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Hi, I just sent in a request for support with SPAM. and I was able to find the help from this comments. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the great plugin. Works seamlessly after I adjusted the settings for the mail to route through gmail.

Thanks. :-)

Hi there! Is there any way to generate the correct csv file to be compatible with mailchimp. Now we are getting an error that “No emails in column” because all the data is located in one column.

The issue still exists, it generates the same csv format where all the info about the subscriber in one line.

I’ve just checked, now column separator are changed as per your settings. I also checked that MailChimp uses comma as column separator, so, please set comma. I’ve just tried by myself – everything was imported properly.

Hi there! Changed to “comma as column separator” and it worked like a charm. Thanks

Its possible to 1 email only 1 download . or show type another email …


I am interested in this plugin, still have 2 questions:

1. Can I change the sentence “Download link was sent to rthrth@sdf.com” to my own words ??? 2. Do I need mail chimp or another mail tools to get an email from the customer?

I need this tool for my customers to download a pdf from my site, but before that they need to give me their email address. But again I don’t have something like mail chimp account.


Hi. 1. The only way is to edit source code. 2. You don’t need 3rd part service to collect emails.

Hey there. I love this plugin but how do I set up multiple downloadables via different forms? I can only work out how to set up one form for one downloadable. Cheers, Bec

wow thanks so much! However, I’m a little confused what I add to the email body copy now as I had:

<a href="{download_link}" https:="">Name of Downloadable</a>

However with more than one downloadable, how do I make the body copy generic?

Each email has the same template.

If you need different template and form design for each file, Layered Popups + Subscribe & Download Add-on will work for you.