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could you replace the screenshot’s with HD screenshot’s as they are very blurry :( but apart from that they look pretty good! :D

i`ll do man, thanks

Olá zoodic.
Adquirindo a licença extendida eu posso usar seu código com parte dos meus próprios scripts de revenda fora do codecanyon?
Eu não consigo compreender na totalidade a licença. Pode me esclarecer?
Obrigado. E parabéns pelo produto.

Appears to be an issue in IE with minimize. Tried on IE8 . Haven’t tried other versions yet.

But still a very nice script :) Very slick and smooth. Works well in all other browsers, PC and Mac. Hopefully IE fix will be implemented so I can use in our site. Unfortunately most of our clients still use IE.

One other question, any plans to add iframe support for content?

Respost to ALL

The BUG in IE when minimize to taskbar is some conflict with the stylsh code, try to remove the Stylsh code.

Thanks. That worked.

In case others are wondering there is a block of code in the sample html file that will cause IE not to minimize properly.

After removing the conflicting scripts used to dynamically change themes, IE functioned perfect.

Really nice script btw. Rated 5 stars :)

Thanks guy, and for the use of the iframe, I have answered more Codecanyon blocked my response, you can put an iframe tag within the message and putting 100% width and height, then you set the height and width of jAlert, works perfectly even I use.

Very good Script! Thank you. I have only a small issue and its important for me. As example on “No Background in the jAlert” we can open multiple alerts. Problem is that one is a bit behind the other the first one comes not to front (z index). Can you update it? Means that the alert which i click comes on front?

How do you close specific Id’s please?


You can do this.

jAlert(‘message’, { id: ‘Id’ });

And to get de alert use:


What does it mean? Its a bug and fixed in new version? I purchased this one with a bug and now i have to purchase another version? Please give me your contact to provide me teh other version or a fixed one of this version!

Hi zoodyc,


I only had a problem. I minimized a jAlert window in Chrome… (version 14.0.835.202 m) and when I tried to click again to make it bigger, like before, It doesn’t work propertly. Does nothing.

¿Can you help me?

Thank you a lot.

Does happend only when is fixed alert?

Are you familiar with gen_validatorv31.js?

If so, how can I override the regular JS alert box with your very stylish one?

I’ve got it working in other ways that I need it to and it’s great!

Done it! Thanks anyway.

When dragging the alert box it always sticks and is quite stiff when moving.

crome not working error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘split’ of null

change this line 356:

if(movie_id ""){


if(movie_id ”” && pp_images[set_position]){

Just what I was looking for. I’m trying to use the stage function but I wanted to add a button with a link to it.

<script type=”text/javascript”> var states = { state0: { html:’Registration Form
First, you must fill out a registration form by clicking on the registration button located on the bottom
You well be then ask to fill out the registration form and all the required fields.

Create a username
Come up with a username for other member will see and be able reconize you. A username could be anything you would like to display on your profile.

Create a password
You will be prompt to create a password for your profile. Make sure it is something that you could remember but but something that is not easy to access
(Do not give access to your account to anyone or your account information.) ’, buttons: { ‘Registrate’: false,’Cancel’: false, ‘Next Step’: true }, focus: 1, submit:function(v,m,f){ if(!v) return true; else $.jAlert.goToState(‘state1’); return false; } }, state1: { html:’Content of Second stage’, buttons: { ‘Back’: -1, ‘Next Step’: true }, focus: 1, submit:function(v,m,f){ if(v) $.jAlert.goToState(‘state2’); else if(v=-1) $.jAlert.goToState(‘state0’); return false; } }, state2: { html:’Content of
stage’, buttons: { ‘Back’: -1, ‘Done Process’: 0 }, focus: 1, submit:function(v,m,f){ if(v==0) $.jAlert.close() else if(v=-1) $.jAlert.goToState(‘state0’); return false; } } };

jAlert(states); </script>

Can you suggest on how to do that?

already done?

Does the email form include a php processor?

Hi, do you still support this?