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Hi, one question, apple accept this kinf of payment? because in the last EULA terms by apple they accepts only Apple Pay as a payment service. Do you have any app approved with StripePay? Thanks

Hi farm37, Apple deos indeed approve apps that accept stripe payments or accept direct credit card payment as in my app. By searching for stripe pay or credit card payment you will find several examples on the App Store. HOWEVER: if a certain country supports Apple Pay (which are not many yet) then Apple Pay must be implemented as the main credit card process and have stripe as a fall back scenario. If you don’t have Apple Pay in your country this doesn’t matter for you. I will def. offer a version with combined payment gateways in an upcoming update. Please let me know if you have more questions.

Can I use this script for a personal payment gateway?

You absolutely could. Just follow the step by step instructions attached to the project and you’re good to go.

Hi, is this a mobile shop? Where is the backend database for the app?

Hi. A mobile Shop with Backend and Database for 11 Bugs? That’s very ambitious ;-)
No, i’m sorry, no Shop. This is a Payment Script to be able to accept Credit Card Payments within your App and it has the supporting Server Side Scripts as well. I just added a few Products as an example, a possible Use Case. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Thank you

Hi, are you planning to develop same app for android?

Hi. Thank you for your interest. I’m about to release another version of this, which then includes Android as well as iOS. Thank you.

Sounds good. Thank you! I’ll purchase when it’s available for android as I have android phone. will it also have the option for payment on plans? (that is recurring payment?)


Very cute idea, but can you also please include “Input amount” field that we can input any amount to bill, so i will buy it for sure.

By the way: what is the format of your application ? Is it usable with phonegap or not? could i remake it for android?

Hi, sorry for the delay but i’ve been on vacations. As you can see in the title and the description, this App is entirely written in Swift 2, So no phonegap, nor android version, i’m sorry. You could easily add a textfield and take whatever amount has been entered there instead of the buttons, so “Input amount” as you requested can be easily added. Please let me know if you have more questions.

can i use custom payment. like 15 euro. etc. and where to put Keys.

I’m sorry for this huge delay but I have been extremely busy lately. Soon I’ll shoot updates for all of my items. Also you can find the prices and payments within the code provided as example. The update will have a bit more info and a better documentation on that topic.

Quick question where do these come from? Are they handled dynamically or are they static when the app is built?

Are you not responding to comments anymore? Is the app no longer supported?

1. Yes, I’m still supporting my items. Lately I just have been insanely busy.
2. All prices and items you can see in the App are for test purposes and to demonstrate, how this COULD be implemented. They are static in App Code.

Upcoming version will include a more complete approach maybe even with an online Admin or some like that.

Once again, apologies for these immense delay.

did you have for objective c language?

Do you have updated version of this project?