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I have tried to upload and install this plug-in multiple times and each time the install fails. I’ve also redownloaded the plug-in multiple times and that doesn’t seem to affect the problem as the installation is still failing.

Please make sure that you unzip the downloaded file and upload ‘style-builder-gravity-forms.zip’ and not the whole folder which you downloaded from codecanyon

I have tried numerous time to upload and install the plug-in to Wordpress and it fails every time. I would like a refund at this point please.

Never buy this product. It did not install on my basic site and the seller will not refund. Off to the credit card company I go. Never buy this.

Thanks. I find the plugin quite useful. Just one question – how do I clone / duplicate themes? For example, I have multiple forms which I want to style exactly the same. So I’d like to create the styling for one form and then duplicate this style and then just change the form that it applies to.

Hi, You have to create the styling for each form separately. It is not possible to export and import styling from one form to another.

Don’t buy this plug-in! It doesn’t work very well (every time you make some changes, it applies random stylings. The seller doesn’t refund you.

You never contacted me for any kind of support. If you had faced any issues then you should have at-least asked for a solution.

Sushil, “Style Builder Gravity Forms” does not support passing through the “field_values” attribute of the gravity forms short code, which we need to use for one of our forms.


Could you accept this patch to allow field_values to be passed through your shortcode to Gravity Forms?

356a357,361 > $field_values = ""; > if (isset($atts['field_values'])) { > > $field_values = " field_values=\"" . $atts['field_values'] . "\""; > } 358c363 < $css .= do_shortcode( '[gravityform id=' .$gf_sb_settings['form-settings']['form-id'] .' title=' .$gf_sb_show_title .' description=' .$gf_sb_show_description. ' ajax='. $gf_sb_use_ajax .' ]' ); --- > $css .= do_shortcode( '[gravityform id=' .$gf_sb_settings['form-settings']['form-id'] .' title=' .$gf_sb_show_title .' description=' .$gf_sb_show_description. ' ajax='. $gf_sb_use_ajax . $field_values . ' ]' );

Thanks. File is style-builder-gravity-forms.php

why this plugin not suport wordpress 4.7.3 ?

It is compatible with 4.7.3

What issue you are facing with it?

I’m trying to get space above the Section Break Titles in my form. I’m a novice but I’ve messed around with margins and padding trying every extreme variation I could, and the space ABOVE the words never changes, only the space below.

When I make the first padding number higher on the field titles, it makes more space above. But this does not work for the Section Break Titles.

Please help! Thanks

One more question: can I change the look of the status bar that shows up on my form pages?

Please contact me from my author page and I will send you custom css code

I have worked diligently to use Gravity Forms on my wordpress site. I was trying to have a shopping cart call the gravity form as a checkout page and was unable to succeed. I used Ithemes and was pretty close, but never could get it to work.

How do I go about getting a refund?

I was not able to get Gravity Forms to work and am not going to use that product and therefore do not need the Gravity Forms Styler.

How do I go about getting a refund?

Please create a request for refund and I will approve it

Is this plugin compatible with Gravity Forms 2.2.3? I am only seeing compatible with versions 1.* on your site. Please advise.

Yes, it is compatible with Gravity Forms 2.2.3

Hi, I have a big issius after the update. Have you a idea why thats happen? Thanks for your a fast answer.

Can you please explain the issue you are facing.




I’ve just purchased Style Builder Gravity Forms and paid extra extra for the support, and now want to install it.

There doesn’t seem to be instruction on the installation process with the download nor on your site, I’ve read through the comment page and a lot of people seem to be having problems there, so I rather talk directly with you, before making any comments.

Can you send me some clear instructions on the installation process for your product “Style Builder Gravity Forms”.

I have one further question; I only want to use it on one live site, but I do have a “LocalHost” version of our site on my Mac using MAMP, how do I install the product on both versions?

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.


Replied to your email. The instructions are in the download file .

Hello I purchased and downloaded Style Builder, and I can’t see any instructions either with the download or on the site on how to install this onto my live site. Brian

Replied to your email. The instructions are in the download file .

Please issue me a refund

It is too hard to use.


please would issue me a credit as the plugin is not what I am after. 33446c00-7549-4982-ba48-eef16c8ce025 – 26 Oct 2017

I have requested a refund days ago. I have not used the plugin. The plugin has been removed.

33446c00-7549-4982-ba48-eef16c8ce025 – 26 Oct 2017

Dear developer

Will this great plugin work with GravityForms and latest WP 4.8.3 ?

Best regards from Switzerland, Stefan

Yes, it works with latest version of Gravity forms and Wordpress

I have been using the older version of Gravity Forms Styler and I have many pages designed with that plugin. Now I cannot create new pages using the old version, but when I try to download the new one which I purchased), it will not let it be installed. Do I have to deactivate the old version first? And if so, will I lose the styling on the pages already created?

I am looking to have a similar effect on my website, as eaglerockcollege.edu—they have a request information which appears in front of a video slider. Can your add-on help me accomplish this? or is there special css required to accomplish such a task?