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php 5.6 are obsolate. its possible to update to 7^

Yes, I will add support PHP7 in next update. Thanks

Thank you for your reply :-)

hi , when is the next update? and what features will you add in the next update?

How easy is to create new widgets or modify existing ones?


tvcash Purchased

Need to make my own Bootstrap templates.


  1. How do I do this?
  2. Would you “sent/post” instruction for this, how this is done?


Would be great to have built-in template maker!!!

Also your free templates download don’t work, Once you add to cart.

tvcash Purchased

I sent you email… How do i adjust CSS code to hide menu bar and to make responsive. 8 days ago

Also, how can I only allow use to make (1) one site?


tvcash Purchased

Please email me, I’ll reply with my customization request. Can you give quote?

Please check your email. Thanks

I got an error on demo at admin login

I fixed my demo. You can try again. Thanks

error on demo !!

can iam add more templates? and how iam doing that?

are you planning the next update and when

Yes, I’m working on the next update but I don’t have a due date.

Hi I bought the program and after adding the subdomain an error occurs when editing the site We can not connect to the server. Although I’ve entered the server settings.

Hi, why do you not support answed at STSCommerce?

What you mean?

As you can see, you have importent questens on the comment.

Can you tell me… same questen with I ask you for over one month ago? I get ERROR when I try to create website. At: /admin.php#/content/page : “-2018”. Why? Thanks

Hi, I am interested in this website builder service. When do you refresh the code? Php 7, etc. Could you put in the code different payment versions? Thanks, Norbert

Yes, I’m working on the next update so I will release when everything is ok. You mean adding other payment methods? Thanks

Might be too late to ask question I purchased this $36.00 license does it allows me to start a website building service like WIX? I think the description says you can only charge one client!!!

I am VERY interested in purchasing this script. How hard would it be to integrate this script with PHP-Fusion CMS? I’d like to use it for three sites. On one it will serve as a Portfolio for web developers and etc and on the second as an About Page for Sellers and the third, it would be used by Medical Facilities and Pharmacies to highlight their services and etc but it would HAVE to be integrated with PHP-Fusion CMS.

Hi I just purchased your script, I am having issues to install, get this error when clicking on install

Please fix the following input errors:

CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection: SQLSTATEHY000 MySQL server has gone away

Hi. It seems I can’t log in with this credentials, can you check and resend again?

Did you get them?

Yes, I replied to your mail.

Hello, I have not managed to get an answer from you and the communication is really an issue here.

I ended up buying another script because yours seems to be not very user friendly specially if not detailed instructions of the usage of the options in back end.

Please let me know if possible to get a refund

Some files was infected Malware I was suspended account from my web hosting.

So very bad

LOG Malware : {CAV}Img.Malware.Agent-6359188-0 : /home/cp865654/public_html/xn— => /usr/local/maldetect/quarantine/bg2.jpg.665530822

Sorry to hear that, I didn’t detect malware when I use some power tools like Bitdefender or Mailwarebytes to check mailicious software. So I pretty sure these files are safe.

I emailed you about a quote for new customized templates. Please check your inbox.


backsu Purchased

Hello, can you close the call to Google? Hl=en_us, in China, calling Google led to slow access.