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No trial Membership for members?

You can set up trial periods for your products through Chargify or

Hi, Does this work for Multisite configurations?

Yes, Subscription Boxer works with multisite.

I think if you manage to improve the description of this plugin + make some UI changes, you have a very nice plugin. Right now clicking a ‘back’ button doesn’t let you return to where you were coming from for example. I also think there are far too many clicks to sign up for something.

Hi there, we appreciate the feedback!

Regarding your comment about the number of clicks to signup, we just wanted to point out that the live demo is demonstrating the Boxer Plugin with the Boxer Starter Theme (not included with the plugin purchase on Envato). We wanted to show all of the page templates that are available with the Boxer Starter Theme which is why we have a products page and an individual product page. You could very easily just copy the product signup link url and add it to a button on the homepage, skipping the products index and individual product pages altogether (reducing the amount of clicks from 3 to 1).

Also, we do build custom themes for the Boxer Plugin and can integrate Boxer into any theme you’d like to use. You can make theme build/integration requests here:

Pre Purchase Question

1. When completing the purchase – can they use normal Woocommerce payment gateways that are already installed on the site?

2. Can we edit the fields in the payments section? Instead of credit card details I want to edit it for them to input banking details

1. The Boxer plugin has its own payment gateways that provide the recurring Subscription payment functionality. The Woocommerce payment gateways will not work with Boxer.

2. The payment area is completely editable by a developer and it would be possible to have a bank detail payment method built at checkout. We can provide custom development quotes based on your needs if you can provide some details in the “Contact Us” form at

hi can the product “Starter Box” be in the form of price table? Like eg. 3 pricing table and when click on sign up, it works as per your plugin process? Can you provide that option pls?

We have included “template tags” that can be used in any theme.

One that would work well in a pricing table layout as you described would be the sb_get_product_signup_url($product_id_goes_here) tag which returns the sign up url endpoint for the specified product ID. This template tag could be built into a shortcode to use in the WordPress page editor or you can use that tag directly in a WordPress template file.

If you’d like a free quote from us for any custom work you can provide some details in the “Contact Us” form at

Hi, Interesting plugin. I have two questions: 1. Do customers also get an invoice? 2. How do you manage VAT?

The current version of Boxer does not include customer invoicing. However, customers can view, manage and cancel their subscriptions via the front-end member portal.

Also, the current version does not include a separate tax field for products. Product pricing would need to include any taxes/fees/shipping the administrator needs to charge.

Feel free to request a free quote for any customization you’d like made for your specific site. Please provide some details in the “Contact Us” form at

Demo login for admin and customer>?

If you go to the login page on the demo site you will see the login credentials above the login form.

hi, any chance to add braintree also?

Most likely in a future version!

Hello Nice plugin.
i wondering if your plugin it’s compatible with AUDI gateway.
they Client pay from the card and not like paypal account to other account.
please advise

Hi Charbel, We appreciate the request. Currently, the plugin is not integrated with AUDI gateway, however if you can ask us for a quote to integrate it for you via the “Contact Us” form at

Is the plugin still supported?

Yes, the plugin is supported.

Pre sale Question

Hi i want to ask that when user subscribes for 6 months for automobile magazine. after 2 months he dosnt want have automobile magazine he want to change it to health magazine. Is this possible in this plugin ? Thank you

Hello and thanks for reaching out. Boxer doesn’t have that functionality out-of-the-box, however it could be added custom to your site. If you’d like to discuss adding this functionality please write us at We look forward to discussing this with you!

what extra features are in your “lite” or “startup” packages on on your website ( ) that are not included in the codecanyon version? Also does this plugin provide any features that stream line the shipping process, especially for box clothing subscription companies?

The “lite” package includes the Boxer plugin and the “Startup Package” includes the Boxer plugin and the Boxer Starter theme. The difference between purchasing on codecanyon and our website is that purchasing on our site includes lifetime updates support for Boxer and purchasing on codecanyon includes only 6 months of support and no updates.

At the moment the plugin includes a csv export for exporting your subscriptions. You could then import that csv file into third party shipping/handling software. We plan to expand the plugin’s shipping/handling features in the future, however the csv export is all that is included at the moment.

Please let us know what features you would be interested in seeing added to our plugin.

do you have a shipping plugin that you know works well with your plugin ?

At the moment, we haven’t integrated any shipping software with Boxer. However, we have included an export feature that you can use to export your subscriptions’ information to a CSV file which you can then import into software such as Shipstation. Here is a tutorial showing how to import orders via CSV to Shipstation:

Do you support stripe payment?

We are currently integrating Stripe with Boxer. We plan to have it released in the next 2 months. It will only be available at We will not be adding Stripe to the Codecanyon version. If you purchase any of our packages on you will receive lifetime updates to the Boxer plugin.

I’m about to create a subscription box site, where the costumer should be able to create their own box of a lot of different products, and choose to get it delivered every month, every second month or every third month. But can I do this? I have searched for a lot of plugins, but haven’t found any that can do this out of the box. The costumer should be able to change the box at any time to add or remove products from their box or cancel the subscription.

Can this plugin du this or is it only pre-created boxes?

At the moment, Subscription Boxer, does not have this functionality. If you’d like to get an estimate from us for adding that custom feature to your copy of Subscription Boxer you can use the “Contact Us” form at We look forward to hearing from you!

I’ll just wait, and hope you will built it in the feature. Thanks :)

Is this plugin integrated with paypal?

You would only be required to have an SSL certificate if you were wanting to use the payment gateway or the soon-to-be-released Stripe payment gateway. For Chargify or PayPal, you don’t need an SSL certificate because the payments are handled off-site.

Thanks. I have some questions after loging in to the admin demo: 1) Do customer get a email notification once they have submitted their subscription? 2) And when payment is approved or not approved does the customer and shop owner get an email notification from the payment provider? 3) Is the stepped phases of signup/order submission available with all the payment provider options and is it possible to add more fields to the signup-purchase page to collect extra info from the customer regarding their preference/customization of their selected product? 4) if the paypal option is used, is customer redirected to the paypal website or do they go through the signup/order submission steps/pages? ... 5) Is recurring billing possible with paypal and it is automatic? Thanks again and dont stop working on this boxer plugin the market needs it!! great job!!

1. There are no customer email notifications currently being sent from the Subscription Boxer plugin. However, most of the integrated payment gateways will have an option for sending notification emails to customers upon subscription start or end. We will consider adding customizable email notifications to Boxer in the future (note: we are only adding future features to the Boxer version purchaseable on

2. Yes, these settings are handled by the payment providers.

3. Currently, the form does not have a UI for editing fields. However, we can provide an estimate for customizing the form on your copy. Again, we are considering adding this feature in the future.

4. PayPal payment is handled completely off-site. When the purchase button is clicked on a Boxer product the customer is immediately taken to PayPal to complete purchase before being returned to the merchant site “thank you” page.

5. Yes, recurring billing is available and is automatic via PayPal Express Checkout. This payment gateway is fully integrated with Boxer.


Can you create custom membership forms

There is currently no user interface to customize the registration/checkout forms provided by Boxer. However, you could have your developer or one of our developers customize the forms/fields.

Any New update coming ? looks old now. try to add one little feature at interval once a month etc, to get good sales,

anyway good plugin but need features to match current market demand.


Our latest version and releases are available on the plugin found at:

You will find features such as intervals per month, quarter, year and other options.

Thank you

1. What are the different between this plugin and the plugin on your site, since it cost over twice as much?

2. How easy is it to customize your theme. Any drag and drop?

3. Do you need to enable “PayPal Reference Transactions” to use paypal?


This version is the original release, it does not include feature updates or the Theme. You can use it with your own theme, however there are many pages to style and theme (account page, subscriptions, checkout), so using the Starter theme at is recommended.

The Starter theme on is not a drag and drop customizable theme. We have preset Color styles to choose from. And its based on Bootstrap. We recommend having a developer change features / customize features.

You do not need to enable PayPal Reference Transactions. It will work with IPN. Thanks!

Is this still supported, is it compatible with the current version of wordpress and woocommerce

Yes, Subscription Boxer is supported and is compatible with the current version of WordPress. It is meant to be a stand-alone e-commerce solution so we do not test or claim compatibility with Woocommerce.