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Hi, Just purchased your plugin. I love the UI btw. However, it doesn’t show up with my Thrive Theme. There’s no interface for me to edit any css. I can only see the plugin’s interface when I preview a gravity from. But now on my sites homepage.

I mean’t not* on my sites’ homepage. Eitherway – I think I have it sorted out. :)

Please tell your site URL – I’ll take a look to help you. Thanks!

Hi, The stylez plugin is showing up for my members to use. This should only be ADMIN access..but subscribers have access to it. How do I stop this from happening?

Just a follow up. Sent you url and details. Waiting on follow up.

Hi there, It seems you need more time to figure this out. Meanwhile I have people registering for my site that will have public access to an admin plugin. Please tell me the location that the css is stored so re-apply it to my site and deactivate your plugin. Thank you.

Hello! Sorry for delay. It looks like the cache was flushed and STYLEZ UI does not show when you’re not logged in. Unfortunately, I was not able to sign in using credentials you sent.


I am looking at your Stylez from code canyon. Have two questions. What is it? A browser add on? a wordpress plugin?

Secondly and more importantly I am testing on your target page, it looks good but I am hovering over the three mouse-over icons that change from transparent to light blue.

I can seem to get to them via your plugin? I can get to the background but that is not controlled by the circle and creates an ugly square.

using your plugin? how exactly would I find the actual code to change the color from blue to pink

Thanks Graham

Hmm… To use it for before / after, you need to have one more setting – “content”. I’ll add this property for sure! On the data storage – the data is saved as WordPress option value (in the one database field effectively) and auto-loade on each of the public pages for max performance. You can edit the CSS code generated and copy it to another site if you want (there’s currently a button for that)..


I released 1.1 that has some improvements, including “content” option. You can get it when it will be approved by CodeCanyon, or drop me a private message and I’ll send it to you directly. Thanks!

Hey karevn, I am using Stylez plugin and honestly very happy with the same. I have implemented this plugin on my website which is using Listify as the theme and everything was working perfectly fine, but somehow after their latest theme update few of the things got disappeared from the listings that were present previously and i had spoken and written to almost everyone in their tech support and they can only point the issue with your plug-in and says only you can assist for your plug-in issue. I would request you to kindly let me know that would you be able to help me in this matter, if yes then revert back and i will give you the access details to the live website. Waiting for your revert!

Regards, R

Hello! I can take a look if you want, but most probably they just changed their HTML structure and what you did with STYLEZ does not match this new structure. Thanks!

Will send you an email with the login credentials along with the error screenshot that needs to be rectified. Kindly take a look and rectify the issue if possible! Thank you in advance for your time and support! Kindly provide me with your email address. Regards, R

I am a little confused. I have installed Stylez. I can see how to alter css, save etc, but the css changes are NOT then reflected in live site???? Am i missing something?

Hello! It’s very weird. Can you please drop me your site details in a private message so I could take a look myself? For now I suspect there’s some kind of server-side caching. Thanks!

Very nice plugin! Feature requests: 1. Load JS/CSS only if admin user is viewing a page to save bandwidth. 2. Option to export the styles to manually add them to css-file. 3. Option to move the toolbox (sometimes it´s hidden e.x. when trying to edit the topmenu) Keep on the good work!

Hello! Thanks for the input. 1. It’s cached after the first load anyway – so it’s loaded one time and then you only haver 304 responses (“not-modified”). I thought a very long time about this (as there is a lot of js code in this project), and believe it’s the best approach taking in account the complexity of the code. 2. You can click the “code” button in STYLEZ UI and copy the CSS code generated to use it somewhere else. 3. Totally agree – stay tuned for updates!


How to restore/reset what has been changed, back to its original state. Too many things I change, but I can not restore back the original condition, even after the plugin is disabled, what we have to change, can not be returned to its original state. Please help me.

When STYLEZ is turned down – it should remove all the changes immediately. If it does not – please review your server-side caching configuration. Plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc, may cache changes done by STYLEZ and display them even though you reverted everything.

You can also drop me your site details in a private message, so I’ll take a deeper look into this. But am 99% sure the deal is in caching.


Hi I have a nav menu and I can’t find the hover stage for the background. Think I asked this before I bought but i’m buggered

The red menu when I mouse over is gray and I need to change that gray to something else. Can you tell me how to get the hover state.

Thanks Graham

To anyone reading my posts, the reason I de-actived the plugin was because of a poorly coded theme and not the plugin.

The plugin is very good, and the developer is extremely helpful and willing to improve the product when good ideas are suggested.

For what it costs and the support given this is money well invested.

karevn if you have a private email that will not get posted here, please feel free to drop me an email.

You can drop me a message from my profile page – it’s in the bottom right corner. And I’ll answer you from email. Thanks!

Just to let you know: Stylez does not load on pages where “Geo my WP” plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/geo-my-wp/ is used. It causes a javascript error in ../wp-content/plugins/gmw-kleo-geolocation/assets/js/gmw.kleo.min.js Also the map does not show. When Stylez is deactivated everything is fine again – but no styles of cause…

Thanks for reporting! I’ll check this problem.

I was wondering if this plugin applies changes to both the parent and child themes, that way any changes wouldn’t affect the main layout if just the child element is edited? Thanks

This plugin overrides just everything (or can be set up to do so), as it does not know about parent/child themes – it just tweaks resulting styling. Thanks!

hi, is possible to use to style media queries on non-worpress sites? like divi 3.0 on worpress?

Not yet, but I’m planning to add this feature. Thanks!

ok…Actual version works on non-wordpress sites (just HTML files)?

The current version only works on WordPress sites, but as it’s very loosely coupled with WordPress, you can easily extract it for any other site engine. Thanks!

where are the CSS change stored? Will the changes be overwritten when theme is updated? How does it handle child themes?

Hello! CSS is stored in the database and applied OVER any themes.


Hi there, pre-sales question. Will this work with themes like DIVI 3? (URL: https://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi) Thanks!

It’s theme-agnostic.


Great Plugin!

I’m using it in safari 11.0 and with visual composer 5.2.1. It’s a bit buggy. Freezes and unable to save changes. Have to constantly reload page. Any ideas?


Hello! It may be slow if your page structure is complex. Can you please send me your site details in a private message so I could take a closer look?


1. Is this plugin still being developed? I notice there has been no updates for the past 18 months.

2. Is it compatible with WP 4.9?

...This plugin no longer works.

is STYLZ still good to use ? are planning on updating it ? tx