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I submitted a request for custom development services two or three days ago (here: and am hoping you can help me. Is there a better way to contact you?

Hi brandama,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We currently have a backlog of tickets/requests. We anticipate to reply to all outstanding emails/questions by tomorrow evening.

Hi, can you write a sample of passing parameters in the url, like name and amount? Thank you!!


You can add parameters using the “name” attribute of the field – if field name is “amount” -> ?amount=29.99

Hi..Is this product still being updated/supported? Thanks

Hi mod7,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

It is supported and the update is pending to be released early next year. We can provide the updated files by email in the meantime, if you purchase current version before the update is released.

Hi, does it support recurring payments (subscriptions) for Paypal?

Hi vivacal,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes, it does support recurring subscription setup for PayPal

Hello, is there a way to disable the billing block?

Nevermind, I was able to figure it out and customize it. Thank you.

Glad you figured it out Moulijin,

In future, if you have any questions – please open support ticket at

It seems like you never update your Stripe scripts?

Hi tsecher,

We haven’t released the update, however it is available by request at the moment. If you buy current version – we can send you the updated one, which comes with invoices and administration area.

Hello , Question 1: I ask if i can creat this form with yoursolution Link for more information . Question 2 : To connect your solution with Stripe, do I two buy ‘Stripe Add-On’? Thanks


1. you can, but you will need to customize the form.

2. If you’re not using bookingwizz – then you can just buy this terminal. If you use bookingwizz – you need to buy bookingwizz credit card addon instead of this one.

Hello, is it possible to have an option for clients to just add the amount they want to pay with description?


Yes, there is such option. Please take a look at config file or documentation –

If you’ll need further assistance please open support ticket at

Hi – when we buy the script, can you send us the updated one, which comes with invoices and administration area you mention in a message above? thanks, Alexander

Hi Alexander,

Yes, we can. Once you purchase – send a note through our codecanyon profile and we’ll send you the updated version within 24 hours.

I have sent you an email with my address, can you please send us the updated version? thanks!

Hi Alexander,

We just sent you the files through WeTransfer file service. Please contact us through if you will need any help with that.

is this compatible with WordPress 4.9.2

Hi Echo47,

This is not a WP plugin. If you are looking for WP plugin it’s here:

Pre purchase question? is this script compatible with current stripe api? and what is the difference between the accordian and non accordian? your links for it are broken…

Hi bmw2016

1) Yes, it is working fine in terms of compatibility.

2) Accordion version is just a much smaller form on screen and it expands the section upon clicking on the section header.


I bought your script and I see an error:

Deprecated: mktime(): You should be using the time() function instead in /web/includes/form.processing.php on line 113

Also I’m getting always this error:

Your payment was DECLINED! Could not connect to Stripe ( Please check your internet connection and try again. If this problem persists, you should check Stripe’s service status at, or let us know at (Network error [errno 28]: connect() timed out!)

Someone tested if this plugin works?

Hi Octappis,

Sorry to hear that you’re having such issues. Please open support ticket at and we’ll be happy to help you with this.

Hello. I have a problem with sending emails when a user makes a subscription.

I changed in form.processing.php, mail (), with

1. It does not want to work, it does not send emails, 2. After redirect the index.php page and empty (it does not show anything)

By itself PHPMailer works perfectly

What can we do? Thank you

Hi Cris,

You’d have to open support ticket for that. Http://

Can this work with products based on my current database? I have a list of products with their corresponding prices, they are one off payments, its transaction should be stored in the database, and an invoice should be sent to the purchaser. Can that be done with this script?

Hi InfiniteDzn,

Unfortunately, no, it can’t without modifications.

Hi, does it work if I use a free SSL certificate from a CDN like cloudflare ?


Technically, it should work.