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i just bought the Plugin. It is working so far! Our download link is connected with Mailchimp. Is it possible too send the downloadlink-Email after the user finished the double-opt-in E-Mail? At the moment the user get these E-Mails together at the same time (Download Link and Double-opt-in Newsletter).

Regards, Jonas Rüttgers

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


duypn Purchased

I just bought the item Subscribe & Download – WordPress Plugin

Please support me install emailing.


duypn Purchased

I will send my website information to your email. What’s your email?


duypn Purchased

Please check email and support, thanks

Opt-In Downloads supports translation?

Yes. It can be translated standard way.

Opt-In Downloads -Text can not be translated.

See image

Thanks for info. I’ll check it and fix in next release.

Date Time it’s not correct. Record an extra hour of difference.

Yes, but your WP has different settings. ;-) You need configure timezone setting for your WP. Obviously, your WP configured to GMT.

No problem. If something doesnt work, please extend support period (your support expired, unfortunately) and provide access to wp dashboard.

Hi, I have a pre-sale-question: 1. Is there any chance to create an individual form for subscribers, because I need some more information like the company name and phone number. 2. Can I send the user a link to my webpage with the download link instead of just sending the link? 3. Does your tool work with Visual Composer?


Hi. Unfortunately, there are no such features.

I have purchased your plugin and configured but when filling out the form the link to my email does not arrive

Please notice, plugins never send e-mails by themselves. They delegate this function to WordPress installation by using wp_mail() function. So, the WordPress is responsible for e-mail sending. If you don’t receive e-mails, it means that WordPress can’t send them. Why it may happen and what to do?

1. By default WordPress uses php mail() function. Probably your hosting provider blocks this function. Please contact their support and ask if they do that.

2. Some hosting providers don’t allow to send e-mails when sender e-mail address doesn’t belong to the same domain (where website installed) or doesn’t exists. So, please go to plugin’s Settings page and make sure that Sender E-mail address exists and belongs to domain, where website installed.

3. Also you can configure wp_mail() function to use any 3rd party SMTP server by using free plugins, that adjust wp_mail():

ADD New Feature

Do not general temporary email links such as:,,,,,,,,, ,

Thanks for idea. I’ll think.


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Hi, I love your plugin, I use it since several years ! I would like to change my autoresponder to use Active Campaign. Have you plane to ad integration for Active Campaign ? For list and tags Thanks !

Hi. Unfortunately, at this moment I don’t have such plans. But you can try Layered Popups + Subscribe & Download Add-On. They gives much more flexibility. ;-)


clem90 Purchased

Ok thanks, I will check that !

Hello I want to buy this plugin but have two questions:

1. My client wants to use it for every blog/article. Each blog would have a different download. So I want to confirm whether the shortcode can be used in multiple blogs/articles with a different link to download?

2. I tried the demo link but didnt receive any email from your side. How do I make sure that this actually works.

Please revert as soon as possible. Thank you.

1. Yes, you can use shortcodes with different download link.

2. I’ve just checked the demo – everything works.

Hello. I just purchased this plugin. I have a question about hiding the URL and sent you the information through the contact form. Thank you.

Hi. Replied.

Thank you. All is good. To make things simple, I just made the functions to base64 3 times. Thank you for your great support.

Hello, I have bought and installed this plugin. However, the terms and conditions checkbox is not working as a mandatory item. Also after the request for download is submitted, the box does not change to “thank you” note to prompt the user to check their email the same way your demo behaves. Would you please advice?

Hi. Please provide URL where I can see the problem.


owdt Purchased

Please let me email it to you as I do not wish to post it publicly. What would be a good email please?

Hi. I Know you don’t plan to add more fields to the form, but I need to add 3 more fields and send to mailchimp, do you have any tip or tutorial on how can I do that? I bought your plugin, it works nice but I really need extra fields. Thanks for your help.

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to add extra fields. But you can try Layered Popups + Subscribe & Download Add-On. Layered Popups has option to use custom fields.

I can’t find the shortcode of this form so i can put it on my website

Click left side menu in your WP dashboard “Opt-In Downloads >>> FAQ” and read how to use the plugin. Nothing difficult, just insert shortcode into your page.

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Just bought and installed this plugin and it works just fine. But when I export an CSV file, i dont get to know which file the mails have downloaded – is it possible to get that information?

When you download files, you choose where to save it. It’s a standard OS dialog.