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Hello – Need a little assistance. When I download the package, I do not see “boxer-plugin.zip” in the folder?

Also, when i try to download the file and extract, I keep getting errors that the name is too long..

Hello, thanks for reaching out! We have sent you an email.

Thank you – I have replied to your email.

Do you plan on updating the plugin?

We will not be updating the codecanyon.net version with new features. We will be continuing to add new features to the full version at subscriptionboxer.com.


I need the ability to integrate another Payment Gateway inparticular this – http://www.securetrading.com/

Is this possible? They have an API doc.

Many Thanks


Yes, it is possible to extend Subscription Boxer with new payment gateways. We have built it with WordPress standards so any knowledgeable developer can extend the plugin to add new payment gateways, or other functionality via a custom plugin or theme.

hello, i have some pre-buy questions:

1- using paypal can i set a trial for the costumers? 2- using paypal the monthly charge will be automatically ? 3- it have remember emails to be used for the client and admin when the day to send the box comes? thanks

4- its possible to use some modification or plugin to add more checkout fields, i’ll keep the original billing fields to work good with paypal, but i want to take another information for the costumer, so i need to add more fields. thanks

Please send a custom development request on our website at https://subscriptionboxer.com. Thanks!

I purchased this item today and when I downloaded the files there is no zip file to upload the plugin to wordpress. I tried 3 times.

There is no zip file at all. It is not a question of error is it the face that the folder contains no zip file to install.

The file that you download from the site is the Zip file. After downloading, don’t open or extract it, the file you downloaded is the Zip file you should upload to WordPress.

Thank you.

Hi there. What’s the difference between this version and the version available on your website… other than the price?

The version on CodeCanyon does not receive new features like the website version.

I have an issue the product page just shows join now text and when you click the text nothing happens.

Hello, we have sent you an email so we can follow up and assist. Thank you

I get an error when trying to do a sandbox purchase

Is it possible to add a survey on the cancel subscription page?

You can use a third-party plugin to add a survey by dropping in their shortcode on the page. Such plugins include Gravity forms, or Ninja forms.

But when they submit the cancel form will it submit the survey too