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Many of them here are waiting for the admin panel. Any update coming? Want to purchase it.

I think we almost finish and we will publish it soon .. sorry for this late :)

Thanks, waiting for it.

Hello, we have added admin panel .. Send me a message please for details.

is it ready for 64bit ? :D

Sorry for late :)

Do you mean windows 64bit ?? if so, yes it is ready :)

Hi When I try to build the project I get this error FacebookSDK not found http://hpics.li/a6b395c

Solved Sorry :D

No problem .. Thanks for purchasing at all :)

Hi I want to modify Quote but this guide don’t help me to do that That’s our guide for editing DB :

How to edit sqlite database of Success Quotes?

Sent you email .. Check it :)

I want that users recive 1 quote every day….If “User A” download today the app…he can read “Quote 1” and tomorrow “Quote 2”.... but if “User B” download app tomorrow…then he will recive “Quote 1” tomorrow and “Quote 2” the day past tomorrow. All users must to get quotes on the same order….If this possible???? Thanks!!!

Sorry, Could you explain more ??

any update for iOS 9 because the app does’t showing ads but in iOS 8.x works perfectly

Hey man !! what is the problem with you ?? i have a partner who is ios developer and who make this app and i am android developer who developed android version. So it is very natural i send any issues about his project to him !! What is the problem ?

How to edit sqlite database of Success Quotes?

Check the documentation .. You can do that by terminal :)

Hi Nile, Is it has control panel (web-based) to manage add, delete quote and author ?

Sorry bit this app will be removed because it is not updated to last ios version .. if you want to purchase it you will need to hire someone to update it. Regards!

I have already bought this application but its not working well in xcode 7, I like that you give me another application that works well thanks

Sorry it is not updated .. you can ask envato to refund you