it work fine with one of the default themes?

its not work

what the shortcode how can i use it

there is now instractions

Check the documentation. It’s inside the plugin folder.

hi there,

can i apply my own colour and font type to the tabs or are these lock to a default please?

If you write your own CSS, yes.

Shame wpml is not compatible. Great faq plugin. But as of now. Wast of money. You talked about making it multi language a year ago. Any real progress in this area ? Thanks.

Sorry, I have not been able to.

Do visitors have to create an account and login first to submit an FAQ? and user submitted FAQs have to be approved first before published? I couldn’t tell from your demo and screenshots. Thanks.

No, guests can submit FAQs. All FAQs have to be approved.


i’ve just purchased, but can’t the question asker receive an email when someone replied to his question ? thanks

hi thanks ! i think this should work but how could i get you asker email meta date please ? thanks

function dont_publish( $post_ID ) { if(get_post_type($post_type) 'faq' && get_post_type($post_status) ‘pending’ ){ } add_action( ‘publish_post’, ‘dont_publish’ );

global $sf_meta_box;
wp_mail( '', 'The subject', 'The message' );

You can retrieve it from the $_POST data.

thanks for your answer, but could you give me more details please, i don’t know $_POST data thanks !!

Huge waste of money. There is nothing special about this plugin, in fact it’s pretty useless. Do not recommend.

Does it or does it not do exactly what it says it does? If you feel there are features missing, what are they?

What is shortcode to display FAQ? not on website not on plugins, fix?

[faqs] – It is documented in the readme.txt file.

accordian not closing all the way. Something I should look for on this?

Could you show me a live URL to where this is happening?

If I purchase , How can I translate it to spanish ?

This plugin is not able to be translated, sorry.

Is this plugin compatible with WP 4.3?

Yes it is.


I’m unable to close a FAQ question all the way. When I do close it, I am unable to reopen it.

You can see the error here:

The first FAQ section is using your plugin.

Any idea how to fix this?


I just pushed out an update that should fix this issue.

That fixed things, thank you!

Glad to hear it!

Hey Mordauk,

Small issue: If I open a question and then close it, I am unable to open it again unless I click another question first.

Example: I click Question A to open it. I click Question A again to close. I can not reopen Question A. To fix this, I click Question B and then click Question A to open it.

You can see it here:

If this can’t be fixed, that’s fine but if there is a way then that would be great. Thanks!

Is it only happening in some browsers or all browsers?

Hi, Is there a search field? (Not the wordpress built in) Looking for a FAQ-plugin with a search filed that only searches within the FAQ:s and not the whole site. Grateful for answer! Have a good day!

No, a search form is not included.

Is this plugin responsive?

Yes it is, though the final result can be impacted by the responsiveness of your theme.