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Can i install “WooCommerce” and “Subscriptio” without “WooCommerce Membership” plugin?

Is “WooCommerce Membership” plugin required?


Sure, of course you can use those plugins on it’s own. It is not required to have them both, it is just they are integrated to work together.


I have used this before and am thinking of using it again on another site but I have a big question…it seems as if the renewal emails are generated by utilizing a wp cron job. However, what happens if I change the reminder date from say 7 to 14 days in the middle of the subscription? That cron job for the renewal email is stuck at 7 days and does not get changed to 14 days.


Yes, that’s true – if reminder was already scheduled for renewal order, it won’t be changed. But for next renewal order there will be new scheduling and it will consider the new option.



Pre Sale Questions

1) If my customer want to pause subscription for few days in calendar is it possible. And do the days or time extended ? 2) Am I able to set subscription based on days,month or any period (example: 100 times in total) 3) For example: I run daily newspaper subscription service and want to know to whom i have to deliver. am i able to generate a list ?


1 – Yes, it is possible to pause, and you can even limit the amount of pauses and maximum length of such period.

2 – Yes, you can set any period, bur not amount of those like “100 times” – however you can count those on your own and set “max length” for subscription, so it’ll expire after certain amount of time.

3 – You will see the list of subscriptions, but there’s no such option to generate the list of addresses unfortunately.



buddinh Purchased

What’s “Max lenght” ? I don’t know how to use it.


This is the amount of time after which subscription will be expired and all orders will be stopped – that will happen no matter what (e.g. not considering whether or not user has paid for latest order).



rogero Purchased

After latest update setup fee is not added at checkout


Could you please submit a support ticket to us, so we could check this directly on your setup (please include the temporary login credentials)?


Hello! I have some pre-purchase questions. First of all I need to describe what I plan to implement with help of your extension. I want to sell the software (virtual downloadable products) + paid updates + installation fee. One important thing – buyer must not be able to download the files after paid subscription updates period with help of his WooCommerce account. So:

1. Is it possible to set the first payment amount for primary buy + 1 year of updates? For example, 30 euros. Also if would be perfect if buyer can select additional 1 uear of updates for an additional fee (for example +1 year for 20 euros), total 60 euros for item + 2 years of update. Something like this – http://prntscr.com/evo85q

2. Then buyer must get automatic emails at the end of his prepaid 1 year updates. He must be able to extend his paid updates by 1 more year. Of example, 20 euros per year.

3. Also buyer must be able to select paid services like installation and set-up. It is one time payment, 50 euros for example. I have the WooCommerce Extra Product Options plugin for these purposes. But there is information about conflict with your extension – http://prntscr.com/evp7di

Is it possible? Thank you!

P.S. You can give an answer in Russian :)


No problem, here’s more details:

Subscriptio can be used for recurring payments and reminder emails, also it can control downloadable content attached to subscription’s product (i.e. when it ends, content is no longer accessible).

Membership can be used to restrict posts, pages, products and any other part of site, and even by URL of page. It can also integrate with Subscriptio, so you can configure the product that will be a subscription and membership plan.

Custom Fields can add more fields for additional services, which may or may not be preserved in renewal orders (set in settings).

Hope that helps you to understand what you need for your setup.


Thank you very much!

You’re welcome! Let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Hi. Presale question: i am using woocommerce subscription and membership plugin now and i want to buy your plugins for that, due to some late updates of those plugins and woocommerce that messed up my site and they don’t care to send me at least the previous version of plugins….....SO, i want to know if i can import the memberships and subscriptions already on my site, in your plugins….i have many and a manual transfer will take one month at least. Thank you.


Unfortunately we don’t have any functionality to import subscriptions/memberships from other systems, so it still might need manual transfer.



Imagen7th Purchased

How can I create a php page to query with get and the user’s mail their subscription status.

www.site.com/check.php?email=info@site.com Page Blanck: Active


You can use this built-in method to get all subscriptions of a user by id (and if you have email, you can firstly get user by email and from that get the id):

Subscriptio_User::find_subscriptions($active_only = false, $user_id = null);


Hello, we have bought and installed the plugin and it works fine, but at no time when you go to pay indicates to me that there is a recurring payment in paypal and the next renewal date, I get a single amount. That’s why I do not know if I have configured it well. this is normal? On the PayPal Express Checkout by Subscriptio settings page, which box has to be active? Can all three be activated? (Paypal express checkout, sandbox mode or logging of paypal operations)


In case of PayPal Express Checkout only PayPal can tell you if it fully works, i.e. you need to make sure reference transactions are enabled on your account. Read more in this article.

Also when you finish with all configuration, you can try with 1-day subscription. As for those checkboxes – yes, you can have all of them active, but make sure to disable sandbox mode when you’re starting the real transactions.


Before installing this plugin, there was another one that towards the same and the paypal account has not been changed so it would have to work fine. But the case is that when you pay by paypal for any side sale that the sea a subscription, it seems that you pay a single amount, and before you put what was the day of renewal and now not. Operations. Does this work?

I send the URL of the store with a test product so you can see how it falls and if I can say if it’s okay.


Thank you very much in advance.

That’s completely normal – subscriptions are handled on your site, and on PayPal operations appear as single payments. Our Stripe gateway works in the same way.


Hi! Is it possible to manually add subscriptions or subscribers in the Subscriptio system? I have one WooCommerce order that processed, cancelled, and then actually completed, but in Subscriptio it’s just showing as cancelled, so this subscriber is just shown as cancelled and I don’t seem able to manually change her back to an “active” subscriber.

On that note but one step further, I’d love to be able to manually add in subscribers to the system if possible. I have a shop set up on WooCommerce AND Etsy, and I’d like to be able to add those who purchase the subscription via Etsy to the Subscriptio system so I can keep track of them all in one place. Is there a way for me to manually enter them?

Thanks, Janet

Hi Janet,

Unfortunately it’s not yet possible to manually create subscriptions from admin dashboard, but we have this feature planned and will look into implementing it.

As for cancelled subscription – that can’t be turned back on, as it’s not just status change – when it’s cancelled all scheduled events are also removed. In your case cancellation of order lead to cancellation of subscription, but further changes of order status couldn’t change anything.


Hi, this plugin support WPML WooCommerce Multilingual?


Yes, it is compatible and tested by WPML team.


hello i want to charge my customer every month 50 $ ,what should i write in Price is per __ months.Should i enter digit 1


Yes, you can enter “1” there, or if you prefer counting in days – set “30” and select “days”.



I have found this theme i wanna use for selling boats. The Boat dealer theme is build with Woocommerce features and is compatible with your plugin.

But i have one thing i need to be sure off before i will buy all tools.

The theme i am talking about is: http://motors.stylemixthemes.com/boats/

It has all the options to sell boats, make accounts and all that. But i need this option, thats why i am hoping to find it here.

Dealers and regular people should be able to place advertisements. Each one has 3 different types of subscriptions they can buy. The options are *The amount of advertisements they can place *The period the advertisement can stay on the site.

After selecting the subscription option, they fill in the form to sell the boat and immidiatly need to pay for the subscription they selected. In their account they can see all advertisements they made and also upgrade a subscription whenever they want from their account.

So no one should be able to place an advertisement in the shop, before they selected a subscription and paid for it. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hope you understand me and hope to hear from you



Hi Karim,

Thank you for explaining this in details.

This may be possible, but will need you to implement some custom solution that will be integrated with Subscriptio, as it doesn’t have such functionality (to place advertisements, track them, etc.). There are hooks and filters in our plugin that you can use to achieve that – feel submit a support ticket to us if you need any help.



I sell other products on my website that are not subscriptions and use Paypal standard. With this plugin I would have to disable standard and use only Express. My question is, will this make my other products into subscriptions and charge my customers again the following month?

Is it possible to use the express checkout with a regular product that is not a subscription?

OR how would this plugin have to be set up in order for non-subscription products to not be recharged?


Our built-in gateways can work both with regular products and subscription products, so you don’t need to worry about separating those and you can just freely use any of our gateways on your site.


okay perfect! Thank yoU!

Sure, you’re welcome!



2XDSWU Purchased

Hey, I enabled express checkout however I don’t have reference transaction enabled, how can I revert back to the normal….


Not sure what do you mean by “revert back to normal” – could you explain that please?

Without reference transactions you won’t be able to charge automatic payments – so this payment gateway will be manual-only, as any other third-party gateway.


Hi pre-sale question :) What is the state of compatibility with WPML, you mention 4 days ago that it’s now compatible. Yet, not mention in the sidebar information. Are they still some strings that are not translated ? Can I fully translate the front end ?.

Also, I’m planning to buy your membership plugin as well, is this one also compatible with WPML ?

Thanks !


Hi Israel!

Yes, it’s fully compatible – just haven’t updated this anywhere on the product page yet.

As for Membership – for now it’s not compatible, but we’re working on a solution to fix this.



I am waiting for almost 1 year for you to allow manual subscription orders from backend. I need it in case we failed with something and have to create orders manually on behalf of the customers.. this is not working anyhow.

1. Please advise when its planned, you promised already 2 years ago. 2. Pls advise workaround for same.. We do not know users passwords, how can we update subscription manually without it? THnx

Hello, I’m trying to translate the plugin to several languages, but it does not translate .. I’ve dealt with the loco translate plugin and with poedit .. but I upload the files and it does not load .. it just shows a language .. I may have to Set something up. How can I do it?

Is it possible to retain access once a number of payments have been made.

E.g. 12 payments of $50 and then when the final payment has been collected, access to a specific area is not blocked or denied?

The inline checkout form is a poor user experience. Why did you make the credit card expiry use dropdowns? This is a bad user experience and slows the user down, look at the official Stripe plugin for WooCommerce, it’s much faster to type two digit month and two digit year. For the love of UX please change it.