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for Flexibility

Important tool to grow your mailing list with free content/free downloads - feature rich and with good costumer support - will certainly get more plugins from this author

for Code Quality

Great plugin. Perfect for building a subscribers list. Very useful and extremely lightweight.

Support is great.

for Design Quality

Thank you for creating this awesome solution. I have been looking for something like this for a while now and am so happy to have found it. 5 stars for quality!!!

Damian Baker
The best code injection plugin for WordPress

for Customer Support

This is a great add-on for wordpress. It works great and when I had some trouble getting it working with a multisite installation the support was superb. I highly recommend this plugin if you want to increase your number of downloads!

for Other

Une mise en place intuitive et simple. Un petit bémol : j'aurais souhaité avoir la liberté de rajouter des champs (par exemple, demander le téléphone de la personne pour pouvoir la rappeler et suivre correctement mes prospects). Lors d'un prochain développement ?

for Feature Availability

5 starts for the actual plugin and what it offers, as well as customer support. Thank you!

You can have different download files for each subscription form you create using the shortcode provided in the documentation. I had two subscription forms on one page which had the same download link. The form was in the sidebar and at the very bottom of the page (since it was a relatively long informational page).

The only snafu was, when testing both forms with my personal email, I would get the download email but with an invalid link. The reason for this is because each email address only allows for one same download link. In reality, a visitor would only submit the form once, which is a valid and logical point, but when I was testing to make sure each form was working, I got worried this plugin was not right for me.

HOWEVER, the support is GREAT and Ivan was very patient with me, explaining the how and why. So, basically, this plugin is perfect and if you have multiple forms with the same download link as I did, you'll need at least two emails to test it out.

Thank you!

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