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Hi , Is there more than one level of difficulty in this game ? and if no can it be done ? Is there a helper that can show the correct answers while playing ?

Hi haythamalaa, there is only one game difficulty and there is no helper.

Hello, and thank’s for your game . in fact : I want to know if I purchase the game , can I play it on my mobile android at once , I mean after I download it , or there are some necessary customization ?

Hi sanayar2008, this game is for iPhone.

Hello I want to purchase the app, i just would like to know how many levels, and if i can add more.

Thank you

Hi jpaulcscr, there is one level randomly generated so each time you play it is different, you can play it as many times you like.

Hi.. What about ad-support?


Hi danberglund, feel free to add any ad SDK you want, there are no SDKs in game at the moment.

I’m not a skilled programmer.. Could you give me some code to paste? (presale question)

Hi danberglund, this depends on SDK, each SDK have sample what lines of code to add, you can check that on their web pages or in doc and easily add it.

any ads can be showed?

Hi we1000, feel free to add any ad SDK you want, there are no SDKs in game at the moment.

How is the sudoku generated? Is an algorithm included (like the sudoku backtracking algorithm) to generate a new game with a unique solution?

And some more info needed concerning the game:
  • does it use SpriteKit or is it totally written with UIKit?
  • if UIKit, are the view sizes and positions managed with autolayout to make it easily expandable to iPad?
  • any gamecenter included?
  • is the current state of the game saved if user leaves the app?
  • any points/rewards etc included if user finishes fast?

I want to buy this game for learning purpose please tell me main code can be editable or it is a static library ?

Hi thakkar, main code is editable.

hello, does this code support 64 Bit and latest IOS version and XCODE?.


Is it supports Xcode 8.1 & iOS 10

Need Code without ads & Inapppurchse Can you provide?