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While validating i am getting this error.


I have remove MAC version and compiling for iOS only.

Please help

Add CFBundleShortVersionString entry in info.plist file , or the file project-name-info.plist that should be there in project. I hope you have not removed that by mistake.

Hey are you getting my emails ? Regarding panic run!?

Yes , I am replying to them … sorry I was away for a while.

hello i am getting below error

hello i am getting below error

ERROR ITMS-90032: “Invalid Image Path – No image found at the path CFBundleFiles’: ‘Icon.png’

And I tried hard to find where is thar, with no result

welcome :) , don’t forget to rate the game … means a lot for authors. Thank you

How to proceed with android version ?

The android project is included, as it is made with cocos2dx and xcode. But you will have to do some changes and transfer it using eclipse and all.

Hello, My app was refused for below error:

Your iTunes Connect settings indicate that your app serves third-party advertisements. However, we were unable to locate ads in your app.

Please reply to this message to provide the steps for locating third-party ads in your app. When we hear back from you, we will continue the review.

I added the admob code, is there anything else I need to do ?

Everything is properly added, Please check your settings before submission.

Hi – code is great and i am almost finished my reskin and setup on itunes correctly but it is not reporting scores to gamecenter? I notice you are not calling ‘reportHighScore’ from gamescene.cpp. Is this an omission? I think this might be why?

It was reporting on my device actually, Try it and let me know what happens with the change !

Yep definitely. When I add ‘ThirdPartyInterface::reportHighScore(highScore);’ to the code below in GameScene.cpp it works straight away.

void GameScene::GoToGameScene() { playCount++;

if (playCount % 3 == 0)
if(score > highScore)
    highScore = score;
UserDefault::getInstance()->setIntegerForKey("HighScore", highScore);
// * added here to report highscore to GameCenter *



This app was refused twice because of IDFA advertising identifier. How can we remove it ?!!!! I’m ising chart boost and it seems it doesn’t use it!

Did you follow the document ? chartboost is integrated.

yes I did, and followed your instruction, and the app is still being refused. please can you helpppp the app has no meaning anymore. it’s all about time.

Any help !!!!! The app is refused whatever I do !!!

Awesome game here, great job! However most games now have iAP to remove ads for the players who really don’t want them and to help monetization for developers. Could you please add an iAP to remove the ads? If there was also a screen which listed different characters that could be purchased with iAPs that would be so awesome and help even more greatly with monetization. Every little bit helps :) Thanks! Good luck with sales.

The code seems to broken for reporting the user’s score when sharing—it always reports “my score is 0”. How to fix it?

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