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nice work :)

too bad it does not have support for aweber, getresponse or mailchimp…

It’s just the basic release of the plugin, more subscription options will be added in upcoming versions.

great, good to hear… bookmarked. :)

Hello, I’ve purchased your plugin and it works well, thank you very much. I have one question: I want to change the language of the ‘subcribe now’ button into my own language (Dutch) but I can’t find it. Not in the css or at feedburner. Do you know where I can change it? :)

(andI assume that the message written in English, once clicked on the subscribe now-button cannot be changed at Feedburner. Am I right?)

Hello, Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

You can edit the texts, simply visiting the plugin setting page. Accessible under Settings >> Subscribe by Email .

for texts in Feedburner popup window (opened after hitting Subscribe Now button) can be configured only via your Feedburner profile.

Would purchase your plugin in a “heart beat”—if it supported MailChimp. Hope you have a more general release in the very near term.

I got so many queries, people asking to make it supported with MailChimp, I am working on the same.

Hello: the MailChimp Version of the plugin has released. Link: http://codecanyon.net/item/subscribe-by-mailchimp-wordpress-plugin/6661569

Works like a charm and as described! Love it and am 100% satisfied.

My only suggestions for future updates that would make this a standout would be maybe a optional sidebar widget as well or the ability to change the button without editing the css. Good work on this!

Thanks, sure, I will try to add such features with upcoming updates.

Besides email – are you able to gather the subscribers name?

Yes, this feature already added in the plugin.

I’d like to move the position of the box to the left a bit (still right aligned). How and where do I do this?


1. Open “wp-subscribe.css” file in the plugin folder.

2. Locate ”.wpsbeButton” class in the stylesheet.

3. change the value of “right” from 0 to whatever you want. for example 15px to move it to the left side by 15 pixels.

4. Done!

Feel free to let us know, for any help :)

Thank you kindly, that works!

Always welcome :)

Is it possible for me to use this with Sendy API for email signups?

Yes, it is possible but it needs further customization to connect it with sendy.

Can you somehow set this up so when person enters their email it goes to my email address so I can suscribe to theri newsletter? If not, do you have a plugin you could recommend? I just REALLY like to look and layout of your widget.

Yes, we can. It just need some custom work.

Hi, this is a prepurchase question, can i have a pop up only on an specific post and anotherone on a diferent post, and on one of this post can i take the x icon away so that people must subscribe to reade that specifi post? thanks Guillermo

How do you make the box left open on page load.


You just need to change ‘right’ value to ‘left’ in css for main plugin class.

We are in need of news letter wordpress plugin with the following requirements as show in the link.

1. Newsletter with popup box 2. Newsletter with download link which support for all type of files(txt,audio,pdf,vi …) 3. Two different type of news letters(multiple news letter)

We have found that 53 wordpress newsletter plugin are availabe. Kindly suggest the plugin which match to our requirement.

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I purchased this plugin for a Godaddy hosted wordpress theme. Will not work with feedburner. I can only put that RSS feed icon in the corner of my page to allow subscriptions and liked the subtlety of this plugin. Any thoughts why it will not work with a managed wordpress theme?

It should work. Have you disabled RSS subscription for your your site?

will this plugin allow the choice of selecting the category during subscription

No, This plugin doesn’t offer such kind of feature.

will the popup form lead to my posts being sent directly to a subscriber’s email inbox?

Hi! Is this plugin compatible with the translation plugin WPML?

No, we are sorry this plugin doesn’t offer translation.

I am looking for a plugin to replace one that is currently on my client’s site.

The current plugin has a pop-up that allows customers to subscribe. Then, the email address is added to the list on the plugin settings and when she publishes a new post, the customers on the list receive an email with the post.

Is this how your plugin works? I was confused because the screen shot show that a feed burner id is required. Also, the link to the live preview is not working.

Thank you, Sheila


I have a customer using this plugin but because it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) parse shortcodes – https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq8yxf6kk1zwqxo/312123.png?dl=0 – is there a filter available to alter the content? For example if I want to return a custom excerpt function “wpex_get_excerpt( 50 )” is there a way to tell the plugin to use it for the excerpt creation?


Currently this plugin doesn’t have such filter or option.

Hi, Does this subscribe plugin allows to customize it? Like: If someone put their email address in the subscription box and then push subscribe now button then he is subscribed + he can be redirected to a new page of website thenafter?

I am looking for a plugin which can work in this way: http://myvienna.com.au/hearn/1610-1

you can check on this page, there is subscribe box and when user put their email address and hit the yellow button below then he recieves the subscription email and also redirected to a hidden page of this website.

Please reply ASAP for you as I need it urgently.

Yes, it is possible with this plugin. It will just need a little customization. Email us we will do for free.

Hi, thanks for your response. One quick question: As I have checked into the whole discussion of this plugin, it shows that this plugin work as a toggle but I want to make it visible in a widget/container as it is on the link myvienna.com.au/hearn/1610-1

Also, does this plugin supports mailchimp? Please reply so that I can buy if it is as per my need.

Thanks Team


At present this plugin doesn’t offer any widget. For that it will need customization.

For mailchimp we have a different plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/subscribe-by-mailchimp-wordpress-plugin/6661569