Struninn - Youtube Subscribers Live Count

Struninn - Youtube Subscribers Live Count

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Struninn – Youtube Subscribers Live Count for Elementor

Connect your Account!

Connect your YouTube account and the plugin will automatically grab all the info for you!

Easy to Use/Install

As an Elementor widget, this is really easy to install and use! Once installed the widgets will appear on the Elementor editor. After that, just drag them and start customizing!

WordPress Shortcodes

You can use shortcodes to display the widgets in WordPress posts and pages. Please check the docs WordPress Shortcodes page for more details.

YouTube Subscriber Live Count

You can use the subscriber live count widget to display your channel subscriber count, customization options include 4 template types and the ability to toggle a subscribe button!.

4 View Versionss

We created 4 view versions so you can choose the one that you like the most! The plugin automatically grabs the base theme’s font, so you only need to customize the colors!

YouTube API

YouTube requires that you register an application in order to be able to make requests to their resources (YouTube applications have quota limits). Check the docs for more info


Version 1.0.1 August 4th 2022


- Fixed an issue that prevented the display of the widgets on elementor pages when outside of their editor space (shortcodes or template functions).

Channel Subscriber Count

- Fixed a style issue that could cause the map icon to not display.