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Optional categories please .. so a global (with all cats) or a one/more category (product) display so that it can be used for the front page and sub pages with different testimoanials in each area.

Will get it if it has that ;-)

Thanks, Larry

Bought it anyway … hoping you will add the category stuff

Hey! I just responded via Twitter, and that’s a great idea. One we can hopefully implement! We’ll start working on some ideas on how to make that happen for you, and I’ll keep you updated as we make progress.

Next rotate the testimonials (optionally via the [ss-testimonial rotate=true]) really useful .. otherwise you say show 5 and it only really shows one, oh and optionally disable the navigation :-) more? you want more!

We appreciate your continued feedback! We have considered adding auto-rotation but have not yet found a truly simple way to go about it. We have a strict “stupid simple” policy, and we are unsure if that fits into the vision.

That being said, we’ve gone out on a limb to provide you with some code to create the desired effects! Please expect an email shortly detailing the simple changes you’ll need to make.

Additionally, we are working on adding categories to posts, and will be pushing that update to CodeCanyon soon. You aught to receive an update when the changes are fully baked.

Thank you for your purchase!

Excellento … I have already slowed down the change a bit was getting dizzy :-)


Howdy! Just wanted to let you know that a new version of the plugin is now out, featuring both autorotate (via the customizer) and categories as well.

A quick note: The shortcode has changed to [simple-testimonials], and categories can be called using expected formats, eg. [simple-testimonials category=”products”].

We hope you enjoy the improvements, and for more information, please see the updated docs! If you are enjoying the plugin, I also ask that you leave us a kind review :)

Why on earth did you call your plugin “SS”??

Howdy, argosmedia! That’s a great question:

It’s actually a pun on the phrase “stupid simple”, as well as the common ship prefix, eg. the SS America, SS Rotterdam, or even Gilligan’s SS Minnow. In most cases, the prefix stands for “steam ship”, but might more commonly be applied as “sailing ship.”

We originally intended the plugin to have more of a nautical theme, but it got “washed out” in the development process. We still intend to have a fleet of stupid simple plugins / themes, hopefully docking very soon.

Oh, I see… My direct association with the letters SS is with the nazi’s from WW2, and I’m sure that goes for many other Europeans as well. So it’s just a very unpleasant letter combination to come across. Well, anyway, thanks for your reply.

Thank you for the thought! I assure you we too find the other connotation personally upsetting. We appreciate you reaching out, and we’re considering the life of the Stupid Simple plugin line as abbreviated that way. Have a great day!

Just a note about keeping it simple….

Yes leave the basics so that you just drop in the [ss_testimonials] easy simple yee-haa but then just allow additional options… [ss_testimonials rotate=secs cat=num]

That means it is SIMPLE then as people become comfortable they can tweak the stuff, one thing too each usage needs to have a css id [ss_testimonials cssid=myTestCSS] so you are able to modify the display of the call out.

Like it .. nice, Thanks Larry

Hey, Larry! As always, thanks for the feedback. We have a major update coming out that we think you’ll like. It incorporates some new ideas, as well as some methods to achieve what you’re after. We’ll be pushing it to CodeCanyon in the next few days, so expect an email update shortly after that.

Just installed looks good… Couple of things ;-)

1. Ability to lose the navigation on the rotator (ie hover pause but they can’t flip) 2. Doesn’t look like the rotator is set per use, ir by category

Wrote a review and rated

Thanks for the feedback, as well as the review!

You should be able to hide the navigation easily using CSS. We may consider that for future updates, however. Likewise, the slider will currently only use one set of customizer data. But if we decide to change that, expect it in a future update!

Great plugin. Can you send the auto rotate code to me as well? THANKS

Howdy! Thank you for your purchase.

To make the plugin rotate automatically, please replace the contents of the ss-scripts.min.js file with the raw of this link:


As well, please stay tuned for an email about the next, updated release: featuring even more features!

Howdy! Just wanted to let you know that the plugin has been updated, and now features autorotate automatically via the WordPress customizer. At your convenience, please download and savor the 1.1 update! For more information on what’s changed (including the new shortcode [simple-testimonials]) check the updated docs.

And of course, if you’ve been digging what we’re putting down, we’d love a kind review here on CodeCanyon!

and i am not stupid to buy stupid plugin

You know, we stand by one principle: It’s a plugin that’s so stupid simple, it’s actually genius! Now how about that? :)

ok sorry, i got your point, good luck, and Shalom to the one who has chosen the name

I sent you a support question, this plugin breaks certain themes when used with wpbakery.

Howdy, Ophanims! Could you please provide us with a little more information about your situation? If any error codes are being reported, those are very helpful.

We did not receive a support email, so feel free to resend that if you will, too!

Whoops — we lied! We did receive the email. We’ll get on helping you with this problem. Thanks!

Clean and good, GLWS