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I want to get notifications via email. I know you don’t want to add this feature. So can you just point me to the file and line that sends email to subscribers? I’ll add my email there.

Thanks for this wonderful plugin :)

I’ve added this feature in latest release.


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Oh great man! Thanks. It is very helpful now. I wish you all the best :)

Is there a way to connect is with Google Apps / Gmail?


Hi there! Plugin is working great – no problems so far. Just one question: I’ve set up a new Google Analytics account for my client and would like to track the subscriptions. I’ve enabled “Enable Google Analytics tracking” in the settings, but now I have to create a conversion in Google Analytics. It wants a target page from me, which I can’t give since the URL is dynamically created by your plugin.

How do I tell Google to receive the subscription events sent by the plugin?

You don’t need that. The fact of subscription is submitted to GA as Event.


Does this plugin work in a development environment? The email to the subscriber and admin are not sending from my local environment, and I don’t want to put it onto the production version of my site without testing that it works. Thanks!

Hi. Please notice, plugins never send e-mails by themselves. They delegate this function to WordPress installation by using wp_mail() function. So, the WordPress is responsible for e-mail sending. If you don’t receive e-mails, it means that WordPress can’t send them. Why it may happen and what to do?
  • By default WordPress uses php mail() function. Probably your hosting provider blocks this function. Please contact their support and ask if they do that.
  • Some hosting providers don’t allow to send e-mails when sender e-mail address doesn’t belong to the same domain (where website installed) or doesn’t exists. So, please go to plugin’s Settings page and make sure that Sender E-mail address exists and belongs to domain, where website installed.
  • Also you can configure wp_mail() function to use any 3rd party SMTP server by using free plugins, that adjust wp_mail(): https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=wp_mail

Thanks, yeah silly me. I hadn’t configured the mail to work locally. Thanks for the response!


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How does one update the plugin without loosing any configuration?

Deactivate. Overwrite existing files by new ones. Activate.

Hi. It looks like WordPress 4.6 broke the wp_mail function. Will there be an update to the plugin to address this? Here’s the background: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wp_mail-doesnt-work-after-update-to-46

I don’t think WP broke it. My plugins use it (all plugins must use wp_mail() and nothing else – it’s Best Practice) and it works. If something was broken – it’s not related to plugins. WP developers must fix it.

There’s a Trac ticket discussing the issue, FYI: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/37736

Thank you.

I have set up the plug, but it offers the download without requiring the fields be entered. If I enter the information, the plug works as intended.

I’m using Tor Browser to test the functionality, so the website cannot track me or see that I’m logged in.

I have attached the link for convenience.


Looks as though it was my error. I have corrected it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Different issue has nothing to do with image size.

The input field is being cut off.


Never mind, I have also fixed that too, in the CSS. It is not perfect, but I will work through the bugs, I’m sure it has to do with the site’s CSS anyway. http://www.pamarco.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Float-Left-to-Right_at_49.jpg

Hi there! Is this compatible with contact forms 7?

Hi. It’s different plugin.

@c0depixels “Hi there! Is this compatible with contact forms 7?”

This plugin is separate from any dependencies like Contact Form 7

Hi. Thank you.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question. With your plugin is possiblly to set-up the expiration time for dowload link which is sent via email? When the answer is Yes, then what is happen, when the link will expire? Many thanks.

Hi. Yes, you can set link lifetime. When it expired user see message saying “Invalid link”. I recommend you to use Layered Popups + Subscribe & Download Add-On.

Does your plugin now support operation in a Popup’s? Also, can more Input and check boxes be added to the Form please?


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Hi, Is there a way to have to redirect open in a new window? (target=’_blank’)

Unfortunately, no. It works only with direct links, but not with javascript handling.

It’s possible to offer the link in the same page as the form? Without the need to send it via email?

Unfortunately, no.