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this looks good. Can you style cells to include pictures from a url for an image within the json file? Or can you include html in the json?

Hi, currently it does not support this, but perhaps in a future update. Thanks!

what if the json contain 1000 record does it load all data at once ??

Yes, you can include as many JSON records as you want and still be able to quickly assign your own classes to each cell if you want to. Stripo! will build the table for you on page load. :)

Hey there, just bought this but can’t understand your installation instructions. I have my data in a CSV (4 columns, 948 rows) – how do I “drop your data into the JSON file”? Do I need to use an external service to convert my CSV into a JSON file or is there another way?

ah never mind, I figured out how to convert to JSON. Thanks!

Yay! Awesome :)

Nice. Will this allow Google Sheet and or Google Calendar to Json Table? Thanks in advance

Just bought this but unfortunately it does not work in IE11 or even in Chrome!!!!

I want a refund since thsi dfoes not work in IE11 or Chrome.

Thanks, huambo

Hi I bought your theme yesterday, which has installed sucessfully. However, after importing the Furniture theme, I wanted to change the header to Variant Standard.

When I do this, the background becomes transparent and the revolution slider ends up underneath, making the top nav illegible.

I then changed it back to the original Variant xstore, but the problem persists.

You can see the issue here:

I have contacted the author so many times, and there is no support. This is not acceptable.

Can I see a working demo?