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The form is not the same form from mailchimp. I removed last name but still showing in the form.

You would have to remove it from both, Plugin as well as your MailChimp Subscription form.

Bought the plugin, trying for 2 hours to get it work. Still forwarding tp new page… documentation/forum support ist not appropriate. how can i get my money back? Sorry…

What error you are getting? Let me know the website on which you are using this plugin?

Hi I purchased and installed following the instructions, I created accounts with mailchimp I went on the list created list and got url – added nothing to do I have three fixed fields and the button on the bottom left ugly without the beautiful tab I wanted. Installed in a test site before putting it into production on that http://apps.homepc.it:8081/inprova can you help me?

If the entered data is in correct format and all the 3 fields filled, it will directly show the subscription message, otherwise it will prompt to enter data again in new window.

You can also try yourself usual link, maybe there is a configuration of mailchimp.com to do?

No there is no any special configuration of mailchimp. you simply have to add your mailchimp subscription link.

I am building a company intranet and was wondering if Subscribe would be able to send emails to our WordPress users without subscribing? If so, would we be able to keep our list up-to-date with any changes to our users (additions, changes in contact information, etc.)

If not, could we potentially create an email of recent posts through Subscribe and email our employees through Outlook?

This Plugin only adds a widget to make it easy for your subscriber to subscribe for your site. You can control your subscribers directly through MailChimp. As per your requirements, we would suggest you to contact us on Evato Studio, and we will propose you a custom work. we can develop a new plugin as per your requirements.


I have one question. The letter icon looks different in Firefox, Crome and Safari??? What to do?


Let us know your email at support@wpkraft.com we will send another copy of plugin.

Pre-sale questions: 1. I would like to have a slide-out tab show up for users when they come to my website. It should ask for user’s email address only. Also, I assume the fields are customizable? 2. After the user enters their email address, we want this info to go into MailChimp. 3. Have an automated email sent to the user with our ebook.

Is this possible with this plugin? Thanks for any info.

Hello, Yes it is possible. We just need to remove the form fields that are not required and do some settings at mailchimp.

Can your plugin fulfill following functionality , or you can refer some other plugin for that ?
  • 1. Custom Subscription form designing by admin panel.
  • 2. Multiple options to display – pop-up, inside form , fly, button,
  • 3. Giving user option to opt-for multiple categories .
  • 4. Setting email frequency at the time of subscribing or at later time.
  • 5. Confirmation of email.
  • 6. Opting out the categories or editing subscription options.
  • 7. Manual Email trigger – sending email to category subscribers on different actions such as new content on a category posts, sending fresh email of certain or all posts of the category(s) they subscribed.
  • 8. Design Newsletter
  • 9. Manual Subscription.

Only function 4, 5, 8 and 9 can be achieved through this plugin

Hello… I am interested if you have a javascript snippet that will enable the subscribe form to pop-up after a user has been on the site for x amount of time? Thanks!!

Checkout its latest version.

Hello, pre-purchase question: is this plugin mobile ready? Thanks, cheers Giulia

No, it is not. But its upcoming version would be mobile friendly.

Hello, I’d like to know if it’s possible to copy the form code to past it somewhere else, and if it’s possible to choose a page to redirect the subscriber after he filled the form.

Thanks Alessandro

This plugin is specially written for wordpress so it will not work if you copy the whole code. You need to copy paste only the main script. We can guide you through.


I installed a plugin to use your popup plugin but I have some problems.

I created my list in mailchimp. Then I configured Plugin Admin page by adding your ‘MailChimp Subscription URL’ too.


When I click on my green default popup it doesn’t react. The form doesn’t react (opening up) as I click, even though when I overlook with my mouse the URL seems good.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Can you please share the URL? You can email at support@wpkraft.com