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Dont you think its wrong to copy someone else’ files and sell them as your own?

I didn’t copy files of anybody. What do you think I’m copying?

Well, I can see some similarities, but I didn’t copy this. I haven’t even seen this before uploading my borders…

OK there a indeed some border files on codecanyon and they all use a wooden background ;) big deal!

This has more different borders (I know – because I bought the other one.)

Excellent stuff btw!

Thank you very much :)

@PixusDesign – Don’t you think the same?

@risetothesky – these are very nice, how easy is it to add different colours?

Thanks! It’s pretty easy to add new colors. You just have to add a new class in the CSS file and change the value of the color attribute.


Do you have pictures of how it looks in IE?

I’m sorry, but there’s no windows computer in my surrounding field.

Pretty sweet idea for a product – nice work Rise :)

Thank you very much :)

risetothesky, you a life saver :) I’m looking forward for your next item… Thanks.

That’s really nice, thank you! Well, I hope my next item will be available soon.

Nice work. IE 6 /7/8 support? and borders image or css3 ?

Sorry for my bad english

I’m sorry, IE 6 -8 is not supported. These are CSS3 borders, there are no images used.

Hi RisetotheSky,

I bought this a while back and I’m just now using it in a design.

I’m having some issues.

I want to put a border around several boxes on a page which will contain an image with some overlaid text, and maybe another image.

If I enter the image in HTML and give it the border class, to overlay text I have to offset it – this is awkward for my design, as I have to offset everything that comes below by ever increasing amounts.

If I make the image a CSS background to say a div, giving the div the right height and width, and then applying the class, the image seems to be overwritten by blocks of colour related to the render of the border, which doesn’t work at all.

I’m tearing my hair out. I really want to use these rather elegant borders, I just can’t see a way to do it without using an img tag for the bg and having to offset the text.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Nice work :)

Thank you very much!

Doesn’t work with IE8 :(

I’m sorry about that! I corrected the description.

Is there any way to create a workaround that doesnt look quite as attractive though works in IE 7 /8 to fall back on?


is it possible to remove the rounded edges

Really nice borders that are easy to implement and change colors via the CSS file. I believe the borders can display in I.E., if you download CSSPie fix.

Awesome design! Good job!