Discussion on Styler - Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP

Discussion on Styler - Icons, Fonts and CSS Generator for WP

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Can we use this website Cuping Font to generate Unlimited fonts


unfortunately no.


plugin is total rubbish

I have try your extension, is very nice but why the CSS file is so huge , is about 3.5mb !!!!!


thanks to purchased our plugin.

Is normal because there are inside it a lot of icons.

If you doesn’t use it open ticket here and I will give you instructions to remove it.


Thank you for reply. yes i have open a ticket about this , i’m sure there is a way to increase the size of the file.

A badly supported product. No links here to any tutorials and the two I found on YouTube were not serious. Only jumping around in choosing options as any unversed person would have done. Needs a lot of guesswork in order to achieve what you want. And support tasks are not answered within 2 days as said (in December 2016). This gave me a strong feeling that it´s not the creator anymore behind this sales page. Not recommended for serious work.


replied at your ticket 3 days ago. You need only to read the message in home page product:

“During the Christmas time there may be delays in responding to tickets”.


I would like to hide the customfields on the post


if you mean a customfield below the post you need only to uncheck the custom field in screen options.

Kind Regards

I know that – but am talking about not seeing the customfield on the post when it is online


can you open ticket here with url site?

Kind Regards

Presale Question:

Does your plugin slowdown website load?

Also can your icons be added to the wordpress menu or widgets?

also what version of font awesome are you using


sorry for the late.

We answer your questions:

- it has a great icons file to load in wp when you use the plugin (you can check the speed using our demo)

- you can use the icons if you manually attach the right class on the menu item but the standard use of plugin is into editor.

- the version of font awesome is around February 2014

Kind Regards


I was testing my site on and I noticed that it took 5.8 seconds to load with the following file as the culprit: http://*********.com/wp-content/plugins/styler/css/icon-frontend.css?ver=3.9.2 ...which is 3.5MB in size!!! Is there any way of hacking this css file so that only the icons/fonts being used show up in the css?



it’s normal because that file contains the code for 4700+ icons all togheter. We tryied to minify it but the size remain the same.

You could try to remove the classes for the icons you don’t need but take in mind if you remove some icons then in the listo of icons in the shortcode builder you will see empty boxes for the icons removed.

Another way could be to strip the icons in 10 files css but the size of all file will be 3.5mb again.

Kind Regards


In the styles text animations … if you can add an option to be able to change and set up custom animation speed and animation start-delay, this plugin would be perfect….



this is a good idea for the future release. For now you need to open the animate.css file we included in plugin to change the delay and the speed.

A temporary workaround would be:

1. to create a class in the class builder
2. to name the class for example ”.classname *” (pay attention to the wildcard * and select don’t normalize the name) 3. to add your animation speed an delay in the class 4. now you can use the class in your editor attaching it n a wrapper div for your animations:

For ex.

<div class="classname"> [style animation] Animated Text [/styler animation] </div>

In this way you can create many different animation speeds to uase in the editor.

Kind Regards

For example, If I buy this plugin and use it for the fonts option. What if I disable the plugin after using the fonts option. What will happen to the font and text on a page if its used and then disabled ?


thanks for your feedback, we are happy you like it!

You can create a class (Add Class -> and name the class simply “h1”.

Now check the option “Don’t Normalize the Name” and add your css style using the builder (for ex. you font name) and save.

Now the only problem is to load the font in the theme. Infact if you use the class editor the plugin can’t load the font for you.

You need to load the font by yourself in the theme header.

The automatic loading of fonts is only for the shortcodes in editor.

Kind Regards

questions : 1.) I dont understand what “Don’t Normalize the Name” does and 2.) is this plugin used at all if I load the font through the theme header? like is it linked even though I do it that way to affect my themes h1 titles


I answer:

1) I try to explain the option by 2 examples:

a. “Don’t Normalize the Name” -> UNCHECKED: any name you insert for your new class will be normalized to a standard class name.
For ex. you insert “h1 span.title” and the plugin will save -> “.h1-span-title” because it normalizes the name thinking it will be a simple class (not an advanced css targeting).

b. a. “Don’t Normalize the Name” -> CHECKED: any name you insert for your new class will be saved as it is.
For ex. you insert “h1 span.title” and the plugin will save exactly -> “h1 span.title”. This will allow you to target many existing tags, classes and ids in the theme.

2) You need to load the gfont in the theme only because you want to use the font in CLASSES (in the classes Styler can’t load gfont for you).
For all other things you can use Styler at all.
For ex. if you need to insert a sentence in a post thats use Oswald font and size 20px you can use the Styler’s shortcode builder in the editor and the Oswald font will be loaded ONLY IN THAT POST (here the reason because for all H1 in the theme you need to load font in the theme).

Best Regards

I discoverd a bug in your code Please contact me asap!

Hi moccacon,

thanks for report this issue and please open ticket here for report it.

Best Regards


I wonder if you add feature to Styler plugin so that it can build templates for USE in any post content for for example we need post template to display listing with grid and pagination.



the styler’s concept is different by your request. We are thinking about anoter plugin to manager code blocks into wp (similar to builders). A feature to create page templates dynamically is not easy to do, but we are studying a way to do it.

Thanks for report!

Best Regards

if is 3.9.1 ready please update details. Looks promising..

Yes sorry we updated description now. We updated only codecanyon fetaures and we missed html description.

Thanks for report!

Best Regards

Hello there,

I have the following presales enquiry:

- We are looking for a solution to Style exist Class from our site theme and plugins can we do that with your Styler plugin if YES please explain how the Styler add the exist Class from any theme or plugin, we need to know how to add the one which exist from out Styler plugin environment. (the video show how add a NEW Calss in Styler plugin environment only)

- Is Styler plugin wordpress 3.9.1 ready.



thanks for interest!

This version of Styler allows to edit existing theme’s and plugin’s classes thanks to the option “Don’t Normalize Name” we added near the class name.

This option allows to target all existing classes without problem.

For ex.
.theme_class li a.class

a. you need to know the right class to target, Styler can’t browse the code to show you theme’s classes b. sometime, if the theme’s css use many overriding you need to use !important feature in your attributes.

Styler is 3.0.1 ready.

Best Regards


Thanks for the quick reply, but after I saw the picture I’m still not sure about the way the Styler plugin recognize the exist Class from any theme or plugin with out any Class naming conflict kindly can you explain more on how this be done smoothly with out any conflict.

- Is Styler plugin wordpress 3.9.1 ready!!!! you reply is (Styler is 3.0.1 ready)


Yes sorry I wanted to write 3.9.1 ready :)

Styler doesn’t recognize the classes, infact you need to know what is the class to target and edit.

Styler is not a css editor, so it can’t edit and save a file into your theme.

It simply will add an INLINE STYLE (into the header of WP pages).

For ex.

< style > .theme_class a { text-decoration:none; } < /style >

Usually the inline classes are more powerful, but in some cases you would need to add an !importand to the attributes like:

< style > .theme_class a { text-decoration:none!important; } < /style >

Best Regards

Love the potential of this plugin,

I would like to suggest a few things though

  • Icons, possible to get border-radius in the settings for the icon background?
  • I use Adobe Typekit for my fonts, I include the script in the header but would like to be able to use custom fonts by typing the name of that font, currently you can only select from that list.
  • I love the CSS style editor, however, I would really like an export and import function of the css styles. So that I can use a local development wordpress install as a library, then export all css styles and import them onto another site.
  • Also, I own the premium icon package at, is it easy to integrate custom/own icon packs if we have the necessary files?

bookmarked for future purchase, probably next month.

Hello Pleiadene,

we thank you for the feedback and suggestions!

1. Added to the todo list

2. We think the easiest way to use a font is using the our shortcode with the font select because short need to include the gfont in the content. Besides most users don’t know the font name so it’s a good way to select the font from 650+ items and check the result in real time with shortcode generator.

3. It’s a good idea, we alteady added in todo list some day ago :)

4. It’s possible integrate premium icons but it needs a few work on the code. You need to merge the your icons css with our icon-frontend.css file being careful to not duplicate classes. And then you need to update the icons array in our icon-list.php to attach them into the icomoon section. We will happy to do this for you if you need.

Thanks for choosing our Plugin.

Best Regards

2. I see, i would have liked to see an option for more advanced users to use custom fonts though…

4. Hmmm okay, thanks


2. Ah ok If we understood you need to add a custom font without use our select, but simply writing the name on a custom field in generator.

The problem is we haven’t attached all fonts in the plugin. We use the GFONTS import code every time a user use the short. So in the select there are ALL gfonts published. So only gfonts are supported from plugin. Unfortunately you can’t add external fonts for now.

Probably in the future we will add the gfonts API keys to use updated list of fonts without edit the code every time. We don’t know if we could add external fonts import feature.

Best Regards

This plugin is so amazing. FIVE STARS!

What a huge surprise I discovered today while searching for a better CSS theme editor. Wow!!!

I purchased your plugin for the icon and styles features. Being a newbie web designer I did not understand what your Add Classes option was even for. So it turns out that this is the most amazing and unexpected feature of all.

So here I am last night trying to make CSS overrides to my theme in the tiny little window that my theme gives me. Not having full knowledge of CSS I am bouncing back and forth between the CSS references at and the inspector in my browser trying to learn how to change things with my theme.

Getting tired of this tedious approach I thought that there must be a plugin that can help me with this. So I spend the next three hours trying to find a plugin for making CSS overrides that works better than the feature that is built into my theme.

I eventually found a plugin but it was not much better than my theme’s CSS overrides option. What I really wanted was a plugin that could let me store and organize each CSS modification as separate entries. I also wanted the ability to turn them on and off without having to comment them out.

So I continue my search for a better solution only to discover the the best solution was sitting under my nose the entire time. Your plugin does exactly what I was looking for and much more.

Your amazing CSS generator option has helped me so much. Wow!!!

You should really put together a video that shows what this does so other CSS newbies like me that might not know what “Add CSS Classes” means will immediately understand the power of what they can do with it.

I wish you the best of luck with sales. When people realize everything this plug can do it should start selling like hotcakes!

Wow, what a detailed feedback!

Your experience is much more than what we are hoping for our idea! You’re absolutely right, we started a video tutorial now to put in demo home.

Thanks for great feedback.

Best Regards

Great Job! Is there any way of forcing this plugin to only work with HTML (as in no shortcodes)?

So whenever someone clicks on add icon it would insert the and for the classes the same thing…

It would be very useful. Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for feedback!

So if we understood..would you like that the insert button of code generator could insert only html (ex. ) without short tag ( [shortname data] ) ?

For now:

1. ADD ICON has a button called “Get HTML” so you can copy the code directly

2. ADD CLASS already use only HTML without short tags (to use it into other theme shorts)

3. ADD STYLE unfortunately only work with short tags, but if you need we can do for you the change directly on your site.

Best Regards

Love it! Great work.

Hello, we are happy you love the tool. We hope it could help more users to improve their themes without open css files and without missing the code after updates.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards

I almost did not even look at your plugin because based on the name of it I thought that it was a plugin for applying styles to advertisements “Ad”. I am glad that I did though, it looks like it will be a handy tool.

One suggestion regarding your demo. I would break up the animation effects on different pages or let the user trigger them one at a time. I reloaded the page and they all fired off at once. It was very confusing but I went ahead and purchased it based on the other features.

Good luck with sales!

Hello, thanks for the good feedback! You are right, probably we could consider to change the name with a more expositive one. For the animations in the demo we decided to add an “animate” button every sentence so the user can try the animations one to one.

Best Regards

Can you share video demonstration of this plugin?

Hello, we added the video tutorial creation in our TODO list.

Best Regards

Thank you very much!


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