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Good Tool , Wish You luck with sales :)

Thank you. :-)

What happens after the countdown is over. The user can sstill type in his name and email ? Or does the form changes into a TOO LATE MESSAGE ? Or any other event happens after the countdown is over ?

Access to the form is blocked and appropriate message is appeared.

Please check it out on demo page (3rd subscription box).

Hi – does this work with any other autoresponders aside from Mailchimp?

i.e. aweber, Get response etc?

If its not been double optin the deliverability would be hell….csvs aren’t a viable option. Whats the chance of getting a place to add generic autoresponder html?

Currently, I don’t have such plans.

FYI. Added GetResponse, iContact and Campaign Monitor. ;-)

Hi I would like to purchase your Subscription Countdown Plugin.

Do I have control over the two data entry fields
Enter Your Name
Enter Your Email

I want to use

Do I have control over what the button says?

I want to use

I want to take advantage of the Responsive Feature so that people can sign up for my Newsletter from their Mobile Phones

Currently the two data fields show up on my iPhone like this

If necessary, can you help me re-program the plugin so that the two data fields say

even while viewing on my iPhone?


Hi Edward. You need modify source code to replace wording.

Correction: I just purchased your Subscription Countdown Plugin. Now I have an additional problem that shows up on my site that did not show up on your site. Where can I send you the two screenshots so you can see what I mean?


You need to change all of them. Just replace all strings “Enter your name” by “Name”.

Your support is very quick!

I will also send you a couple of screenshots at your profile page.

Hello ichurakov!

Great work, but it can be much sweety!

I want you to add some details for this plugin.

How can I contact you for sending my example in picture?

Hi. Please contact me through my profile page.

Hi ichurakov!

Did you get my message from your profile page?

Hi. Yep. Replied.

Hi! I am interested in this. Can I embed this as HTML code? My website is made in Adobe Muse which allows to embed HTML. Also is there any limit option like for eg 300 people max can subscribe after than subscription become disabled?

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. Unfortunately, you cant use as you described.

is this only work on wordpress site?

Any chance of integration with Active Campaign, like the Layered Popup?

At that moment I don’t have such plans.

Pre sale Question

Hi i want to ask that when user subscribes for 6 months for automobile magazine. after 2 months he dosnt want have automobile magazine he want to change it to health magazine. Is this possible in this plugin ? Thank you

Hi. Nope.