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How can a name be added to the email from field when a subscriber receives a confirmation email. Right now it only shows the sites email address, but no name is shown.

Okay, I will email it.

Hello, I would like to change the senders name field. The sender name field is the label that shows up in subscribers email account, whenever I send them an email (validate or newsletter) right now in the senders field it says info@domain.com instead of My Site Name.

You can easily change that when you are creating the form. There are no hardcoded emails in the system, so you can easily change that.

Good Day Subscribers Manager installed, however when I place the form inside wordpress, it displays the error “loading content”.

Could you help me?

This product does not work on Wordpress!

Hello, it works. There are over 30 purchases and I’m personally using it and it’s working. It could make conflicts with different plugins you have installed, but with clean wordpress installation it’s working perfectly. Please also get in touch with your hosting provider as most of the cases they have high security policies and loading content from different urls is not allowed. Keep this in mind.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1142 UPDATE command denied to user ‘phpforest’@’localhost’ for table ‘subscribers_newsletters’’ in /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/library/Project/MySQL.php:107 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/library/Project/MySQL.php(107): PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/application/models/NewslettersMdl.php(26): MySQL->update(‘subscribers_new…’, Array, ‘id = 118’) #2 /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/application/controllers/NewslettersController.php(121): NewslettersMdl::addEditNewsletters(‘edit’, Array, ‘118’) #3 /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/library/Project/Application.php(110): NewslettersController->manageTryAction() #4 /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/index.php(28): Application->run() #5 {main} thrown in /var/www/vhosts/phpforest.com/subscribers/library/Project/MySQL.php on line 107

trying to edit the newsletter in demo…

Update, Delete or Insert actions are disabled on the demo.

hi there, I would like to know hwther I can also use an “in line”| horizontal subscribe form?

yes, you can. Just need to update the CSS styles from the visual editor.


How can I export all members that signed up, including the ones that did not confirm their membership?

As some people do not receive the confirmation email, not sure if its the system or not, I really need to export all users

Hello, I can do this quick modification if you want? Just send me an email so I can send you the modified files.

Thanks. I’ll email you.

Hello, I am having trouble linking this to my home page. I guess I do not fully understand what to do at step 8 of installation. Is there anyway anyone could help, please?

Hello rwyatt86, I have replied to your email, but didn’t get any answer from you. Please reply to my email and I will help you.

Hello, as admin, how can i get notification via email for each subscription ?

There should be additional change made in the source code of the application in order to get notifications.

pre purchase… does this system finally send email newsletters?

where can i take a look at the documentation? ive read that godaddy setups like SMTP are not configurable…

my hosting co. is godaddy and i want t know if user can register to newsletter and the system can send the newsletter to registered uses? is that the intention of this plug in?

For now it’s using the local mail server, but it can be easily (5 min) changed to any external service like postmark app, sendgrid etc …

Please Note: I was very interested in this one. I’m looking for basically two criteria. 1.) can I use my graphics and designs 2.) Csn I make a large one for my home page.

However your demo would not load even after trying several times. So I will move on to the next one. I only share that out of respect to support you in making the sales. In this case the demo was the problem.

Thank you for your time, it looks great, best of luck on sales. Casey

Hey Casey, try again. I just opened the demo without problems.

hi, can u make a bit modify to be paid registration not free , I mean button move me to payment method after I press it ?

Sure, but it will be on a bit later stage.

it be nice if you add sms Subscribers

hi pocko i love your scripts but need some improvement and just an ideas - paid registration or/and monthly paid - SMS Subscribers

Great idea, I will add it into the list (y)

hi pocko i just need some help how can i disable sending email, i just want to use it just to collect emails thanks in advance

hey which email you want to disable exactly? Can you give me some more information so I can give you the exact line of code?

Hello, I have a question. Is the client front end multiple language capable?

Yes, you can use different language for each form, but there is option for only one language.


is it possible to attach forms to users ? meaning that a certain form will only be available to a certain profile (for editing and viewing the responses)?

i want to have multiple forms and multiple users – but each user should have access to his own forms only.


Hello, I currently don’t have such a functionality. But I will add it to the wish list for sure.

How do I change the text in the ‘Subscribe’ button on the form?

Also, the error alert box that pops up when no email is entered into the field but the Subscribe button is pushed has a typo. Where do I edit that?

Thanks in advance!

You can easily change that from the views :).

can any one help me how to configur global php? it gives me error page. thanks


Is there a way to add more field options to the Subscribe form generator?

I need to add required Telephone number option and ability to add check boxes for survey?


Hi Paco .. all installed ! there is an issue where the live preview does not show. and the form is not showing on my site. The CSS seems to be an issue? .. I don’t know where to go from here? .. any help would be appreciated

I am still waiting on a reply from you ..please respond as soon as possible I am in the middle of a site build and I need to get this up and running asap. thank you

If you don’t offer support that’s cool.. but the product is flawed .. how do i go about getting a refund?