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How to import the project in eclipse ?

I receive many questions from friends who purchase my item about how to import the project in eclipse properly so i decided to make a FAQ explains how to do that :

1)- Import SuccessQuotes project by open File > New > Project > Android > Android Project from Existing Code

2)- Then, Browse project folder and check Copy projects into workspace

3)- Right Click on SuccessQuotes project > properties > android and check target name with your android version and remove facebookSDK library and click OK

4)- import SuccessQuotes project by open File > New > Project > Android > Android Project from Existing Code Then, Browse facebook library folder and check Copy projects into workspace, Deselect All and check only first one facebook

5)- Right Click on FacebookSDK project > properties > android and check target name with your android version and click OK

6)- Finally link SuccessQuotes project with FacebookSDK

Right Click on SuccessQuotes project > properties > android and Add FacebookSDK library and click OK

That’s it .. Hopefully that’s help you and thank you all for purchasing my item :)

How to make your own facebook app ?

1) – Go to this link Facebook Developers Apps

2) – Click on Create New App button and Follow screenshots

Note : Don’t gorget to change package name and keyhash with yours and i will explain how to generate keyhash in a separate FAQ.

Important : Don’t forget to set Sandbox Mode to Disabled before publishing your own app.

3) – Replace app_id with yours in res/values/strings.xml

That’s it :)

How to generate the keyhash for your own facebook app ?

Many of buyers ask me how to generate keyhash for facebook and that must be do with specific way to get valid keyhash so follow these steps to get it.

1) – Download openSSL and unzip ZIP folder to simple location something like: c:\openssl

2) – Copy your signing key file to your JRE installation’s bin folder. For example, in my case: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin

Note : we will discuss in separate FAQ how to get signing key file.

3) – While in the bin folder where you copied the signing key, Press SHIFT+ Right Click -> Open command window here.

4) – Run this command: keytool -exportcert -alias YOUR_ALIAS -keystore “YOUR_SIGNING_KEY” > c:\openssl\bin\debug.txt

For example: keytool -exportcert -alias ahmed -keystore “c:\keystore\successquotes” > c:\openssl\bin\debug.txt

5) – Enter your password for the signing key.

6) – Type these commands cd\ then cd openssl\bin

7) – Type this command openssl sha1 -binary debug.txt > debug_sha.txt then, Type this openssl base64 -in debug_sha.txt > debug_base64.txt

Done! The debug_base64.txt at location c:\openssl\bin\ contains your Key Hash. Copy this in your app console and you are all set.

Thanks for Siddharth Lele who provided us with this tutorial on StackOverflow :)

How to make your own twitter app ?

1) – Go to this link Create an application | Twitter Developers and Login if you need.

2) – Fill this form as shown below with your own data.

Notes :

  • You can fill website with your website or any website like Google.
  • It’s very important to fill Callback URL with any URL like http://www.Google.com

3) – Check Yes, I agree and enter CAPTCHA then press Create your Twitter application button.

4) – You will be redirected to your application page then press Create my access token button.

5) – Then go to Settings page and change access to Read, Write and Access direct messages and press Update this twitter application’s settings button.

6) – Replace TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY and TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET with yours in location res/values/strings.xml at your project SuccessQuotes.

7) – Don’t forget to change the package name with yours at this block of code in AndroidManifest.xml .. That’s important.

That’s it :)

How to edit sqlite database of Success Quotes ?

You need a tool to edit database with your quotes which called SQLite Database Browser so follow these steps to open database file and edit it.

1) – Download SQLite Database Browser from this Link then extract the zip folder at any location.

2) – Double click on the file SQLite Database Browser 2.0 b1.exe the this window will be shown.

3) – Open database file of success quotes which located in assets folder .. press ctrl+o then open the database file. You will get something like that.

4) – click on Browse Data tab then select quotes table.

5) – Finally, To edit any record you can double click on the field you want to edit and change it then press Apply Changes button.

Thank you for all and I hope that will be useful and helps you :)

How to export signed apk file ?

1) – First of all, Go to window > preferences > Android > Lint Error Checking then uncheck the option marked in the screenshot.

2) – Right click on SuccessQuotes > Android Tools > Export Signed Application Package… then click Next.

3) – Select Create new keystore and select any location to save keystore file and enter password then click Next.

4) – Fill this form as shown below but with data you like .. Alias,Password,Validity and First and Last Name.

5) – Select Destination APK file then click Finish.

Best Wishes :)

How to customize my database to be compatible with admin panel?

For installing admin panel you will need to do some steps before installing it if you are old buyer and you have already filled your own database so please follow these instructions:

1 – Open your sqlite database file with SQLite Database Browser but take a copy of it first as backup.

2 – Click on Execute SQL tab then put this sql statement in SQL string field then press Execute query.

CREATE TABLE authors2 (_auid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT NOT NULL, au_name TEXT, au_picture TEXT, au_picture_sdcard int, au_order int, au_status int, au_web_id int);

3 – Repeat step 2 with this sql statement.
CREATE TABLE quotes2 (_quid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT NOT NULL, qu_text TEXT, qu_author TEXT, qu_favorite TEXT, qu_order int, qu_status int, qu_web_id int);

4 – Save & close SQLDatabase browser then copy your database file at any place.

5 – Remove entire old SuccessQuotes project from eclipse and import the new then rename package name with yours.

6 – Replace SuccessQuotes database in assets with your database you saved.

7 – Open AuthorsActivity.java then uncomment these lines by removing two slashes on the left.
//        addAuthors();
//        addQuotes();

8 – In AuthorsActivity.java then uncomment these lines by removing two slashes on the left or highlight them then press (ctrl + shift + c).

//     private void addAuthors() {
//     cu = db.getAuthors2();
//     if (cu.getCount() != 0) {
//     do {
//     db.addAuthors2(cu.getString(cu.getColumnIndex("au_name")),
//     cu.getInt(cu.getColumnIndex("_auid")));
//     } while (cu.moveToNext());
//     }
//     }

//     private void addQuotes() {
//     cu = db.getQuotes2();
//     if (cu.getCount() != 0) {
//     do {
//     db.addQuotes2(cu.getString(cu.getColumnIndex("qu_text")),
//     cu.getInt(cu.getColumnIndex("qu_author")),
//     cu.getInt(cu.getColumnIndex("_quid")));
//     } while (cu.moveToNext());
//     }
//     }

9 – Open DAO.java then uncomment these lines.

//    public Cursor getAuthors2() {
//        String query = "SELECT * FROM " + TABLE_AUTHORS;
//        Cursor cursor = database.rawQuery(query, null);
//        cursor.moveToFirst();
//        return cursor;
//    }
//    public void addAuthors2(String au_name, int au_id) {
//        ContentValues v = new ContentValues();
//        v.put("au_name", au_name);
//        v.put("au_picture", au_name + ".png");    
//        v.put("au_picture_sdcard", 0);
//        v.put("au_order", au_id);
//        v.put("au_status", 1);
//        v.put("au_web_id", au_id);
//        database.insert("authors2", null, v);
//    }
//    public Cursor getQuotes2() {
//        String query = "SELECT * FROM " + TABLE_QUOTES;
//        Cursor cursor = database.rawQuery(query, null);
//        cursor.moveToFirst();
//        return cursor;
//    }
//    public void addQuotes2(String qu_text, int qu_author, int qu_id) {
//        ContentValues v = new ContentValues();
//        v.put("qu_text", qu_text);        
//        v.put("qu_author", qu_author);
//        v.put("qu_favorite", "0");
//        v.put("qu_order", qu_id);
//        v.put("qu_status", 1);
//        v.put("qu_web_id", qu_id);
//        database.insert("quotes2", null, v);
//    }

10 – Run application on emulator – again on emulator not device :)

11 – Open authors and it will take some moments then you will see an error (Unfortunately,

SuccessQuotes has stopped) so ignore that.

12 – Go back to eclipse then open Window > Open Perspective > DDMS

13 – Click on File Explorer then data/data

14 – Select folder with your package name > databases

15 – click on database file (SuccessQuotes) then look at the top you will find icon like disk with left arrow (Pull a file from the device) and replace old database in assets with it.

16 – Open the new database file again on SQLite Database Browser and do these steps:
  • Remove authors and quotes tables
  • Rename authors2 to authors.
  • Rename quotes2 to quotes.
  • Save file.

17 – Export sql database to use it with admin panel. File > Export > Database to SQL file

Now you have SQLite database which compatible with admin panel and also SQL file to install it on the server.

How to install your admin panel?

Upload files

You can upload all files inside Admin Panel folder to your host with any ftp application like filezilla

Import Database

You will import success_quotes_database.sql inside Admin Panel folder to your phpmyadmin in your server cpanel

Change base url

You have to to change the base_url with yours from application/config/config.php

$config['base_url'] = 'http://www.successquotes.hostingsiteforfree.com/';

Change database settings

You have to change database settings with yours from application/config/database.php

$db['default']['hostname'] = 'mysql.1freehosting.com';
$db['default']['username'] = 'success_quotes_database_name';
$db['default']['password'] = '12345678';
$db['default']['database'] = 'success_quotes_database_name';
Now your admin panel is ready for using.

Best Regards :)

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