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the tag cloud items Can or Cannot be clicked? cant click on them in the demo.

in this version you cannot click, we are working on it

UPDATE / Version 1.1 —Now has link support

was wondering what the benefit of a tagcloud is without the words linking?


UPDATE / Version 1.1 —Now has link support

Hi, the zip file won’t unzip, I get an error message. I’ve downloaded it several times. Never had trouble with any of the hundreds of other things I’ve bought here.

Hello littlebirdie, please send me an Email from my profile, and i’ll reply you with the file

You can also, try to open it with another program like “The Unarchiver” for mac or “Winrar” for Windows

Your demo site seems down. > Error establishing a database connection

Thank you for reporting, is now back online.

Hi there!

Great plug in, lots of potential…however, not working on my site.

You can see it in sidebar, displaying tags but not properly.

I’m using WP 3.5.1 and the 1.2 version of this software.

Can you advise? Thanks!

Hello astrolab,

Your website template is using jQuery 1.4

SuperNube needs jQuery 1.6 or higer, if you want to activate jQuery 1.8 you can go to your wordpress admin page “Plugins / Editor” option, and select Supernube.

Then add the following line to the file superNube/inc/model.widget.php


Before this line:

  wp_register_script('jquery', $protocol.'//', false, '1.8.3');

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t realize my site lacked the required version of jquery.

I made the change (pic link below). Didn’t seem to work. I deactivated/reactivated plugin, removed/re-added the widget. Any other thoughts? Thanks

code edit screen shot

Hi there!,

I’m reading your website source code, and is still loading the old version of jquery, maybe the template is forcing the load.

Can you can substitue the content of the jQuery 1.4 file located on your template for the new one?

The idea is to mock the themplate by putting the newer jQuery code inside the old files name.

Was wondering if your plugin will work for me?? I’m wanting to display a word cloud on one page using shortcode. If not, any suggestions?

This plugin need wordpress in order to see the control pannel, in a few weeks i’m going to send a shortcode version. it will work with php 5 or higher, jquery 1.8 or higher, and mysql.

What’s the status on this?

It’s available now.

Is also widget for footer?

Yes, in fact you can set the width and height

I’m actually interested in buying this item. But I do have questions ;D. I actually would like to integrate the cloud in the font theme of my site. I’m using the Google Font API. Is there a way to use the Google API or any other way of webfont integration?


Hi Mark, Supernube uses google font api, but right now has a limited Font Types. This week i’ll send an update with the font customization option. anyway you can change a few code lines but you have to be carefull because the font has to be loaded before all the scripts in order to render the Supernube tag cloud in HTML5.


Custom font it’s available now.

And I really like the feature. Now it’s perfectly fitting my theme.


Can this script work without word press?

Not right now, But we are working on the documentation of the standalone version. maybe in one week it will be available on Codecanyon.

Hi there!

Can you suggest the best way to put this in the <head> section as a background? is that possible?


Sorry, is not possible.

Hello, I am very interested in your plugin for one of our websites but have a couple questions:

• Can it be set to read categories rather than tags? No big deal if not.

• Is it easy enough to make responsive instead of fix width?

Thank you for your help!


The plugin works anly with tags, And work with html5 canvas, and can’t be resized by css, so no responsive,

Hi, your plugin is exactly what I was looking for. Great job!

The only downside is that the widget title is compulsory. I really don’t want to have it displayed (my client does, actually). Is there a way to hide the title or not set it at all?

Thanks again for this great piece of code.

I edited inc/printer.widget.php commenting

echo '<h3 class="widget-line"><span class="widget-title">'.$wid_title.'</span></h3>';
and styled the div a bit with css to reduce margin-top and padding.

I don’t think this is an ideal fix, it would be much better to have an option in plugin admin. Another solution would be to use standard widget_title() function in the code, so that usual hacks apply.

Another note: is there a simple way to enable some kind of link highlightning for words included in the canvas. The lack of feedback is somewhat strange for visitors.


I am interested in the plugin but I cannot see the plugin demo on the give demo link.

Is the current version of the plugin working with latest WP?

Is the plugin still supported and developed further?


Hi, I bought this plugin but I cant seem to set the color to be black only?

Before I purchase, is there a shortcode that I can use for pages? Is this plugin still active?