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hi ! What changes should I need to do in application if I need publish new version of application with updated SQlite database ? I have marked that there nothing you have done in onUpgrade method. Thanks

sorry ! You have not helped me for solve issue. I am not developer and does not know what should do in onUpgrade method. I will need to hire freelancer for just small task and need to pay $25- $50 for this task. If You can write just small code than it will help all your buyer, but as per talk You are busy for give support.

sorry ! You have not helped me for solve issue. I am not developer and does not know what should do in onUpgrade method. I will need to hire freelancer for just small task and need to pay $25- $50 for this task. If You can write just small code than it will help all your buyer, but as per talk You are busy for give support.

I told you i am busy just these days not permanently :)


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salam 3lykoum….how can i use panel admin demo….and how make the database online

you just need to upload it on your host .. admin panel demo just for show you demo version not to use it .. you have to upload your own version.


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what files i must upload??

Admin panel folder.

Hi ! How to add filter of 1-50, 50-100 in Author Quotes ?

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Is it possible to send more than one notification a day?

Yes we can ..

Ok, does it need extra money for the customization, or you will give me the codes for that notification after I purchase this?

Please send me a message on nileworx.contact@gmail.com


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Salam alaykom for All, How i can fix this bug, when i tray to share quote with sms button in android 6.0 the apps is closing and i guet this error * Unfortunately, appsName has stopped. * Thank you in advance for your attention.

Does it work on another android versions with you ?


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Yes it’s working on another versions but with android 4.4, 5.0 and 6.0 is not working i try the slove this error by addig this code but the quote is not copied to do message.

Intent sendIntent = new Intent(); sendIntent.setAction(Intent.ACTION_SEND); sendIntent.putExtra(“sms_body”, quote); sendIntent.setType(“text/plain”); startActivity(sendIntent);

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Hello There,

I see that the app has not had any updates in a while. Are there any plans on making the code Android Studio ready?

Best Regards, Janella

Sent you the files.

Received. Thank You very much!

you are welcome :)

android studio or eclipse?

Both of them are available :)


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How I install the admin site


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How I config the databas?

Welcome and thanks for purchasing :)

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I am not able to see your demo admin panel.. Would you please check and update me for the same.. Would prefer android source code in android studio it seems at this point you are giving in eclipse

OK, no problem .. Could you add me on skype please ??

id: nileworx.support

I have added you..

Hello, I have a problem with posting the quotes to Facebook, don’t work

OK, please add me on skype to check this problem.

My skype id : nileworx.support

I have already sent you the request

Yes, i received it and accepted :)


I’m planning to purchase this and have 2 questions:

1) Can I configure the app to pick out a random quote each day to display and

2) Will the user get a popup notification that there is a new quote to be read today?


Hello, Those features are already exist in the app and you can set the time you want receive the quote of the day from settings in the app.

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thank you, can i know what timezone and times are you available. I just want to clarify a few more doubts via Skype before the purchase – many thanks!

i am online now :)

Hi there! Can you send me Android Studio version? Sent my email via Skype, thx much :)!!

Please send it again :)

Dear friend – I need the Android studio version please. I’ve sent you an email via CodeCanyon as well as sent you a message on Skype with my email. Can you please send this ASAP? Thanks!

delete this please

OK, i will send you on skype :)

Hi, I need your help! I have the android studio version and when I try to build a signed apk I get the following error:

Error:Execution failed for task ’:successQuotes:transformClassesAndResourcesWithProguardForRelease’. > java.io.FileNotFoundException: ...\successQuotes\proguard-rules.txt (The system cannot find the file specified)

I checked and AS file received and it does not contain “proguard-rules.txt”

Please help to advise, thx!

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will this break any google rules, if i upload to google play ?

No, Add me on skype please :)

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HI – the facebook and twitter integration seems to be broken. It’s logging in fine but not posting on either FB or Twitter. This happens even if settings are set to post it automatically or manually—is there something that needs to be done to make this work?

upon further research I found out that your daily notification has a bug—it has a Network Exception thrown when the daily quote pops up – this is not seen by the user because mostly the phone is in lock mode…how to solve this?

your facebook integration is also unfortunately broken….twitter can be fixed but needs a bit of work…

Hi ! Where is the API file located in Admin Panel Folder ?



cant login to see admin panel


Good App.

I have just 3 pre-sales questions:

1. Will you provide me the Android Studio project? 2. Do you have Google Analytics tracking implemented? If not, can you help me with the same. 3. I don’t want my users to browse all the quotes. I dont want them to see. Just 1 quote per day as per the specified time…is it possible?



Thanks for your purchasing :)
Could you please give me your email to send you ?

Hello there,

Sent you my email id from your profile page. Please help me with my above pre-sales questions :)

1. Android Studio Project 2. Google Analytics implementation


Regards, Oliver

I have sent you an email now .. check it please :)


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facebook share not work. im download and play store you succes quotes app. and you succes quotes app facebook share not work. haskey or developer publish action ok.