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hi, if visitors already was a subscriber from another file, what’s gonna happen when they click for download new file?

Hi. They must submit the form to download file.

Hi Can we customise the form, Add a one more field say Phone number?

Yes. Just remember, this is add-on, you need main plugin to create popups. ;-)

Hello, I was so excited about receiving this file, I didn’t see the part that stated I needed to purchase a higher version. Why sale this version or allow people to purchase this version when it isn’t functional…? Can my $5.00 purchase be used toward the higher version’s cost…???

Hi. You purchased Layered Popups add-on. So, my advice – please read item description before purchasing. It says several times that this is add-on which requires main plugin to work. Regarding refund, contact Envato Support. Authors can’t do that.

Hi. I have purchased both the main plugin and Layered Popups add-on. I have created new popups that works in preview mode. but cannot find how and where i can set the popup to work inline by clicking a button like demo of Subscribe & Download Layered Popups add-on. I do not want that it pop’s up on page load. But by click in download button. I only see the options of the regular popup but not the add-on. How can i make this work like in demo video? Can’t find in documentation…

I did it work by clicking in a link. But seems that lifetime cookie is not working. Every time i click to download, the popup keeps asking for the e-mail. The lifetime cookie is set for 30 days. Am i missing something or is there a bug?

I made an email subscription popup. people need to subscribe the e-mail to receive a link to download our catalog. Ok. It is working. And there is another Thanksgiving popup used like an alternative to “Thank you” message. The cookie lifetime is set for 30 days. What suppose to happen when someone that have already subscribed the e-mail try to click and download the file again? It supposed to not ask for the subscription again. Right? But besides that will the the e-mail be sent again with the link to download? I cannot understand how this works because in my website it keeps asking to subscribe again…

Not right. Lifetime cookie is not related to OnClick popup. It’s related to event popup (OnLoad, OnScroll, etc.). OnClick popup appears every time when user click connected button.

Can this work with “off-site” URL downloads ?

“Yes” to BOTH questions ?

Yes. Main plugin saves submitted data, not extension.

Hello is it possible to set the Download Link in the Shortcode and not in the Mail-Template? because i want to generate a lot of different Posts with different Download-Links. And i dont want to create multiple PopUps.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. Download link can be inserted only in email template.

I have purchased both subscribe and download and main plugin but user is not getting the emails with the download link

Hi guys, can I use your script to allow users to download some .pdfs only if they provide me with their email address? It doesn’t have to be a popup, a blurred content area is fine.

Please visit the gif: http://gifmaker.cc/PlayGIFAnimation.php?folder=2016080222DltE6MKH7iBHMlICrMcynT&file=output_P3DGTS.gif

Also, does it integrate with MailChimp? Is the integration automatic (when a user provides the email, it automatically goes to MailChimp)?

Thank you.

Hi. You can use Layered Popups plugin (for WordPress) in link locker mode: https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#30 (method #9 and #10).


I’m trying to create a 2-step popup, but it is not working using the following code…

Yes! I want to subscribe!

I replaced the OBJECT2_ID with an ID from another popup. I placed the code in the content details box of a button. Could you please tell me how to make this work to see the second popup when the button on the first popup is clicked? Does the first popup have to have an email fied? I would like that to be on the second popup.



Sorry…the code line i’m using is from the FAQ section…

...href=”#” onclick=”return ulp_open(‘OBJECT2_ID’);”>Yes! I want to subscribe!...

I got it working now!

JUST AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!

Hi , Can i upload file cap over 64MB by this plugin ?

It doesn’t depend on plugin. It depends on your server configuration.

Hi! Does it allow just to “email address” “download pdf”? Does it have automated reports on how many downloads? Does it storage the emails? thank you

Hi. It works as described. User enter email address, plugin send download link. All links and email addresses are saved into log. Please notice. This is add-on for Layered Popups.

guys i want to make a payment with paypal and then send them a secure email with some pdf ( digital book ) does the plugin knows how to talk to formcraft ? or does it talk with paypal ?

Hi. No, there is no such feature.

Hi, I purchase your plugin yesterday, but it seems does not work on my site. I want to have a download link, but it only work on my computer, when i try to download on another computer nothing happens. I erase all my cache and everything but it does not working. Any help?

The problem is not in the plugin. The problem is in your WordPress. It’s AJAX-handler doesn’t work. You need fix problem with WordPress. After that all plugin that uses AJAX will work. Now, none of them work, not mine, not any other.

iPage support team told me this: Hello Franz,

Could you please contact the plugin support team and have them specify the details regarding the exact server side reasons causing the issue with Ajax handler? I don’t see any.

Also, you can disable all plugins via http://www.astroyaks.com/wp-admin/plugins.php . You can then enable the plugin(s) one by one and see which plugin’s enabling causes the issue. If plugin disabling doesn’t work, then you can switch themes via http://www.astroyaks.com/wp-admin/themes.php and see if that fixes the issue.

any ideas?

Yes. I have idea. ;-) I’ve just checked your website again. The problem is in cross-domain ajax calls. Due to security reason, browser doesn’t allow cross domain ajax calls. Your website installed at http://www.astroyaks.com/ (go to WP Settings page,), but you open it as http://astroyaks.com/. Notice, for browser, domains www.astroyaks.com and astroyaks.com are different. So, open your website: http://www.astroyaks.com/descargar – everything works. Open http://astroyaks.com/descargar – doesn’t work. What you need to do is one of the following:

1. Force users to open version with www even if they open it without www. Contact your hosting provider how to do it properly. It’s a couple lines in .htaccess file or some config in your hosting control panel.

2. If you want your site without www. Set it on General Settings page in your WordPress dashboard. Also force users to open version without www even if they open it with www. Contact your hosting provider how to do it properly.

Pre-Purchase question: Am I able to required additional fields beside email for a download? We want to include Phone Number, Company, etc. From the looks of it, I am able to do that, I just want to verify.

Yes, you can. Remember this is add-on, you need main plugin.

Any chance there is a way to wrap the form elements and button with <form> tags? Looking to capture the lead info via Hubspot, and thats one of the requirements. Just curious!

No. I don’t plan to do that. It will attract spam robots to your site. Now they can’t recognize form. Data to Hubspot is submitted via API.

Ahhh yes, this makes total sense. Thanks for looking out for us!


with your plugin, is it possible to display a list of files and for the user to be able to select and download multiple files from subscribing once?

Hi. Nope.

hi if i bye Subscribe & Download + Layered Popups Add-On (7dollar+24dollar) do i can add extra fields like, company checkbox, .... or i have to bye extrapluging thanks urgent question before pruch

HI. You can add custom fields to Layered Popups: https://layeredpopups.com/documentation/#23

Thanks for your quick answer. @yanisou is my friend so we will bye your t 2 plugins today or tomorrow, which we still always have good support and quick answer. Thanks @half data