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Whenever I try to change the “Column Separator” it resets back to the default (Semicolin) after clicking Update Settings. Any idea on how to fix this?

Please provide access to WP dashboard – I’ll check what’s wrong.

is there a way to redirect to a page, after customer subscribes?

Hi. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t have such option. This one does.

I am looking into purchasing this plugin. Can I make it so that when someone subscribes that it sends the information to an email address?

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin. Do you mean notification to admin about new subscriber? Unfortunately, it doesn’t have such feature. But this one does.

Yes. That is what I was looking for. Thank you.

HI, can these subscriptions be automatically fed to buddypress as a new registrant, or is there no way to feed them into BP?


Hi. Unfortunately, nope.

Just to clarify before purchasing, this plug-in provides a pop-up subscriber feature that subscribes readers to my blog, AND will port them into my MailChimp mailing list, if I choose? I would like to be able to do both. Thank you for clarifying!

Hi. Nope, it doesn’t subscribe users to you block.

Hi There.

I want to place a line of text below the subscribe button. “Your information will never be shared or sold to a third party.” Can you tell me how I can acheive this.


Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t have such feature.

Is it not as simple as adding some php? I have had other plugin author’s provide snippet.

Please edit subscribe-popup.php, find line #958-959 which are:
    <img id="subscribepopup_progress" src="'.plugins_url('/images/loading.gif', __FILE__).'" alt="" width="16" height="16" />

and insert your code below these lines.

Hi, is it possible to make the form fill in mandatory before a user can view the content of the website? I don’t want them to have an option to cross off the box unless they fill in the form.


Hi. Thanks for interest. It has such option. Also please take a look at Layered Popups for WordPress. It is much more flexible. ;-)


I have a pre-sale question. My requirement is – to popup the newsletter when clicked on a custom created button. It would be preferred if it popups when clicked on a link. Please do verify if Subscribe Popup fulfills this requirement. Hope a quick reply.

Thank You.

Hi, Pre-sale question, I am having a image on my website, i want user to get optin popup after clicking on that image. Will i be able to trigger on-click event on that image?

Hi. Thanks for interest. Probably this plugin will be better for you:

Can i add feedburner to this?


Can this popup be used only when a user exits the site?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I add a field Phone to signup form?

Hello, the description says it supports MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor but the screen shot only shows fields for MailChimp and iContact, can you confirm it will support Campaign Monitor?

Ok, great, please let me know when I can download it, thank you very much!

Yes. New version (waiting for approval) works like you described.

So far testing is going good, thanks again

This plugin is easy to use, but it’s possessed our site. It will not keep the settings and we’ve contacted support but they just told us to clear our browser. This did not solve anything. We’ve even attempted to delete the whole plugin and we can’t get rid of it. It’s a shame, because this plugin has great potential.

Hi, before buying this plugin, I’d like to know if it supports Jetpack Subscription? So I want to open a popup after some time and show Jetpack Subscription form in that popup. Possible?

Hi. Nope.

i just purchased and added to my site but i realized that it is not responsive. Please let me know if there is a way to make the popup look good on mobiles?

Right now the only way is to use small popups. But I recommend you to use: It is mobile friendly and has tons of features.

Hi, can this be setup so after 5 mins it goes full screen and forces the user to signup before continuing browsing the site? Thanks

There is no such functionality.

Works perfectly, but is there a way to collect a confirmation message for MailChimp prior to the lightbox closing (for one-step subscribe)? Better yet, a “You have been subscribed!” message with a close button, instead of simply closing the box, would be a better user experience.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


I am interested in buying this plugin.

But want to ask can this popup extension be integrated with MailGet Bolt (, as I am using MailGet for sending bulk emails.

Thanks and regards, Harsh Singh

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

I need a pop-up that show a message once per visit (not per session). So an user can view the pop-up without close and re-open the browser.

There is no such feature.