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Nice! :-) Could you add keybord navigation, when navigating between the items in the overlay.

Thanks, Bernhard

yes i can if you wish. I was waiting the first sales to decide to invest more time on it…

Nice thing, you gonna add Woo support that would be great.

To use it with woocommerce products? Could be a good idea and easy implementation…


Good plugin. Is it possible to show post content instead of the excerpt?

I can add a custom taxonomy to posts as well that is not a problem… was that what you meant?

Sorry, I didn’t see your reply.

I imaginated that: I create a custom post type (for example, “NCPT”). And I want to show NCPTs with your plugin, but not the excerpt only, the full content of the NCPTS.

Instead of classic “Post”, it would be “NCPT”.

There are in fact two questions: - Can I use Custom Post Type instead of Posts - Can I show the full content instead of the excerpt.

Tell me if you need more explanations.

Yes simply edit the file “subpages.php” you can also change the taxonomy name always there

I like this and agree it would be useful to have the ability to show full post content, for cases like a directory of places. I see lots of cool potential from this plug-in. Thank you for developing it!

Actually the preview shows the excerpt, but if you need the full post on preview with also shortcode functions inside, i can make a quick customization for you for free. thanks!

Is it possible to add different galleries? For example [QTCHILDS topic=”photography”], a gallery on photography, [QTCHILDS topic=”car”], a gallery on car.

You can filter them by the filter, if you mean change post type, actually is not a feature as it is made for the pages. I’ll make this new feature if it is what you need…


Activating your plugin makes my admin panel disappear, event with NO other plugin activated… I’m on WP4 with theme forest theme SALIENT.

How can I fix this ?


Hi, send me please an email on info@qantumthemes.com with the admin password and user i’ll check it on your site, thanks!

Hi! I just bought this app and I like it! But I have a problem – the colorpicker does not work. – it does not show up at all. What could be wrong? I am on WP4. Also wondered if it was possible to show full text content in the preview. If yes, I would like to ask your help to do this. Best regards Lilly

hi, today i help you with that, just saw the email, thanks!

Fantastic! Good service! :)

Hi, i sent you the update via email. This new version of the plugin will be official whenever approved so you can update normally and still have your requested features ;)

added ‘orderby’ => ‘title menu_order’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’,

to qt-subpages.php in order to display in desired order

next release please consider adding order display to shortcode options

Hi, the site has been hacked couple days ago and is offline, sorry. I don’t still know if we are going to maintain this plugin anyway.

I can’t find the plugin demo – I see a website of music themes, but no implementation of the plugin, as far as I can see.

404 error on your demo

Thanks, I think the plugin is supposed to be removed from the store

I’m sorry this plug-in is gonna be dismissed soon