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It’s seems good. Bookmarked !

Nice game, fun to play :D

What libraries have you used? (for physics, or any other libraries like processing.js, etc…)

Thank you! We use box2d

Very nice game. Addicting, best of luck with sales.

Thank you!

Is easy make new levels?

You can’t add new levels to the game. But if you want, we can make a new version with more levels for you.

very nice game! good luck with sales

Thank you!

Hi – Looks like a good game. however it doesn’t really fit well on mobile – see screenshot – http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d11bgqf0e – is there a way to make it fit the whole page neatly on a mobile device?

If you want to run it on mobile, it is better to change it to an mobile app and force it to run horizontal. If you have the source, you can do these changes yourself. If you can’t do these changes, contact us and we will apply them.

Why haven’t you added the option to make new levels? I really think this is a key feature people will want to see, and it will help boost sales. I will buy this once level creation has been added

What you say is true. But adding this feature takes time and our games in codecanyon are samples of our work. So we can’t spend a lot of time on them.


Do you know what’s causing this error?

Uncaught Error: SecurityError: DOM Exception 18 c2runtime.js:57 D.ai c2runtime.js:57 od.la c2runtime.js:244 D.Eh c2runtime.js:99 D.at c2runtime.js:134 D.Vo c2runtime.js:121 D.nu c2runtime.js:86 D.go c2runtime.js:84 (anonymous function) c2runtime.js:85

It seems to be stopping the entire game from loading.



It’s ok, it’s only happening when I try to run locally, it must be something on my machine causing issues.



In offline mode, some browsers have problem running this game. But all of them can run it properly in online mode.

We will be happy to help you if you encountered any problem.

Best Regards, 01smile Group

Hi, Game is good but i want to have more levels. Atleast 100 Levels. Also will it work fine in Android phones?

We can make a version with 100 levels and we can make it work fine on android. But because it is based on physics, some android phones may have some problem on running it (specially older ones). For more information contact us via our mail: 01smilegroup@gmail.com

I like it. but i am newbie i don’t have knowledge in installing this. is this offline/online game? if you can help me i will buy for it

Hi, If you upload it on your server, you can easily run it by using index file. For running offline, you just have to open index file with a browser like Firefox.

Hi, can I custom/change the character image by myself? thanks

Hi, Yes, you can change the default character with your desired one.

I am interested to purchase this game, Can you tell how can i port this game into iOS and Android ?

Hi, you can port it by using programs like Eclipse. But it will have some performance issues on mobile devices because it is not compatible with them. The best way for having a version that works fine on these devices is to make an apk version of the game. If you like, we can do this for you. You can contact us via our mail if you want more information.


It’s incredibly difficult to read the Javascript. I have managed to make a few changes but I can’t find the variable that stores the score.

Also I would like to remove a level, can you tell me how please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Is there any news on this?

Hi, can you email us? We will probably need to send some files for you. Email us and we will send the files to your mail in a few days.

Did you use a program or a framework when creating this game or is it pure html5 and javascript???

I need to before buying.


We use game engines for making these games.

Could you tell me which one please

It is made with Construct 2 engine.

Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one? http://socialgrower.com/gamer/fb.htm


Email us so that we can talk in details there.

Do yo provide the Capx file?

Yes. Whenever you have purchased it, email us and we will send it to you.

Thanks, just emailed :)

No problem and thank you for your purchase. I will email the project file in a few minutes.

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.


Thank you! :D

On level 2 game stop working in demo also i check it on other site and same there.

Hi there and thank you for informing us about this issue,

We have updated the game’s main package and its preview with the new version and it should be approved and available in a day or two. Then you can test it and see how it works.